Examples of Explanatory Text

Examples of Explanatory Texts – Descriptions that contain how and what the consequences of natural events such as tsunamis, floods, lunar eclipses can occur are included in the explanatory text.


  • Understanding Explanatory Text
  • Characteristics of Explanatory Text
  • Explanatory Text Structure
  • Language Elements of Explanatory Text
  • Type of Explanatory Text
  • Examples of Complete Explanatory Text
  • Examples of text explanations of natural events about lunar eclipses
  • Examples of Social Explanatory Texts About Poverty
  • Example of Social Explanation Text About Unemployment
  • Example of a Cultural Explanation Text on Cultural Change
  • Example of a Cultural Explanation Text About the Causes of the Fading of Indonesian Culture
  • Example of Explanatory Text About the Environment
  • Example Text Explanation of Natural Events About Tsunamis
  • Examples of Social Explanatory Texts About Corruption
  • Examples of text explaining natural events about erupting mountains
  • Example of an economic explanation text about unemployment
  • Example of a Cultural Explanation Text on Drug Abuse

Understanding Explanatory Text

Explanatory text is a text that contains the process of why and how a natural, scientific, social, cultural and other event occurs. An event that occurs around us, whether natural or social, always has a causal and process relationship.

It is better if the events that occur around us are not only observed and felt, but also used as learning. Why and how this incident happened.

Explanatory text based on the origin of the word, namely “explanation” aims to explain the phenomenon that occurs and explain the cause and effect of an event.

Explanatory text has the characteristic of containing an event that has cause and effect. For example, a house that suddenly collapses, behind this incident there must be factors that can make it collapse, such as lack of material, not crowding in the manufacturing process, wood weathering or other causes.

With an event, we not only feel, but we get a lesson from everything that happens, so that we can be more alert and can avoid unwanted things.

Characteristics of Explanatory Text

To distinguish explanatory text from descriptive text or other text is not difficult. This is by looking at the special features of the explanatory text, as follows:

  1. Has a structure consisting of general statements, sequence of causes and effects, and interpretation.
  2. Contains factual information or information based on facts.
  3. The factual information referred to contains information of a scientific or scientific nature, for example science.
  4. Be informative and do not try to influence the reader to believe what is being discussed.
  5. Using ‘sequence markers’, is like using words: first, second, third, and so on or also using words: first, next, last.

After knowing the characteristics of the explanatory text above, let’s look at 3 structures that build it into a unified whole.

Explanatory Text Structure

In writing an explanatory text, you must pay attention to the structure of the text that has been determined. The structure of the explanatory text consists of three parts, namely:

  1. General statements, paragraphs that are the core or opening of a reading.
  2. The sequence of cause and effect, contains a description of the events or what has happened which is presented in sequence or gradually from the very beginning to the very end.
  3. Interpretation, contains conclusions about what happened, why it happened and how to deal with it.

The explanatory text structure above must be contained in the writing that describes an event, because with the explanatory text structure, the reading will become one unit.

example explanatory text | pixabay.com

In addition to structure, you also have to pay attention to linguistic elements in writing sentences that are in an explanatory text as described below.

Language Elements of Explanatory Text

In general, the explanatory text contains the following linguistic elements:

  1. Focus on general(generic), not human participants (nonhuman participants), for example: tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, rain, and air.
  2. Allows the use of scientific terms.
  3. More use of activeverbs (material verbs and relational verbs).
  4. Using time and causal conjunctions, examples of the use of words: thus, before, first, if, if, and then.
  5. Use the passive voice.
  6. The author must justifythat something that is explained in the causally written text is true.

From the many examples of explanatory text that we can find in various media, it can be observed that this text actually has several types. What are the types? Let’s look at the following information.


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Type of Explanatory Text

In general, the type of explanatory text is divided into two, namely:

  1. Explanatory text about nature

This type of explanatory text contains reading on the topic of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, lunar eclipses, hurricanes, landslides and other disasters related to natural phenomena or events.

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  1. Explanatory text about social (environment)

Meanwhile, the social explanation text is about events that occur around us, such as demosntration, collapsed houses, blackout, poverty, unemployment and others. In a social explanation text, it can be broken down into many topics, such as culture, community economic problems, and others.

example explanatory text | pexels.com

Based on the structure of the explanatory text that has been described above which is associated with the understanding of the explanatory text along with its characteristics and language elements, and so that you can better understand and have a picture of what the explanatory text looks like, then you must see examples. Therefore, in the following, consider some examples of writing explanatory text in accordance with predetermined rules.

