What Is External Communication In Organization With Great Examples

External communication brings together within the communication department of an organization towards the outside world and the target groups.The role of external communication is fundamental for the reputation and the image of a company,. It is essential because it gives a positive image.

Whatever the size of the company, external communication plays a fundamental role for its image and reputation.Through External Communication tools it is possible  to spread the brand among consumers, potential customers and other organizations. It is important to maintain the communication strategy  between the spokespersons and all the communication platforms that the company uses. For example; press office, profiles in social networks, website , newsletters, etc.

The main expression of external communication is through advertising, marketing and public relations. Communication such as advertising campaigns, promotional events, TV ads, newspapers, radios, contacts with media  are part of the media role of a company’s external communication.

An effective external communication creates values ​​for the organization, develops  the concept of the company and builds a positive image. However, for this, it is necessary that the organization has a group of professionals who are specialized in external communication. They must have  objectively transmit mission, vision, history, values, philosophy and policies of the organization to the many company wishes to reach . A well-designed and planned external communication makes all the difference for the development  of the company.

External communication: Objectives


External factors of communication are:

  • the atmosphere of communication (formal or intimate),
  • the situation in which communication takes place,
  • socio-psychological characteristics of partners in communication,
  • presence of a common thesaurus (stock of words).

The role of external communication

External communication is fundamental place in business strategies because it will convey the image of the company. The public and the media will make an opinion of the brand.The missions of external communication is to develop a positive image of the company. This positive image can be achieved by transmitting experience and skills. Using the media, lobbying, public relations, events and sponsorship will be the key to achieving the goals.

Their external communication has made them the biggest brands

Brands like Apple have become very successful in external communication. Each new product  gives rise to a public presentation. In this way, the media and consumers can discover the product that will soon be marketed. External communication has become a hallmark of Apple, which is also seeking to share new directions for the coming year.

McDonalds has used external communication e by developing healthier menus, with salads and vegetables. The desserts are also processed with fresh fruit. By communicating through new advertisements, the company is able to show the trustworthiness to the clients.

The business of external communication

The press officer represents the company and the brand  to the entire population. With each new intervention, this professional will ensure to deliver an important message for the success of the company.

The head of external communication represents a company or an organization. The corresponding job description indicates what these missions are. It works to develop the best image possible with Internet users, media and consumers.

Communication affects the brand equity of the company. It is the tool that allows the company to address its target customers. The messages to be conveyed, must be elaborated with care. . External communication, refers to all communication actions, which target prospects, customers, suppliers, shareholders, buyers, public authorities …

The head of the company, focuses mainly on the external form of communication , in order to attract more customers.External communication tools are numerous! They vary according to the target, the objectives and the message to be conveyed. To succeed in your strategy, it is effective to choose a combination of different tools, depending on your budget. These tools include: direct and indirect marketing, social networks , media, sponsorship, advertising.

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