The Importance of Communication In Organizations With Great Examples

Importance of Communication In Organizations is being discussed.A basic goal of any organization is survival. If campus organizations fail to meet the needs of their members, they cease to exist. A number of student government organizations on campuses across this country have “gone out of business” because student members concluded that the organization no longer met any particular goals. In private business  goal is making a profit. When businesses fail to make a profit, they eventually must cease to function. What are the factors then that enable organizations to meet their goals and continue to exist?

The major element that enables organizations to meet goals is the behavior of people in a particular organization. Whether or not a business organization is successful depends largely upon the behavior of the people in that organization. The judgments, decisions, and efforts put forth by organization members deter-mine to a large extent the profitability of a business. Admittedly, there are some factors such as government intervention and regulation, competing businesses, and natural disasters that also influence profits, but the behavior of people in organizations has great influence. The fundamental question is one of motivation. How does one motivate others to behave in the desired manner?

As a starting point, we must realize that just as the behavior of others affects us. our behavior affects others. For example, have you ever been driving down the highway at night, exceeding the speed limit by just a few miles per hour as you “keep up with the traffic”? Suddenly, in the rear view mirror you notice a car approaching quickly. You take your foot off the gas in an attempt to reduce the car’s speed to within the limit. Then your suspicion is confirmed by a blue flashing light on the rapidly approaching car. Your heart beats a little faster, then you breathe a sigh of relief as the police car speeds by you and continues down the highway, obviously in pursuit of some other speeding driver. Just as the behavior of the policeman influences your behavior, so does your behavior affect the behavior of those around you. Most of us. however, do not realize the impact that our behavior has on others. The simple statement. “You are doing a great job.” a pat on the back, or even a smile can have a salutary effect on the effort someone else is willing to put forth.

Good communication, why do?

Effective communication has many benefits:

> Create the desire to buy
>> Develop your brand image
>> Improve relations with customers
>> Publicize its products and / or services

  • Interpersonal Communication: the delicate and conflicting communication between people. Communication between family, friends, colleagues of profession, strangers in the street, in order to communication practiced portodos.
  • Group communication: one that involves the small, medium or large group of people, for example, among a group of co-workers, college colleagues, family, within an organization.
  • Mass communication: communication aimed at a large public, using the mass media, for example: newspaper, magazine, television, radio and internet.

The Importance of Communication in Organizations

Have you stopped to analyze that every war begins by lack of communication  and ends in an agreement between both parties  through communication.Communication is a tool that promotes synergy to achieve the desired results and, help in the integration between the collaborators. But the process is only successful when the recipient receives, understands, and interprets the message.


Learn How to Apply Communication in Business

Every company must work its internal communication to promote the values ​​with which the employee identifies and  proud to work there. Communication should help people see how important they are in the development of the organization.A company must interact with its external customers to produce products and to share benefits according to customer service and expectations.The need of communicate is  utmost importance for everyone. Today, within organizations, it is necessary to have  accurate communication,so that the employees know what is happening inside the company.

Effective communication requires skills in interpreting, listening, using and accepting different communication styles, which tend to provide more appropriate attitudes in different situations in the company routine. Excellent internal communication can be considered an asset of the company, as it tends to create an environment conducive to creativity, innovation and learning. As well as internal communication can be an indicator of the modernity of the organizational culture, and should be seen as the responsibility of all, at all hierarchical levels.

In this sense, communication is used to preserve or boost the desired transformations in the company. And it can be considered a great ally in the consolidation of the corporate image when it professionally works values ​​such as mission, vision, identity, partnership, cooperation and corporate citizenship. Modern companies are increasingly treating business communication as a strategic tool where their management can become a competitive advantage.

Finally, companies began to realize that internal communication can produce a strong link between employees and a link with the organization, creating a productive force that tends to influence the definition of its goals and objectives. After all, according to Belerini (2003), the profit obtained from the link with the external customer is generated by the relationship with the internal customer. Thus, the existence of a well-planned and executed communication process tends to have a positive impact on the individual performance of employees. This planning, however, must be based on the clarity, transparency and simplicity of the language.

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