Examples of Complete Explanatory Text

The following are examples of explanatory texts accompanied by complete structures that can be listened to as practical examples for those of you who are composing your own explanatory text. Please listen!

Examples of text explanations of natural events about lunar eclipses

example explanatory text | unsplash.com

General Statement )
Lunar eclipse is one of the natural phenomena that we often encounter. This natural event occurs when the moon is in opposition to the sun. But the lunar opposition to the sun does not always result in a lunar eclipse.

Why is that? This is due to the inclination of the orbital plane of the moon to the ecliptic plane. There will be times when there is an intersection between the orbital plane of the moon and the ecliptic plane, which will then cause the appearance of two points which are also known as nodes. It is at this node point that the lunar eclipse occurs. It takes approximately 29.53 days for the moon to move from one point of opposition to another.

Cause and Effect Sequence )
In fact, sometimes the appearance of the moon can still be seen during a lunar eclipse. This is due to the turning of the remaining sunlight towards the moon caused by the earth’s atmosphere.

The deflected sunlight has a reddish light spectrum. This is the reason why during a lunar eclipse, the moon will appear darker, which is usually dark red, orange or even brown.

You can observe a lunar eclipse with the naked eye without the slightest danger. Muslims who see and observe the eclipse are sunk to pray the eclipse (salat khusuf) at the time of the lunar eclipse.

Interpretation )
When the shadow of the earth covers as or the entire cross section of the moon, then that is when a lunar eclipse occurs. Especially when the earth occupies a position between the sun and the moon which is in the same straight line. This prevents sunlight from reaching the moon because it is blocked by the earth’s current position.

Examples of Social Explanatory Texts About Poverty

example explanatory text | detik.com

General Statement )
Poverty can be interpreted as a level of community income that is very low so that in general the community cannot meet basic daily needs such as food, shelter, education, and other needs. In general, the poor usually live in huts, under bridges, or on riverbanks.

And it is not uncommon for the poor to build their own houses on land owned by the State. Poverty also occurs throughout the world and many developing countries have the same problem.

Sequence of Cause and Effect )
Poverty occurs due to several factors, one of which is the limited completeness of education and fulfillment of daily needs. The factors that cause the problem are disaster, bankruptcy, slavery, to social structures.

The factors of poverty problems are dominated by social structures and behavior. In addition, consumptive behavior, prestige, spending money that is not in accordance with income makes people more concerned with wants than needs.

Behind that, many efforts have been made by the community and government to overcome poverty. For example, namely raising the minimum wage for work, expanding employment opportunities, free education, affordable housing.


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It must also be supported by the behavior of the people who do not waste money, avoid prestige, save, and help those around them so that community and government cooperation is crucial in overcoming the problem of poverty.

Interpretation )
There is no need for poverty in Indonesia. If people can and want to accept and be grateful for what they have. The vices mentioned above must be eliminated, and cooperation between the government and the community is very important in overcoming the problem of poverty in Indonesia.

Example of Social Explanation Text About Unemployment

Examples of Explanatory Text | freepik.com

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General Statement )
Unemployment is a social phenomenon related to aspects of employment which are a problem in society. Many attempts have been made to address this problem, but it has not been resolved.

Unemployment does not only occur in Indonesia, but also occurs in almost all countries. There are also those who mean that the unemployed are adults of productive age who are not working or who are looking for work or who do not have a formal job so that they do not get income.
The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) defines unemployment, namely people who work less than 1 hour per week.

Cause and Effect Sequence )
One of the basic factors causing unemployment is the gap between job seekers and job opportunities. Structural changes in the economy also cause unemployment.

These changes have resulted in the need for a workforce with various skill levels so that job seekers cannot get a job because they are not in accordance with the demands. Unemployment is also caused by layoffs of employees and laborers.

Unemployment causes various economic and social problems. If the number of unemployed is large, there will be social chaos, the number of homeless people will increase and the potential for crime will be higher.

Interpretation )
Therefore unemployment is a big problem that must be addressed immediately. One way is to improve the conditions of employment.

In addition, improving the composition of graduate graduates who are produced and adapted to the needs of the labor market can also reduce unemployment. Or also by providing them with sufficient skills so that they can create their own jobs. And various other ways can be done so that the unemployment problem is resolved.

Example of a Cultural Explanation Text on Cultural Change

Examples of Explanatory Text | pixabay.com

General Statement )
Culture is not always synonymous with things that are traditional in nature, such as: clothing, language, art, special foods, and others. But often when we hear the word “culture”, what comes to mind is a cultural symbol of a region or country, such as: clothing, language, food, building forms, customs, dances, music, and so on.

