What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercises?

Having a healthy life goes beyond having a good diet and peaceful nights of sleep. It is necessary to practice physical exercises frequently. In this environment, there are two different types of exercises, aerobic and anaerobic . This classification is made according to the type of energy metabolism used, to produce energy for carrying out the activity.

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Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises depend directly on oxygen to be able to produce the energy needed to perform physical activity. That’s why they got that name. They are more intense activities and the most sought after by those who want to lose weight, as they act in the breakdown and elimination of fat.

Its main advantages :

  • Strengthens the muscles that are involved in breathing;
  • Cause hypertrophy of the heart muscle;
  • Help in reducing body weight;
  • Lead to an increase in muscle mass;
  • Help to improve blood pressure control;
  • Increase red blood cells;
  • Help to lower blood glucose levels;
  • Collaborate with the improvement of the lipid profile;
  • Provide increased muscle endurance;
  • Depending on the chosen exercise, it stimulates bone growth;
  • Decreases the risk of osteoporosis.

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Tips for those who want to start aerobic exercise

  • Do it yourself. Walk, climb stairs, swim or go for a run in the park;
  • Start small. On the first day, do 5 minutes, on the second 10 and so on, until you reach half an hour of exercise a day;
  • When you reach 30 minutes or more, you can move on to 3 times a week;
  • The ideal is to have the help of a professional, to advise on the exercise;
  • If you have a health problem, spine, heart or something, before starting, talk to your doctor;

Anaerobic exercises

These are the ones that use energy from glucose breakdown, without using oxygen. They are very intense, with short duration and in their realization, there is the production of lactic acid. One of the best known and most practiced is weight training.

Types of anaerobic exercises: weight training, jumping, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, among other activities that are done with fast, high-intensity movements. (Photo: Can Stock Photo)

There are also speed exercises such as the 100-meter dash, the shot put, jumps in length or height, among others. They also contribute to weight loss. Not as much as aerobics, but they do help.

The main benefits are :

  • The reduction in heart rate;
  • The reduction in blood pressure;
  • Reduction of oxygen consumption by the myocardium (heart muscle);
  • Increase in stroke volume.

The ideal is always to do anaerobic exercises associated with aerobics.

Aerobic exercises you can start doing today

You can start doing aerobic exercise today and spend nothing. See what they are: (8 physical exercises that you can do anywhere: at home, in the park or on the beach)

  • Walking: it is a great way to start, especially if you are sedentary. You can walk slowly, at your own pace. Start with 20 minutes and go up. The strides should not be too slow and try not to interrupt the route. It can be done by all ages and the best is free. Take a walk in a park in your city or walk by the sea.

In the first few days, you will notice a change in your physique and you will feel better. Wear light clothing and maintain an upright posture. On the feet, the ideal is to wear sneakers, if possible, with shock absorbers.

Calories eliminated when walking: Simple walking 5.5 kcal / min – Walking fast 520 kcal / hour – Walking slowly 240 kcal / hour. (Photo: Can Stock Photo)

  • Running: if you are in good physical condition and already exercise regularly, you can choose to run. It is not to run a marathon or go out on the first day, go slowly, running, increasing the route and improving your time.

The race gives great results and, like the walk, is free. Breathe slowly and deeply while exercising. If you have no physical preparation, start walking and when you feel better, start running, little by little.

Calories eliminated when running: 500 to 900 kcal / hour. (Photo: Can Stock Photo)

  • Cycling: do youwant to keep your thighs and butt tough? This is the exercise for you. In addition to helping to lose weight, improve fitness and bring all the benefits of aerobic exercise, cycling leaves the muscles of the torso and butt well defined. How about starting to go to work pedaling?

Calories eliminated when pedaling: 180 to 300 / hour. (Photo: Can Stock Photo)

  • Swimming: who has a pool at home, or can use it somewhere, can choose to swim, to start exercising. It is indicated for all ages, it makes the muscles stronger, besides being very tasty to be practiced.

Calories eliminated when swimming: 500 kcal / hour. (Photo: Can Stock Photo)

Choose an exercise that you like, and go slowly, paying attention and respecting your body. Keep up the frequent practice that in a short time, you will notice the improvements in your daily life and your health!


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