News Text: Definition, Characteristics and Purpose

This article will discuss about one type of text that is in the news. We need to know in advance about the purpose of the news text. So we understand about the news text. Without a clear understanding of the news text, it will only make us know, without being able to apply.

This article is intended to discuss all matters relating to news texts. Please look carefully and well understood, so that you can distinguish news texts from other texts.

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Definition of News Text

Before stepping on the understanding of the news text, actually what is meant by the news. News is an event or event that is actual or current. Events can be said to be news, if they have been reported and broadcast.

Without reports and broadcasts, events that occur on the ground cannot be called news. News has several elements that must be considered.

The elements of the news are as follows what or what, who or who, where or where, when or when, why or why, and how or how. The six elements are generally at the beginning of a news.

Then, followed by the main news that contains the climax explanation of the case, briefly, completely, and clearly. Already know about the news, then what is meant by the news text, which is actually not far from the news.

News text or also called news items . News text is a text taken from the mass media. The mass media are magazines, newspapers, and from the internet. News texts provide info or news about current events or current events. In addition to news, the news text also tells about things that are worthy of being told to the general public.

News texts often include the name of the city or the name of the country as well as the name of the mass media covered. The inclusion is located at the beginning of a news text. Another opinion states that the news text is a text that contains information relating to daily events.

Everyday events that make news, of course, are appropriate and important to be reported. In addition, the events reported in the news text are warm news to make news.

Based on the opinion above, it can be seen that the news text can be found in the mass media. Now, after knowing and understanding about the news text, then what are the characteristics of the news text?

So that when we find a text, we can find out the type of text, and even be able to show others, about the type of text. You will find the answer in the next discussion.

Characteristics of the News Text

News texts have several characteristics. These characteristics will be explained as follows.

  1. News texts in terms of systematic writing. Judging from the systematic writing, the news text is divided into three, viz
  2. Newsworthy events. Is part of a systematic that shows the core events. This section becomes the most important part in the news text. This part can also be called lead .
  3. Background events. Is part of the systematic writing of news texts that contain the background of the incident, the individuals involved, the place and time of the incident, then other information that is considered relevant to the news text reported.
  4. Sources. Is part of the systematic writing of news texts that contain comments from witnesses on the case. Then, it also contains opinions expressed by experts on the events encountered.
  5. Languages ​​used in news texts include verbs and adverbs.
  6. Provide news to readers and listeners and viewers about events and events that are considered important and deserve to be conveyed.
  7. Short information can be stated in a headline.

There are several characteristics of the news text that must be considered. Paying attention to the characteristics of the news text helps us differentiate from other texts, such as review texts, explanatory texts, and others. Furthermore, how to read news by using intonation, pronunciation, and good reading attitude. This will be explained as follows.

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Reading News Using Good Intonation, Chanting, and Reading Attitudes

Our admiration for anchors on television makes us wonder, how can they read well. how to read as if it were able to hypnotize the listener to listen to the news to completion. Even though the broadcast duration is quite long, in general 30 – 60 minutes, listeners do not feel like they have heard for a long time.

The audience stays loyal to the news. So what are the tips, so that when we read the news, the audience becomes interested in the news we preach. Not only interested, but listeners also participated in the news conveyed. Here are a few things to note:

  1. Read the news text using the correct pronunciation. Chanting is a way to pronounce the sound of language. Language pronunciation is related to the correct words and sentences. If the newsreader makes a mistake in reading the news, it will not be pleasant to the audience. As a result, the audience is less interested in watching the news until the end.
  2. Read the news text using the correct intonation. Intonation relates to sentence songs. The intended song of the sentence is the high or low tone spoken. News readers need to pay attention to intonation properly and as much as possible is not monotonous. Monotonous reading will make the listener not interested in listening. So it needs to be distinguished intonation of news for news that is sad, happy, or happy. In fact, not only intonation is distinguished, but also the expression of the reader must also be different.
  3. Read news texts by showing a good attitude. A good attitude needs to be shown by the reader, when delivering a news. The attitude of sitting in reading news, must also be considered. News delivered by two people, should not contain a lot of jokes or anchor talking to each other.

In news texts, attitudes, pronunciations, and intonation are important things to be applied by news readers. Next, what is the purpose of the news text? Why pronunciations, intonations, and attitudes are the things to do when reading news. The purpose of the news text will be explained below.

The Purpose of the News Text

News texts have a purpose in their delivery that must be realized by the anchor. The purpose of the news text is communicative. Communicative is intended to provide news to readers, viewers, and listeners, about events that are appropriate, important, and worth reporting.

The explanation above has explained everything about news and news texts. You need to understand the explanation above that can help you in understanding all things related to the news

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