Exercises to do at home and increase the butt

Known as the national preference of men, the butt has now been the focus of attention also for women. The female audience always wants to improve their appearance. Some want to define the shape, others really want to simply increase the size of the glutes.

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Anyway, everyone wants to have a butt that draws attention in a positive way. For this reason, we set up a series of easy exercises for you to do at home and obtain in a short time the butt that you dreamed of so much. We also elaborate tips and a rich protein menu to help the process of increasing your hip measurements.

It is worth checking our guidelines, putting them into practice and being surprised by the results. That’s awesome:

Exercises to do at home :


  • Stand upright with your legs open and semi-flexed.
    • Imagine that you have a chair behind you.
    • Try to sit in the imaginary chair.
    • Return to the starting position.
    • Do this up and down movement ten times and rest for one minute.
    • Repeat this series of movements 3 times.

Hip lift:

  • Lie on your back on the floor.
    • Flex your legs.
    • With your arms extended on the floor, raise your hips as far as you can lift.
    • Return your hips to the floor and repeat this movement twenty times.
    • Rest for a minute and do two more sets of twenty lifts.

Kicking back:

  • With the use of shin guards on the lower legs, stand up.
    • With your legs slightly apart, try to kick your own butt with one leg.
    • Perform this movement by alternating your legs.
    • Do ten times with each leg and rest for one minute.
    • Perform three sets of this sequence of movements.


  • Standing, extend one leg forward and flex it.
    • Lean your body towards the bent leg forward, leaving the other leg well extended.
    • Tilt as much as you can.
    • Perform this movement ten times with each leg.
    • Rest for one minute and do a total of 3 sets of this exercise.

Menu to increase muscle mass in the butt:

If you want to achieve faster results in your glutes, it is extremely important that you combine the exercise mentioned above with a diet rich in protein. We have created an ideal menu for you to eat well and achieve your goal as soon as possible.

Breakfast :

1 slice of chopped melon or 10 strawberries.
2 tablespoons of oats
1 jar of plain yogurt or 1 cup of curd.

Morning snack :

1 light cereal bar or a glass of unsweetened fruit juice

Lunch :

3 tablespoons of brown rice
1 chicken fillet or 1 salmon fillet
Lettuce salad with tomato seasoned with lemon, olive oil and a pinch of salt.

Afternoon snack :

01 glass of soy milk whipped with half an apple and an almond.

Dinner :

omelette Chard salad with carrots seasoned with lemon, olive oil and a pinch of salt.
1 slice of white cheese

Supper :

01 cup of tea with sweetener
01 light pollen

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It is the tip to have a beautiful butt!

Before starting any series of exercises, you must warm up for at least ten minutes.

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To stiffen the butt, the use of a load of at least 01 kg is valid.

Ideally, these butt exercises should be performed at least three times a week.

There is no point in going crazy with your butt exercises, as your diet has not been altered. A balanced diet rich in protein is ideal for those who want to have a firm and healthy body.

Avoid the consumption of sweets, fried foods and soft drinks.

Include foods capable of helping you design your butt in your daily diet. They are: egg, natural yogurt, almonds, olive oil, salmon, tuna and red meat.

Until the results of the exercises arrive, it is worthwhile to use some tricks to appear to have a higher butt:

  • Use a modeling belt to narrow the waist. With a slimmer waist, your hips will certainly gain more prominence.
  • Wear high heels. They have the power to change the woman’s posture, leaving the butt more upturned.
  • Prefer to wear pants in lighter shades and with pockets. They will give the impression of an increase in hip volume.
  • When wearing a dress, mark the waist using a belt in a tone different from the color of the chosen dress


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