Examples of RPA application in your company

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a trend that extrapolates the concept of automation and promotes new levels of productivity in the technological strategy of any company. In our previous article, we already talked about what RPA is and how it can help you. Today we bring you 5 key areas in which the RPA can be applied to improve business efficiency.

This process automation allows you to release workloads . By being able to perform these repetitive and rule-based tasks in an automated way, you free your work team and offer you the opportunity to devote more time to functions in which it is most relevant.

Surely you had heard about this concept and the great benefits it offers, but do you know where you can use Robotic Process Automation ? Here are some ideas.


Examples of application of the RPA in different areas



Managing a large part of your IT processes in an automated way will make it easier for your work team to focus on more strategic tasks. The RPA will help you monitor, manage and integrate automatically. Among its functions, we highlight:

    • Application and server monitoring
    • File, access and identity management
    • Data integration between applications
    • Application Testing
    • Help desk functions

RPA in Sales and Marketing

In the field of sales and marketing, the RPA manages to automate all those tasks of updating data and preparing reports . This will allow your commercials and marketing department staff to devote more time to planning, creation and decision-making tasks. Among all the examples of action, we could highlight the following:

    • Price comparison and monitoring
    • Data management and CRM update
    • Automatic creation of budgets and BI reports

RPA in Finance

Robotic Process Automation will also help you automate financial analysis and review tasks , such as:

    • Collection process and accounts payable
    • Financial planning and analysis
    • Financial review
    • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting
    • Operational and accounting finance

RPA in Human Resources

Another of the main areas of action of Robotic Process Automation is related to organizational management . Let’s look at some more concrete examples:

    • Data and requirements management
    • Time Validation Registered
    • Payroll processing
    • Analytics and expense reporting
    • Organizational Development and Training

RPA in Taxes

Finally, the RPA will also help you improve the efficiency of tasks related to data interpretation :

    • Data extraction and validation
    • Reports generation
    • eFiling
    • Document management and formatting
    • Data entry on Tax platforms

Did you know all the tasks that the RPA can help you with? Keep reading about how to improve your processes with robotic automation or contact us  to see how it could apply to your company.


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