Essay on ways to stop global warming

Global warming to prevent the need to follow closely the methods of prevention of global warming. It is the right place for students to get essay on prevention of global warming in very easy and simple terms.

Essay on measures to prevent global warming, 100 words:

Global warming is a negative climate change caused by a steady increase in the Earth’s atmospheric temperature . The increase in temperature is due to increased emissions of fossil fuels, industries, agricultural processes, greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, etc.) as the burning of wood, solid waste, fossil fuels, etc. decreases.

With the effects of global warming we should limit our need for agriculture, deforestation, mining, industrial production, etc. To reduce the ill effects of deforestation we should re-plant plants. We must replenish the oceans with genetically engineered plants and algae that are efficient to recycle carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Essay on measures to prevent global warming, 150 words:

We must take the issue of global warming very seriously and do our best to minimize its effects on the environment. We must follow all the rules and regulations employed and implemented by the government to reach the goal and continue the possibility of a healthy life on earth. We must try to live very simple lives to maintain atmospheric temperature normal so that all natural cycles can run normally without any negative effects.

We should try bathing with cold water instead of hot water, washing clothes with cold water instead of hot water and reducing our need for private vehicles to reduce carbon dioxide gas emissions.

We should not be involved in deforestation and should notify the authority immediately if any appears. We should promote the habit of re-plantation in the surrounding area to get fresh air as well as to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere.

Essay on solutions to prevent global warming, Essay on solution of global warming in hindi (200 words)

To prevent our environment from the bad effects of global warming, there should be proper and strict norms that must be followed by countries around the world because it is not a single community or country issue, rather it is a global issue of the life of the whole planet. Is affecting The huge increase in atmospheric temperature is causing global warming for several reasons.

A major issue in increasing temperature is waste incineration which produces about 10 percent of electrical energy. We should follow the recycle process of everything possible to avoid the waste incineration process. Another method is to stop deforestation as well as replenish more plants. Since only trees are the best means to reduce the effect of greenhouse gases.

Trees and soil absorb and store carbon dioxide gas as their food in the presence of sunlight. Another way to reduce atmospheric temperature is to wash clothes with hot or cold water instead of low-flow showerheads and hot water. We should reduce our need for private vehicles and try to use public transport such as auto-rickshaws, buses, trains etc.

Essay on measures to prevent global warming, 250 words:

There are many effective ways to prevent global warming. First of all we have to change our habits to bring some positive changes in our daily life. We need to replace our regular bulbs with the most effective compact fluorescent light (also known as CFL) to reduce heat emission. CFL consumes much less power than other common bulbs.

The use of ordinary bulbs is completely banned in some countries. We should limit our driving with private vehicles to save fuel from burning and to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. We should walk or use the bicycle in a nearby market and share driving with neighbors for similar purposes.

We should follow the habit of recycle to use disposable products once again in other forms rather than throwing paper, aluminum foil, newspaper, cans, etc. to landfill. We must make the vehicles run smoothly by ensuring that the tires are well inflated to reduce fuel consumption.

We should avoid the use of geysers and dishwashers at home and go for cold or hot water to protect us from excess heat producing heat. Avoid buying packaged products to avoid causing more waste and waste. We should thermostat when using geysers to reduce power usage and reduce temperature. We must keep electronic devices switched off and avoid unnecessary use to save fuel.

To reduce the effects of global warming, we should plant more instead of pruning the plants to get fresh oxygen and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide. There should be an international awareness program to make people aware of global warming.

Essay on measures to prevent global warming, 300 words:

Global warming is increasing day by day due to increasing technological needs of humans. It is affecting the daily life of humans, animals and plants to a great extent. Plants are great sources to make life normal here and balance the natural cycles but what if we cut the plants without cutting them.

They all use carbon dioxide gas to cook their food in the presence of sunlight, but continuously reducing the number of plants on Earth increases the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere that causes the greenhouse effect and the temperature of the environment. And then increases global warming.

Carpooling with neighbors, friends or others is a great idea to reduce carbon dioxide gas emissions in the air. The driving car needs more fuel to burn which makes CO2 as a by-product and gets collected in the atmosphere. Therefore, reducing the number of driving by everyone can reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and thus to a large extent global warming.

There is a habit of replacing plastic water bottles with reusable ones to reduce the cost, effort and effects of waste disposal. This reduces the amount of waste in the landfill as well as the amount of carbon dioxide and methane gas in the atmosphere.

To reduce carbon footprint, people should purchase local products from local manufacturers, farmers and producers to reduce energy consumption in long distance transportation. The effects of global warming can be reduced to a great extent, if each person and every person becomes responsible from their own end with proper understanding and awareness. There are many cheap and simple ways to reduce the temperature of the environment as well as the effects of global warming. All of us need to be equally conscious and take strict decisions to bring about positive environmental change.

Essay on solutions to stop global warming, Essay on solution of global warming in hindi (400 words)

Global warming is a major social and environmental issue that needs to be resolved on an urgent basis by the end of each person. We must stop all activities, including increasing environmental temperatures and carbon oxide levels, including other greenhouse gases in the air. We are leaving poison in the air after each drive. We all have a lot of activities due to the increase in environmental temperature, but we are completely unaware.

Use of hot water for many purposes, use of ordinary bulbs, unnecessary use of electronic equipment, cutting of plants, burning wood in winter or other seasons for other purposes, burning fuel in transportation and more. We should take measures that are highly efficient and environmentally friendly to the environment.

To reduce the level of CO2 in the atmosphere we should not plant more, instead we should cut down the plants. Deforestation completely distorts the ecological balance and affects the whole world. The rise in environmental temperature has been increasing at a rapid rate over the last few decades.

According to NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), it is evaluated that the primary cause of rising global temperatures is human behavior, activities and lifestyles. We should reduce our energy use whether it is at home or at work because high levels of carbon dioxide contribute to high levels of energy use.

Fossil fuels are burned to obtain energy for many purposes but release a lot of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Therefore, by reducing our energy use we can contribute to reducing the individual carbon footprint.

The use of compact fluorescent or LED lights in place of ordinary bulbs reduces energy usage by up to 75 percent and lasts longer. We should make sure that we are not wasting energy unnecessarily in any way. We should reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, electric lights, etc., instead use green power that produces energy from renewable sources such as solar light or wind.

Transport of material from outside or other cities causes more CO2 emissions. Therefore, we must buy locally manufactured goods with minimal packaging to reduce CO2 emissions and waste. We should make a habit of recycling the goods or donate them instead of throwing them away.

Instead of using our own private means of transport, we should use public transport means such as buses, trains, etc. to reduce emissions of toxic chemicals and pollutants and reduce the risk of global warming. We should reduce the use of our equipment and make a habit of maintaining our automobiles as well as reducing the needs, reuse and recycle things.


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