Part Description )
Culture is a developed way of life that is shared by a group of people and is passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, from one region to another region has a different culture. The culture that exists in an area is also influenced by the past and present.

Cultural results are grouped into 3 types, namely belief, knowledge, and aesthetics. These three things influence each other which produce cultural products such as law, language, customs, technology, clothing, food, shelter, and others.

Culture is always developing and changing over time. This is caused by several factors, such as:

  1. Because we as humans relate to one another directly or indirectly between regions or regions. Nowadays, technological developments can easily influence each other from one culture to another.
  2. Humans are always developing, resulting in changes in the way of life, the necessities of life, and so on so that they have an influence on cultural changes.
  3. The occurrence of environmental changes is quite extreme.

Therefore, cultural change will always occur, and discourse on cultural preservation will only take the form of a symbolic discourse because humans certainly cannot live by using the old way of life. But we need to note that the old culture will still be a reference for giving birth to a new culture, so it can be said that the new culture is the result of modification of the old culture.

Concluding Remarks )
Cultural change is not always bad, although there are some things from the old culture that are lost or lost and this is very unfortunate. It is an irony that on the one hand the loss of the old culture is very unfortunate, but on the other hand, humans cannot afford to be at one point only.


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Example of a Cultural Explanation Text About the Causes of the Fading of Indonesian Culture

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General Statement )
Culture in Indonesia is increasingly fading due to lack of public awareness, lack of cultural learning, and lack of cultural communication. This is considered to have dropped dramatically because most of us choose foreign cultures that are more practical and in accordance with the times.

We often think that foreign culture is more practical and cool. Though this is not necessarily true. Many foreign cultures are considered cool but are not in accordance with the identity and culture of the Indonesian people.

Explanation Section )
As a result, our culture is no longer taken care of and is slowly disappearing or being claimed by other countries. Therefore, the ability to communicate is very important so that there is no wrong understanding of the culture being adopted. Lack of communication can also lead to clashes between tribes that have an impact on unity and integrity.

In addition, we must also pay attention to communication between communities by introducing culture to each other and to the nation’s future generations with the aim of keeping the original culture alive.

Conclusion )
Lack of cultural learning has resulted in our culture gradually disappearing. Studying culture from an early age is very good, therefore, now there are subjects in schools that discuss culture. But unfortunately, many parents or school students do not consider it important to learn cultural material.

Yet by studying culture, as Indonesians we can build national culture and maintain local culture in the era of globalization as it is today.

Example of Explanatory Text About the Environment

example explanatory text | pixabay.com

General Statement )
Garbage is an embodiment of objects that have no use value at all, is disturbing and detrimental. In general , waste can come from waste products of production, consumption, use processes and so on. According to the classification, sapah can be divided into two types, namely organic waste and non-organic waste.

Order of Cause and Effect )
Organic waste is a type of waste that can be decomposed by bacteria and microbes. Examples of organic waste that can be found around us are dry leaves, animal carcasses, fruits, food scraps, vegetables and many more. Because it can be broken down by bacteria, organic waste is categorized into environmentally friendly waste. In addition, organic waste can also be reused through certain processes, such as dry leaf waste that can be processed and used as compost, which can fertilize the soil. Meanwhile, non-organic waste is a type of waste that cannot be broken down by microbes and rotting bacteria. In contrast to organic waste, this type of waste is categorized as waste that is not environmentally friendly.

Examples of non-organic waste that we can find around us are paper, cans, mineral bottles, plastic, iron, aluminum and so on. Even though it seems not environmentally friendly, non-organic waste can also be utilized through a recycling process. For example, used beverage bottles can be reused as flower pots, milk cans can be used as pencils and erasers and many other forms of recycling.

Even though it looks small, basically waste is a big problem that shouldn’t be underestimated. If the waste that arises will accumulate in large quantities over time. This of course can interfere with the health, beauty and comfort of the environment around the community. The negative impact that arises from the accumulated garbage can be ascertained, namely air pollution, the emergence of diarrhea, dengue fever, vomiting, and causing flooding. Moreover, if there is a large amount of rotting organic waste, it will cause air pollution in the form of an unpleasant odor. Not only that, the trash can also contain bacteria that are harmful to our bodies.

The most dangerous disease that can arise from a pile of garbage is dengue fever (DHF). generally aides mosquitoes will nest and breed in dirty and humid slum areas such as trash cans. Not only that, the accumulated garbage can also cause various skin diseases, diarrhea to respiratory problems. If there is a pile of garbage in the river, it will be even more dangerous because it can threaten the safety of many people. Garbage that fills the river can cause silting of the river, disrupt the flow of water and clog sewage pipes or gutters. If it rains with high intensity, this kind of thing can cause flooding. Floods that occur generally originate from the waste problem factor.


