Get Down On;What does this phrasal verb mean?

For get down is already a phrasal verb in itself, but as we have already commented here, sometimes you can put up to two prepositions after a verb and still extract some sense from this linguistic contraption. And this is how we get get down on someone . Note the use of two prepositions: down and on . What is the meaning of this new phrasal?

Easy: get down on someone means “to be critical of someone” or “to be tough on someone”.

That simple. At least for once we have a simple and honest phrasal .

Anki up yourself, then , and let’s go to the examples!

I don’t know why you get so down on Robert, he’s such a nice guy to everyone!
I don’t know why you criticize Robert so much , he’s such a nice guy to everyone!

Don’t get so down on this vacation to your grandparents’ farm. I know it’s not very exotic, but we’ll still have a great time!
Don’t be so critical of these holidays on your grandparents’ farm. I know they are not very exotic, but we will still have a lot of fun!
(Note the use of the expression to have a great time, “have a great time”.)

Don’t get down on me . I didn’t do it!
Do n’t criticize me ! I did not do it!

She’s always getting down on the kids.
She is always being tough on children.

He gets down on himself a lot.
He criticizes himself a lot.

Don’t get too down on yourselves after this loss, it’s part of the game!
Don’t be too hard on yourself after this defeat, it’s part of the game!

Hey, don’t get down on yourself like that.
Hey, don’t be hard on yourself anyway.

Don’t get down on me about this, dude.
Do n’t criticize me for that, man.

I mean, don’t get down on yourself, this stuff happens.
I mean, don’t be hard on yourself, that kind of thing happens.

My parents used to get down on me for failing tests.
My parents used to be tough on me for failing tests.


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