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Indonesian Language lessons are indeed interesting subjects, because there are many things we can learn. If in the previous explanation we have discussed paragraphs of description.

This time the science portal will provide an explanation of the meaning, purpose, characteristics, development patterns, and steps of preparing the exposition text. In this discussion later the use of text words and paragraphs will replace each other in the explanation below.

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Definition of Exposition Paragraph

Darmayanti (2007) states that exposition text is different from narrative text and description text. Exposition text is used to describe a problem or discussion in detail.

Exposition can be interpreted as writing that seeks to explain or elaborate on a point of thought that is considered necessary to convey to the reader. The reader is expected to be able to broaden his knowledge and views on the subjects conveyed.

Sutarni and Sukardi (2008) states that the exposition or exposure paragraph is a paragraph that contains a description of a particular field problem which is accompanied by examples, figures, statistics, or pictures as explanatory and ends with affirmation.

Based on the explanation above it can be seen that the paragraph of the exposition is a paragraph that gives a description of the problem in detail accompanied by evidence or facts, usually in the form of statistical data or other relevant data.

Already understand what is meant by the exposition paragraph? Next will be explained about the purpose of preparing the exposition paragraph.

Purpose of the Exposition Paragraph

Wiyanto (2007) states the purpose of the exposition paragraph is to explain, explain, convey information, teach, and explain something without being accompanied by an invitation or insistence that the reader accepts or follows it.

This paragraph is generally used to present knowledge or knowledge, understanding, steps – steps of an activity, methods, ways, and the process of something happening.

Sutarni and Sukardi (2008) state the purpose of this paragraph is to provide information or increase the reader’s knowledge, without being based on a desire to influence or get support.

Based on the explanation above, the purpose of the exposition paragraph is to expose information based on evidence or facts so that the reader is affected and follows the information conveyed in the paragraph.

Thus the purpose of the exposition paragraph, will then be explained about the characteristics of the exposition paragraph.

Characteristics of the Exposition Paragraph

Sutarni and Sukardi (2008) state the characteristics of the exposition paragraph, as follows:

  1. The contents in the paragraph discuss about the description of opinions, ideas, or writer’s beliefs about a problem in a particular field.
  2. Dig through analysis and synthesis.
  3. The paragraph ends with an affirmation, not an invitation or request for support.
  4. The description presented in the paragraph is objective, merely to increase the reader’s knowledge without being based on specific objectives.
  5. Descriptions presented in paragraphs are clarified with facts that are accompanied by maps, graphs, numbers, pictures, statistics, or charts as illustrations.

After understanding the characteristics of the exposition paragraph, it is then explained the conditions that must be met in preparing the exposition paragraph.

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Requirements for Composing an Exposition Paragraph

Kusmayadi (2007) states the requirements of the Exposition Paragraph

  1. Mastering what will be written in a paragraph.
  2. Able to do an analysis of what will be disclosed.
  3. Being able to express his analysis clearly and concretely through the form of language used.

After learning about the requirements in preparing the exposition paragraph. Next will be explained about the techniques in presenting information using exposition.

Techniques for Presenting Information by Exposition

Kusmayadi (2007) states that the techniques in presenting information by exposition are as follows.

  1. Identification techniqueis a technique for developing paragraphs or exposition articles that seek to provide answers to the question “what is it” or “who is it?”
  2. Comparison techniqueis a way to show similarities and differences between two or more objects by using a certain basis.
  3. Classification techniqueis a development technique by placing or grouping things in a particular group of aspects or categories.
  4. Analysis techniqueis a development technique by dividing, releasing, or breaking down an object into components.
  5. Definition techniqueis a process that tries to put limits on the meaning of the word elements themselves. Broadly speaking, this technique is defined as limiting what is defined.

In arranging exposition information there are five ways that can be chosen in accordance with the purpose in compiling paragraphs. Furthermore, the discussion below will explain the pattern of developing exposition paragraphs from several experts.

The pattern of developing exposition paragraphs

Wiyanto (2007) states the pattern of developing the exposition paragraph, which is as follows:

  1. Determine the pattern of development from general to specific or from special to general.
  2. Determine the type of development.
  3. Determine details or supporting ideas.

Sutarni and Sukardi (2008) state that the pattern and type of exposition paragraph development are determined by the flow of thought that is followed and the techniques of breaking down the main ideas into several explanatory ideas.

  1. General paragraph – specialor deductive is a paragraph that is composed by giving the conclusion in the beginning. In the conclusions described there are main ideas that are described or explained with evidence, facts, or examples through supporting ideas.
  2. Special paragraph – generalis a paragraph that is arranged by outlining empirical data in the form of evidence, facts or reasons as explanatory ideas at the beginning of the paragraph, ending with a conclusion that contains the main ideas at the end.
  3. Processparagraphs are paragraphs that are arranged or sequential sentences. One sentence becomes an explanation for the previous sentence, so the paragraph does not contain conclusions. Readers must arrange their own main ideas based on the description presented.
  4. Example paragraphis a paragraph that is arranged by presenting main ideas which are broken down into several explanatory ideas in the form of illustrations, examples, or illustrations.
  5. The definition paragraphis a paragraph that is prepared by presenting the main ideas which are broken down into several explanatory ideas in the form of definitions or limits of understanding. Definitions that are assessed to meet the requirements to be set are formal definitions and broad definitions.

The formal definition must meet the requirements: the position is the same as the definition, the location is interchangeable, and the class must be the necessary and adequate elements, parallel, without being followed by synonyms, and not negative.

Broad definitions provide flexible word boundaries, used to explain concepts that cannot be explained with short sentences.

After understanding the pattern of development in the exposition paragraph, the next step will be explained in the steps in preparing the exposition paragraph.

Steps for the preparation of the Exposition Paragraph

Sutarni and Sukardi (2008) state the steps in preparing the exposition paragraph, as follows:

  1. Setting goals.
  2. Determine the material to be formulated as the main idea.
  3. Gathering details as supporting ideas.
  4. Choose the appropriate development pattern.
  5. Combine sentences into complete paragraphs containing the main ideas and supporting ideas.

Thus a brief description of the exposition paragraph. In this presentation, the definition, purpose, characteristics, conditions, development patterns, and steps in developing the paragraph of the exposition have been conveyed.

Hopefully this article can provide benefits for those of you who need Indonesian material about exposition paragraphs. Congratulations learning friends portal knowledge .


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