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Interpretation )
Garbage does have a lot of negative effects in human life. In some cases in certain countries and cities, the waste problem is a problem that is difficult to solve and overcome. The article is that the responsibility for waste problems that occurs is generally only borne by the government. In fact, to solve this problem, it is necessary to have self-awareness of all members of the community to always maintain cleanliness and order in terms of disposing of garbage. The government should also provide counseling on the importance of protecting the environment by conducting joint work, seminars to village areas and so on. The point of everything is that if every element of society has self-awareness and is able to keep the environment clean, the waste problem can be overcome.

Example Text Explanation of Natural Events About Tsunamis

example text explanation of natural disasters | pexels.com

General Statement )
Tsunami comes from Japanese and consists of 2 syllables, namely “tsu” which means port and “nami” which means wave. Scientists used to define it as “tidal wave” which means tidal waves or “seismic sea waves” which means sea waves caused by an earthquake.
A tsunami is a high-speed ocean wave that suddenly arrives at the coast. The occurrence of a tsunami was caused by the emergence of volcanic activity which resulted in an earthquake that occurred under the sea.

Cause and Effect Sequence )
When an earthquake occurs and the sea floor rises and falls along the fault, that’s when a tsunami is formed. The fault caused the balance of sea water to be disturbed. A large fault will produce a large wave too. At that time, sea water will recede shortly after an earthquake occurs. Then after that the sea water will return to the mainland in the form of a large wave (tsunami).

Tsunamis can also occur due to volcanic eruptions on the seabed that result in high movement of sea water or nearby waters.
Tsunamis are different from sea water waves which usually have a greater wave speed. Even reaching 700 km / hour and almost the same as the speed of the plane. Usually the height of a tsunami wave is 50 to 100 meters and spreads in all directions. The height of the tsunami that occurs can also be affected by the shape and depth of the coast at which time there is an earthquake at the bottom. So that is why it is very possible for a tsunami due to an earthquake on the ocean floor.

Interpretation )
Tsunamis are one of the most dangerous natural events for humans because they cause great damage and can even claim thousands of lives if they occur suddenly. Therefore, we must be vigilant and prepare ourselves to face tsunami natural disasters. Although not all earthquakes and volcanic eruptions on the seabed cause tsunamis.

Examples of Social Explanatory Texts About Corruption

General Statement )
Corruption or political corruption is the abuse of official office for personal gain. All forms of government and governance are prone to corruption in practice.

Explanation Section ) The
severity of corruption varies, from the lightest in the form of using influence and support for giving and receiving help, to serious corruption being formalized, and so on. The tipping point of corruption is kleptocracy, which literally means government by thieves, where even pretending to be honest does not exist.

Corruption that occurs in politics and bureaucracy can be trivial or serious, organized or not. While corruption often facilitates criminal activities such as drug trafficking, money laundering, and prostitution, corruption itself is not limited to these areas. In order to study this problem and come up with a solution, it is very important to distinguish between corruption and crime.


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Closing )
From a legal point of view, the criminal act of corruption in general fulfills the following elements: acts against the law, abuse of authority, opportunity or means, enriches oneself, other people, or corporations, and harms state finances or the country’s economy. Types of corruption include, but not all, of giving or receiving gifts or promises (bribery), embezzlement in office, extortion in office, participating in procurement (for civil servants / state administrators), and receiving gratuities (for civil servants. / state officials).

Examples of text explaining natural events about erupting mountains

Example explanatory text | pixabay.com

General Statement )
The natural phenomenon of an erupting mountain occurs because of the magma sediment that is in the bowels of the earth and is ejected by a large force of gas. Besides the tsunami, the eruption of the mountain is also one of the terrible natural disasters and can cause many casualties.

Cause-and-Effect Sequence ) It
can be said that almost all volcanoes correspond to areas of active seismicity, because they are directly related to the earth’s plate boundaries. The eruption began with a change in the pressure of the earth’s plate boundaries and a drastic change in temperature. This causes the surrounding rock material to melt, which is commonly known as magma or incandescent liquid. This magma will carry the material around it through the cracks towards the earth’s surface.

Even at relatively deep depths, very high temperatures are not only capable of melting magma, but even all the material in the bowels of the earth. At that time, gas will appear and mix with magma. Magma that comes out when the volcano erupts is formed at a depth of 60-160 KM below the earth’s surface.

