Examples of Clothing Words in Sentences

Examples of Clothing Words in Sentences – For this time we will discuss the Clothing Words (Articula) which in this case includes the understanding, characteristics, functions, types and examples, well for more details then just refer to the review below.

Definition of Clothing Words

The word clothing is one type of diversity of words in Indonesian that we hear quite often but do not have special meanings.

In understanding there are no concrete definitions regarding the meaning of the word clothing. In the KBBI dictionary (2016) the understanding of the word clothing is only described as “article”.

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The word article referred to here is a word that functions as a companion that follows certain words, so that the meaning of the article in harmony with the noun that follows. Can be said clothing is a word that determines and limits a noun.

In Indonesian there are several types of clothing that are found in the communication process.

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Articles or better known as articles (other names for clothing) are words that basically have no meaning but are able to explain nouns.

The specialty of the article is that it can be used as a companion to basic nouns, nouns formed from verbs, pronouns, or passive verbs.

Characteristics of Clothing Words

In this case the element used to limit or modify nouns. The characteristic of the word clothing is that it has no meaning, but only has a function, which is to make a word as a noun.

Function of Clothing Words

In Indonesian, the word clothing has the following functions:

  • Making a word or phrase. Example: those who persevere will surely succeed, those who diligently seek the intentions of those who diligently try.
  • Forming nouns or personal pronouns. Example: attendees attend the seminar with great enthusiasm, attendees mean only those present.

Types of Clothing Words

There are several clothing categories grouped according to function, here is an explanation of the types of clothing items.

1. Clothing Words That Declare a Single Amount

The article clothing such as sang, sri, hangs, dang, hyang gives a single or single meaning to the word afterwards.

  • The

The word “sang” is usually used to call people, inanimate objects or other living things to leave their dignity, insinuating or joking.

For example: the prince gets a congratulatory message (exalts dignity), the frog doesn’t seem to dig again today (quips), the red and white saka fluttering in the Indonesian sky.

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  • Sri

The word “sri” is used as a person with a higher human name.

Example: sri mahmud left the palace to see his people, sri ordered all his people to come to his son’s wedding.

  • Hang

The word clothing hangs is also used to respect someone in old literature.

Example: Hang Tuah meets with Hang Bae to negotiate, Hang Hebat is a hero who defends the truth of Malay people.

  • Dang

The use of the word “Dang” is the same as “Hang”, but specifically for women.

Example: dang shinta proposed by the hang hang, really beautiful face dang siti that makes all the men in his village fight over it.

  • Hyang

Especially for the article Hyang clothing is used to refer to gods and goddesses.

Example: Hindus worship the Hyang Widhi.

  • That

The word “Yang” is usually used as a shaper or substitute for God’s name.

Example: The most forgiving, forgive all our sins and errors, surrender all your problems to the most just.

2. Clothing Words That Declare the Number of Plural / group

Clothing such as para, ummah and clan declare a certain group of people.

  • Para

The word “para” is used to emphasize a group of people who have a certain similarity.

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Example: the demonstrators began to disperse, the racers raced quickly on the last lap.

  • The people

The word “people” is used usually to mean groups that have similarities in the field of religion.

Example: Muslims are required to fast when the month of Ramadan arrives, in honor of Hindus who are secluded, Balinese Muslims echo the call to prayer without loudspeakers.

  • The people

The word “clan” is used for people who share the same ideology.

Example: Sodom is punished by Allah, because of his perverse behavior, the Aad are a giant human race that lived in the time of Hud, the lower middle class could not feel what was felt by the rich.

3. Clothing as a Pointer for People / Nouns That Mean Neutral Or Balanced

Clothing words such as “Si” and “Yang” are usually used to indicate a neutrality or harmony in the words they bear.

  • Si

The word “Si” is used to accompany the names of people or animals and form nouns from other types of words “adjectives or verbs”.

Example: The Yuni is a kind person, The fat one is trying to lose weight, the deer is very smart so he can fool the crocodile.

  • That

The article “Yang” is used as a noun former of a specific phrase or word as a person or human pronoun.

Example: Maybe the one who does this is someone who hates me, I don’t see the person who calls my name from behind, finally Dina can meet the person she misses.

Examples of Clothing Words

Here are some examples of the article clothing, among others, as follows:

a. The

  1. The Queen was forced to support the decision of her son to go abroad
  2. It was so wise when all the participants of the ceremony paid their respects to the red and white Saka
  3. The King seemed to not want to forgive his betrayed servant
  4. All her children know, but Mother still hides her illness
  5. The Frog jumped out of direction because he had been caught stealing at the Forest King’s house
  6. The President gave an ultimatum for new prices of basic commodities starting tonight
  7. The Boss does not seem to approve the request from his men to go on vacation to Hong Kong
  8. It would be nice to tell the Princess about this matchmaking Kanda, said the empress
  9. The heart of the owner of the house was sorry for Ibnu and his family could not pay rent
  10. The Queen has given leniency for her betrayal of her abdomen

b. Sri

  1. Sri Sultan Ahmed is scheduled to visit Jakarta this afternoon after departing from Brunei
  2. Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X attended the Suro raids in the palace square
  3. His Majesty the King ordered all the young men to join the archery competition in the palace
  4. Sri Baginda is giving advice to her children who are growing up
  5. Sri Shri Ravi Shankar is scheduled to debate again with Zakir Naik this year

