Explain Briefly Direct Method Advantages and Disadvantage

We should see first a brief histroy about development of Direct method. Then we will move forward Direct Method Advantages and Disadvantages.

In the mid-nineteenth century, industrialization has taken place all around the Europe. There was desperate need to develop oral proficiency in foreign languages. But Language teachers had f focused Grammar-Translation Method which was proven inadequate and ineffective in developing ‘communicative ability’ in learners. Pandergast and Sauveur proposed natural method to fulfill the need to teach foreign languages ad to facilities trade, commerce, business, and travel between the different European countries. This was later emergence of direct method.

Advantages of the Direct Method

It gives the Pupils a Real Command of English Language. It facilitates in understanding English by establishing a direct association between the word and its meaning and it enables the student to grasp the sentence patterns he hears or reads in English. The student is able to express his thought and feelings directly in English. It develops fluency of speech and efficiency in writing.

 This Method makes the Study of English Interesting and Lively. Study of language through this method becomes interesting, motivating, and active participation because of its emphasis on the spoken idiom. The use of illustrations, objects, use of audio-visual aids, demonstrations etc.

It Facilitates Reading and Students learn to speak fluently and to write fairly quickly and correctly. They develop a love for the English language.

This Method is psychologically Sound. All the principles of modern education, e.g., to proceed from particular to general is emphasized.

More emphasis is put on practice than on theory.

The Direct Method represents a radical change from literary language to the day-to-day spoken language as the object of language teaching and learning.

The use of every day vocabulary and structures is the first priority.

Grammar is taught inductively.

Oral skills are developed through carefully graded programmers involving question-answer sessions, interaction between the teacher and the learners and intensive classroom drills.

The 10 Best Things About Direct Method Advantages And Disadvantages will help you in Language Teaching

Disadvantages of Direct Method

  • This Method does not Consider all Aspects of Language Teaching. It puts much emphasis on speech and ignores other skills like reading, writing, hearing, etc.
  • Mostly time Students makes spelling errors.
  • There is not enough writing, there is not enough reading.”
  • Emphasis on Aural-Oral Appeal is Defective. This method is based on the principle of aural-oral appeal. There are children who learn more with the help of their eyes than with that, of ears and tongue. Such children are affected.
  • Lack of Suitable Teachers. Most of our teachers in English have a inaccurate pronunciation of English. Their knowledge in English is also limited and imperfect. They face difficulties to handle the classes. This paucity of good English teachers is responsible for the failure of this method.
  • Direct Method is Expensive. Our schools cannot provide sufficient equipment and other facilities that are essential to follow this method.
  • Lack of Standard Textbooks. We don’t have standard textbooks properly graded in respect of grammar and composition.
  • There is Difficulty in Explanation. We usually follow four ways to explain the words. Direct Method completely ignores translation. As a result, it becomes difficult to explain the ideas.
  • Direct Method Ignores Human Nature and Pupil’s Nature.
  • A student of our country cannot learn English ignoring the mother-tongue altogether. We have tried this method but we failed achieve the desirable goal.

Though the Direct Method is still widely talked about, it is hardly practiced anywhere in its original and pristine form except in a few private language schools of Europe and It has failed to function in public secondary schools, by and large. However, some of its principles have since been adopted by the relatively new approaches and are being adhered to with necessary modification and adjustment.

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