BPM and RPA: Towards the improvement of business processes

The improvement of business processes is basic for the survival of any company. The business process management (BPM, for its acronym in English) and Automation Robotics Process or RPA are two tools that enable companies to achieve digital transformation. The first has been used for a long time, while the second is born from the technological innovation of recent years. What is the difference between the two?


Business Process Management or BPM

BPM is a strategic approach that is based on reforming the current processes of a company to achieve greater efficiency and productivity . The improvement of business processes is achieved through an in-depth analysis of the company’s operation to determine which areas can be improved, that is, through the use of holistic technology.

Based on this, the implementation of new strategies is carried out to obtain a solid infrastructure based on process automation . It is not a software, but an approach to streamline the methodology through different tools that include different programs, business analysis and work workflows .


Robotic Process Automation

Through the use of computer technology, RPA implies a type of program, or bot, designed to operate the processes as a human being would . This program is implemented and works in the user interface, entering data and performing actions by the employee.

The improvement of business processes is done through artificial intelligence, since the bot will move the cursor, type using the keyboard and search the screen for spaces to write. Once configured, you can enter the company’s applications and carry out the transactions for which it has been programmed.

Advantages of implementing BPM and / or RPA

These are different implementation strategies that do not necessarily oppose each other. BPM is the pillar of the company. It coordinates its operations and integrates users, data and systems. RPA complements it, and through automation allows an increase in the tasks performed in the company in the shortest possible time.

Both strategies must be valued at the time of starting a process to improve business processes . The main advantage of this process automation is that, by preventing employees from performing repetitive manual tasks, more resources are obtained, costs are reduced and time is saved.

This influences the final product, achieving continuous improvements, and the company in general as it allows employees to concentrate on providing other values ​​to the organization . In this way, better customer service is offered, reducing internal costs.


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