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c. Hang

  1. Really meritorious for the figure of Hang Jebat, his courage to defend the Malays will be remembered until later.
  2. Some soldiers said Hang Bae was negotiating with Hang Tuah when it rained heavily last night.
  3. Hang Hulun was at his mother’s house when a fire broke out in a residential area.

d. Dang

  1. Dang Kiran made sure to accept the Hang Rama proposal
  2. Nan beautiful face Dang Nur, naturally all young men fight over it
  3. Almost all people in this village admire Dang Siti’s determination
  4. Dang Aisyah ordered her servants to help victims of flash floods in her village
  5. If Dang Sumbi wanted to be married by Prince Kartapati

e. Hyang

  1. Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa will definitely answer all our prayers, said Mpu Pandita at the end of the prayer event with Jagatnatha Temple
  2. Hindus in Bali simultaneously celebrate Nyepi by asking Hyang Widhi for safety and peace
  3. All Hindus believe Hyang Widhi always takes care of them as long as they practice darma

f. That

  1. Please forgive the Most Forgiving and Merciful, Mother’s message before dying
  2. This event was planned by the Almighty
  3. Leave all the resolution of our problems to the Most Just
  4. Your Honor, give relief for the punishment of my husband, whining his wife when the verdict is handed down
  5. As human beings we are only able to accept the destiny of the Almighty
  6. The Most Gracious God will provide a lot of luck as long as we want to try
  7. The Omniscient certainly sees whatever you do even though it is hidden from human eyes
  8. In life we ​​must forgive each other, like He is the Most Merciful.

g. Para

  1. Students are protesting in front of the presidential palace demanding a reduction in fuel prices
  2. The mothers are nervous about the skyrocketing price of chillies on the market, which is worth hundreds of thousands of rupiah
  3. The refugees have been successfully recorded temporarily to get food aid
  4. The solidarity of the journalists was very high when the persecution of a profession partner occurred
  5. The audience scattered when they knew the stage would collapse due to strong winds.
  6. Ladies and gentlemen are welcome to sit down again
  7. Doctors are operating on kidney failure patients in the operating room
  8. The riders celebrate the end of the season at the Catalunya circuit
  9. Beggars caught by the municipal police were returned to their respective addresses
  10. The invitations were present simultaneously wearing batik uniforms

h. The people

  1. Technological development at this time would not exist without the role of intellectuals
  2. Socialites increasingly crowded the Denpasar Festival to satisfy their shopping appetite
  3. The view that is often seen is the hectic capital of each backflow due to urban attacks
  4. The deviant behavior of the Soddoms who get the Penalty of Allah SWT is not worth emulating
  5. In the period before independence in Indonesia, women were seen as not having any intelligence
  6. The middle class and above are currently worried about the motor vehicle tax policy imposed on luxury cars
  7. NU Muslim women are holding a grand gathering around Jabotabek
  8. Some transvestites took part in the selection of transgender queens in all districts
  9. Last week school children visited one of the papal gatherings
  10. At this time the weak began to speak out to channel their aspirations

i. The people

  1. Muslims will celebrate Idul Fitri in the middle of the year, precisely in June
  2. Christmas celebration in December last year was celebrated simultaneously by Christians all over the world
  3. Muslims in several regions are celebrating the Prophet Muhammad SAW Isra ‘Miraj together
  4. The Nyepi celebration of Hindus in Bali is going well this year
  5. Some Catholics are at mass commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ
  6. Buddhists are praying together at Borobudur temple
  7. The birthday of Prophet Muhammad SAW was celebrated with great fanfare by Muslims in Padang, West Sumatra
  8. Easter this year is celebrated by Christians with a little sadness because of the flood disaster in the Jogja region
  9. Muslims in the Aceh region commemorate the tsunami disaster on 26 December
  10. Some Catholics always come to the Love Foundation to donate part of their income
  11. Muslims are the largest adherents in the territory of Indonesia

j. Si

  1. A few months ago the thug of the village was arrested by the police
  2. I haven’t seen Si Amir in almost a week
  3. The Kebo ireng is very good at helping Mr. Min in the fields
  4. Certainly the Fatty will lose the race this time
  5. No one will care for the poor cat, because they often urinate carelessly
  6. Si Mancung invited his sister to go to the city park
  7. The Mouse Deer is indeed a very smart animal
  8. The Limp is very good at getting along and has many friends
  9. Si Atik has been selling cingur salad in Buleleng market for a long time
  10. As citizens, we deeply regret the accident that befell Si Budi

k. That

  1. The poor woman who fell on the motorcycle is my brother
  2. The one who helped me carry merchandise was a teacher in our village
  3. Eka finally met a fan who waited for two hours
  4. I did not witness the person who helped me from the deadly accident
  5. Like someone pushed me down the stairs last night
  6. The one sitting right next to the National Police Chief is my father
  7. It seems like someone knocked on the door
  8. Those who wear sunglasses, their movements look suspicious


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