Fallout 76 guide, tips and tricks

Fallout 76 is a very similar game but at the same time very different from the main installments of the saga. If you want to make the most of this experience, we have some tips to give you so that you can launch yourself into the Wasteland and survive.

Explore without haste

What’s new at Bethesda is a huge game. And when we say huge we don’t exaggerate. Surely it is not the largest map in the history of video games, but it is a very, very dense one, full of things to do and find.

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Don’t be in a hurry to see the whole map, and take the opportunity to discover all the possible elements within each area in which you explore . It’s easy to miss objects to collect or interact with, and with crafting so important, one object can make a difference.

We are not only talking about collecting everything in our path, but also making sure to find items such as computers protected by passwords – in which we have to carry out a small minigame – or doors blocked by a PIN code that we can find in the environment. If you run and you miss the document that reveals the PIN, you can miss some good resources .


If you play with friends, change the chip

If you are used to playing multiplayer titles with friends, you are surely used to doing everything together, waiting for each other and organizing to do the missions. In Fallout 76 , you can play like this … or not.

Here you will find plenty of freedom to set the pace, each being able to go to a part of the map or even do a different mission . Voice chat will always be activated for the team, so distance will not be a problem, and, in addition, we can teleport at any time next to any partner or to our base, without cost or penalty, and as many times as we want.

Emoticons: a picture is worth a thousand words

If you need to tell your colleagues your position, even if you are talking on the voice chat, emoticons are a great idea. Imagine that they are attacking you: telling your teammates where you are is much more complicated than using the “help” emoticon , and also the emoticon indicates your position on the map in real time, so they can go straight for you .

There are many emoticons and they can be useful for all kinds of situations, such as indicating a path or indicating the position of someone who wants to exchange, for example. It is a very practical tool that can go unnoticed.

The importance of letters

As you know, both the progression and the specialization in Fallout 76 is done through some cards that we unlock when leveling up. The first thing, and as silly as it may seem, is that we have to remember to open the envelopes they give us when leveling up. When we level up, a message appears on the screen, but we have to go to the Pip-Boy and select the option to get the cards. It is easy that if we level up in the middle of a mission we forget to open the envelope, so we have to be aware .

Obviously, leveling up doesn’t do much good if we don’t use cards, so they’re vitally important. Each type of carte allows us to improve one of our skills, and also allows us to specialize in a certain way. If we are playing as a team, it is not a bad idea to organize with our teammates to equip us some cards or others, so that we work more efficiently .

For example, there are cards that increase the experience the team gains, or others that allow us to revive our faster teammates. Thus, one player can specialize in offering advantages to colleagues, another can serve as support or doctor … Organization is vital!

Take advantage of the camps even if they are not yours

It goes without saying that another very important element of the gameplay is getting to manufacture new weapons and armor, and that we can only do it at the work tables that we will find in the camps. The same goes for food and drink: to stay healthy and radiation-free we need healthy food, and that can only be obtained in the camps.

Since we are not going to be coming and going to our base constantly, we have to take advantage of the camps that we find around the world . Some will be from other players, and others will be there, integrated into the map. We hardly need a couple of minutes to make a new weapon or to improve it, and the same with food. Take advantage when you find a place to cook or a work table: you never know when you will find the next one.

Don’t be afraid to interact with other players

Later we will explain how the player versus player works, but as a general advice we tell you not to be afraid when interacting with other players . There is no advantage to killing a player who does not want to fight, so there is little point in being killed if you are good. And if they try, you are not going to be penalized at all.

This encourages encounters to be positive and sociable, and for most players to want to collaborate. We can carry out certain missions cooperatively with other teams, as well as exchange objects. And, if things go wrong, we just have to go our way like nothing. It’s worth a try!

Check your files on the Pip-Boy

While we do missions and explore scenarios we are going to collect many documents, some more “urgent” than others. Many documents will simply be fragments of history that we can read later without haste, but others will be needed at the moment. Some, as we said before, are codes that can give us access to a blocked area of ​​the level, and others can be, for example, treasure maps of areas close to where we are.

If we see these documents two hours later, it will be a real chaos to know which door opens or to try to locate the treasure map at the other end of the map. Try checking out documents mid-mission or at the end of a mission. It can save you a lot of time.

If you want to avoid problems, be a pacisfista

As we will explain later, the player versus player mode only activates if two players attack each other, but if we want to avoid problems, we have the option of being pacifists.

This is an option that we can activate, called “pacifist”, and that uninhabits friendly fire . This means that in the hypothetical case that two teams unite to fight enemies, no accidental fire will activate player versus player mode. It’s better to prevent than to cure.


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