Ten tips on sex that the pediatrician can give the teenager

Many times neither parents nor adolescents know how to deal with the subject of sex . Spanish pediatricians are the reference doctors for young people during their sexual awakening and can constitute, within the relationship of trust with their patients, a source of valuable and truthful information that helps them to develop fully. They have a very important role to play in this process, guiding both adolescents themselves and their parents, identifying those most exposed to adopting risky sexual behavior, collaborating in sex education in schools and institutes and defending the right of adolescents to be sexually active and to have the educational, legal and assistance means to be so without risks.

The Spanish Pediatric Society wants to support adolescents with these tips:

  1. To live your own body in a positive way, relativizing prevailing beauty stereotypes, pointing out their attractions, the importance of being healthy, of having the ability to give and feel pleasure and defending the existence of different aesthetics.
  2. To understand and feel comfortable with themselves, informing them about the nature of the changes they experience.
  3. To know that the time of appearance of pubertal changes is variable from one person to another.
  4. To understand the reason for excessive menstrual bleeding and dysmenorrhea, clarifying its origin and establishing the appropriate treatment.

5. To understand that sexual satisfaction does not depend on the size of the penis or vaginal penetration.

  1. To receive an affective-sexual education advising and guiding parents and educators.
  2. To recognize and positively assume their sexual orientation and also to know how to accept the orientation of other people.
  3. To accept the new psychosexual feelings and live them in a satisfactory and responsible way.
  4. To be open to the experience of falling in love, to enjoy its positive aspects and to face the lack of reciprocity, as well as to be the object of falling in love with another person who does not correspond with the utmost respect.


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