Examples of Scientific article

scientific article is an informative and technical language text whose objective is to disseminate, update or demonstrate the theoretical or practical results of a particular scientific investigation.

These articles use the scientific method to develop theories and transmit them to the scientific community in order to disseminate interesting knowledge.

This is the frequent writing in specialized scientific communities and is normally published in academic journals , aimed at an informed field, although they may also have versions aimed at the general public.

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Characteristics of a scientific article

The nature of scientific articles is usually determined both by the specific science they address ( social sciences or ” hard ” sciences ), as well as by the specific work methodology and bibliographic guidelines established by the journals where they are published.

In general, a scientific article must be written in a formal, technical and objective language that clearly expresses the specific information contained. It does not use poetic turns or literary figures since its reading is informative and not recreational.

Parts of a scientific article

Scientific articles are usually composed of the following parts:

  • Abstract or summary. It is a short text in which a summarized version of the research work is given and the reader is explained what they will find in the article, with keywords that allow the article to be indexed in specialized databases.
  • Introduction . It is the beginning of the article, which tackles the subject gradually, allowing the reader to locate himself in the subject and matter addressed. For that, an introduction usually goes from the general to the specific.
  • Development . It is the “body” of the article, where the information is presented in an orderly manner and accompanied by graphics, tables or illustrative material.
  • Conclusion . It is the closing in which some elements of the development are retaken to state the findings, deductions or specific results of the investigation.
  • Bibliographic references . It is the section that includes the bibliography, that is, the detail of bibliographic works consulted in the investigation (books, magazines, articles or essays).

Examples of scientific article

  1. Hard Science Article (Physics)

Impact of Fournier theories on the universal gravitational constant in quantum laboratory calculations


This article will present the experimental results obtained by subjecting the particles of a determined gravitational field and generated under controlled circumstances, to light sources according to the theories of Dr. Nicolás Fournier (1945-2011) exposed in his Gravitational Composition of Matter complex (2007). The experiments were unsuccessful in demonstrating what was theorized by prof. Fournier, but they in turn produced stimulating results regarding the interaction of accelerated tachyons that could be fundamental in the construction of a new theoretical model.

Keywords: Fournier, Tachyon, Gravity, Quantum Physics.


Quantum physics has benefited abundantly from the studies of prof. Nicolás Fournier (1945-2011), pioneer in complex matter research in the face of the bitensor effect of gravity generated by the passage of accelerated tachyons in a given field. These revolutionary theories contravened the classical Einsteinian formulation according to which these effects would have to generate a perceptible energy impulse, according to the classical formula of E = mc 2 . The virtue of these recent studies …

The Fournier effect in accelerated gamma tachyons

As evidenced by the initial results (Fig. 1), Fournier’s theories regarding the electric incidence in the gravitational field seem to be confirmed with regard to cases 1, 2 and 3 of the experimental table. The six remaining cases, on the other hand, clearly contradict the Fournerian hypothesis and are, however, in which a greater tachyon-graviton interaction is evidenced, although in the opposite direction. The lack of lateral correlation in the first three cases points, without a doubt, to …


As it could be observed, the quantum dynamics of the experimental tachyons resists the Fournerian hypothesis by a not inconsiderable margin of data, although in doing so they yield data that, paradoxically, would serve to reformulate these hypotheses in a version closer to what which appears to be experimental quantum reality. If this, as we have hinted, could be carried out by applying Hanson’s laws and the Uncertainty Principle, it will remain to be verified in future research.

  1. Social Sciences Article (Sociology)

Indigenous democracy: a description of the aboriginal identity phenomena in the Venezuelan Amazon


This research is part of the growing interest in indigenous identities and the living conditions of Latin American native peoples that the rise of the developmental model in South America promoted during the first decade of the 21st century: a phenomenon that had a very positive impact on the academic considerations of matter, but not in the change of the impoverished indigenous reality. The research collected migratory data from the aboriginal communities recently implanted in an urban context: Wayuu , Pemón , Yanomami …


The presence of the original inhabitants has been a challenge for the American western imaginary since Columbus and his crew set foot on these lands for the first time in 1492. The inability to fully assimilate these populations, which in many cases resist the homogenizing influence of the State and of the formation of a misnamed “national identity” throughout the history of our republics, which often led to segregation, exclusion or simply extermination, as in the Argentine case, among others …


Valenzuela et. to the. (2001) deduce that the presence of these groups in the national census is only approximate and they see in it a reflection of their very little republican insertion, something that seems evident when comparing the later results (Cf. Tables 1 and 2) and noting the very few evidenced variability. A paradoxical result, given the creation of the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs in the first decade of 2000 and the appointment of …


The conclusions of this study do not appear to be very encouraging. The degree of insertion of the communities evaluated in the country’s narrative is barely 25% in the most hopeful cases, such as the Pemón and Wayuu communities, whose semi-urban nature already supposes a primary degree of adaptability to consider. This is not the case with ..

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