Then the gas that is mixed with the magma is under the pressure of the solid rock around the crater so that this pressure makes the gas and magma move to the earth’s surface and erupt simultaneously. This is what causes the formation of the main hole, where most of the magma and other volcanic material ejects.

When the bursts have stopped, usually at the top of the mountain a crater will form that resembles a bowl and the main hole is located at the bottom of the crater.

Volcanic eruptions can cause both negative and positive impacts. The most visible negative impact is the danger to humans and living things around it because it emits poisonous gases, hot clouds, volcanic dust, and rocks. After that, usually there will be lava rain, damage to agricultural land and plantations shortly after the eruption ends.

Even history records, there have been natural disasters of volcanic eruptions which killed thousands of people and caused the climate in the world to change.
While the positive impact that can be seen is that the land in the volcano area becomes fertile, the material that comes out can be used as a livelihood for the community, water resources, natural tourism, and geothermal energy.

Interpretation )
Until now, volcanoes are still a scary thing for humans because volcanic eruptions can result in the formation of islands and lakes, and can even cover the earth’s atmosphere causing extreme temperature changes.

Therefore, we need to pay attention to the volcano warning scheme in Indonesia provided by the BMKG. So that we can determine the right time to evacuate in the event of a volcanic eruption in the area around us.

Example of an economic explanation text about unemployment

Examples of Explanatory Text | pixabay.com

General statement )
Unemployment is a familiar thing, and a problem that has no end. In Indonesia, many SD, SMP, SMA and Bachelor graduates are still unemployed. However, this problem continues to occur when many graduates don’t know what direction to work and where. Not only that, unemployment usually occurs because of a mismatch in the field occupied, or expelled from work because it violates work regulations, or leaves work because it does not match with work colleagues or does not match the salary earned.

Cause and effect )
There are many factors that cause widespread unemployment, namely the lack of jobs. Every job field requires workers with different skills. For example, there are requirements with a minimum of S1 graduates or experience in the field that is currently opening job vacancies. This becomes a burden for the community. However, with these requirements, it can also be a motivation for people to study at a higher level. And usually because of economic factors make people prefer not to continue school and prefer to work.


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Interpretation )
From the description above, unemployment is a serious problem to find a solution, namely by providing skills to the unemployed and expanding employment opportunities. By providing skills, those who are unemployed can create their own jobs and can determine what is suitable for the field to be occupied. Not only that, by expanding employment opportunities, it will certainly help reduce the number of unemployed in society. If students can respond to this problem, and start to provide training to people who have a lot of unemployment, then a bachelor’s degree will be worth it because the knowledge can benefit others and be distributed to those who intend to pursue it. For example: batik,

From there, people’s creativity will emerge by creating jobs in the batik tie-dye t-shirt business and so on. Or other skills, for example knitting, because unemployment is mostly women who are required only at home, knitting can be done at home. Along with the development of the times, mobile phone technology that can access all over the world can also be utilized, namely by selling knitted or dyed batik at online shops and so on.

Example of a Cultural Explanation Text on Drug Abuse

example explanatory text | pixabay.com

General Statement )
Drug abuse is the use of drugs or dangerous substances for the purpose of not treating, researching, relieving pain, stimulation, enthusiasm and hallucinations when used without following the correct rules or dosage can cause the danger of drug addiction / dependence ( hooked). Drugs that are commonly abused are narcotics, psychotropic substances and addictive substances.

Cause and Effect Sequence )
Drug abuse occurs as a result of social misconduct and a strong sense of curiosity and easy access to these drugs. There are several factors that lead to drug abuse. First, the self-factor is a factor that results in the person such as experimenting because of curiosity and the desire to have fun. Second, environmental factors, namely factors that come from the surrounding environment, such as problematic families and associating with drug users or dealers. Third, the availability of drugs such as drugs is increasingly easy to obtain at affordable prices and the drug business promises huge profits. Continuous use of illegal drugs can lead to addiction. If you are addicted, then that person will do everything to get it. Drug abuse by a person will have a negative impact on himself, such as experiencing a change in attitude, frequent truancy, stealing to buy drugs, experiencing insanity and also more worrying about death.

Interpretation )
Drug abuse has occurred in many communities. The way to prevent drug abuse is to provide religious education from an early age in order to know what is good and what is bad, supervise relationships at school and outside of school, and pay special attention so that he does not have to seek pleasure in the wrong way. Therefore, there must be synergy between the community and the government to promote prevention and eradication of these problems.


From the explanation that has been explained in this article, an explanatory text is a text that contains news or information about social events or events that have cause and effect and a reasonable solution. Through this explanatory text example , readers can have accurate and reliable information so that it can be used as a lesson for those who have not experienced it.


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