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Water man is one of the most important natural resources for the nation. It is believed that the first traces of life on Earth were found in water. About 70% of our planet is covered with water and life on Earth is impossible without water.

We require water for our various daily needs and activities and in the process we waste a lot of water. This is the time that we now realize that we have to save water to save life.

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Save water essay on save earth, save water save earth essay in hindi (200 words)

We keep hearing everywhere that we should save water to keep the future safe, but we always take it lightly. We need water from the time we wake up in the morning and until we sleep at night and use water in many ways.

In fact it is impossible to imagine our day without water. But at every step we are wasting it a lot. We are taught in schools that about 70 percent of our planet is covered with water, but not all of it is fit for our use so we should not waste water.

Our government and other awareness generating organizations have time and again have tried to educate us about the importance of water conservation. There are many ways by which we can save water in our daily life. Simple tasks like turning off the faucet when not in use, trying to reuse water in the laundry, using a bucket instead of a shower are some of the ways by which we can save a lot of water.

If we do not take necessary steps in time, then soon we will face a severe shortage of water. Man cannot survive without water and it is only us who are wasting it the most. We must not forget that to save the earth we need to save water.

Save water essay on save earth, save water save earth essay in hindi (300 words)


Mother Nature has given us abundance with many of her gifts and one of them is a liquid giving life; Water. We have so much water in many forms that we have forgotten to appreciate this gift of nature. We humans are abusing this wonderful gift instead of abusing it. It is high time that we feel that we have to take some serious steps towards water conservation now. We have to save water so that we have enough for the future.

Save water save earth:

Clean water is still a luxury in many remote areas of India . Many have to walk for kilometers every day to get two buckets of clean water for their family. On the other hand there are many of us who waste water mercilessly every day. Access to clean drinking water should be the right of every citizen.

We have to understand the importance of water and also be aware of the problems related to its absence. We should educate our children to use water very wisely and save for the future. We also contaminate clean water which makes it unfit for drinking purposes. Various projects on water conservation have been started by our government to create awareness about water saving, yet many are suffering due to water scarcity.


We all know that life will not exist without water, yet we do not take any steps to conserve it. It becomes our duty to conserve water for our future generations. If there is no water, then everything will disappear from the earth. There will be no plants, no animals, no crops will grow, and we will not be able to survive. So it is important for us to wake up now and make amends in our actions.

Save water essay on save earth, save water save earth essay in hindi (400 words)


Our Mother Earth has always protected us and has always ensured that we get everything we need. All natural resources exist for the benefit of mankind. But sadly we have only exploited and misused these resources in return. Water is a natural resource that is the cornerstone of all life forms.

It is believed that the first form of life on Earth originated in water. This clear liquid moves as the backbone of the living world. We have not only misused this resource, but also made it scarce. We have polluted the rivers, oceans and have also disturbed the level of ground water.

Save water save earth:

We cannot imagine life on earth without water so we should realize that it is very important. According to research, it is known that only 1% of all fresh water on Earth is. We humans are ruining it like anything. The day is not far when water will be as expensive as gold. There are several ways in which we are contributing to the waste of water given below-

  • Leaving the tap open when not in use.
  • Spraying water in lawns and parks when not needed.
  • Not to reuse water: Most of the water can be reused so a lot of savings can be made.
  • Polluting rivers and other water bodies.
  • Unplanned Water Management.
  • Deforestation also leads to loss of ground water.

We should also remember that about 70% of our body is water, how will we survive if there is not enough water on the earth. We waste so much water in our daily activities such as washing cars, vegetables, clothes etc.

Soon a time will come when there will be little or no water for our existence. There is already very little water that is fit to use and the remainder requires a long process of purification before being consumed. We need methods where proper water management should be done.


This is the right time that we feel that we are creating a very big problem for ourselves and the result will be that we will not be able to deal with them. Without water the entire living kingdom would die and soon we would have barren earth. Wake up and save water to save Mother Earth.

Save water essay on save earth, save water save earth essay in hindi (500 words)


Our Mother Nature has given us many useful gifts and water is one of them. We have an abundant supply of water on Earth and nature does not charge any fee for its use. But the unfortunate thing is that we as humans do not feel this and accept this gift.

We waste huge amounts of water daily, we pollute water bodies, and we misuse this wonderful gift. There are still many villages in this world where people walk many kilometers up and use fresh water daily. We know that water is highly essential for our survival, yet we fail to prevent its misuse. The result is that fresh water is becoming scarce day by day and this threatens our survival.

Importance of saving water:

There is no rocket science in the fact that saving water is very important otherwise we will not be able to live. Water is the foundation and foundation for all life forms on this earth. Although we think that there is enough water on Earth, we do not realize that water is not an infinite resource. If we do not try to conserve water soon, the supply of fresh water will be exhausted. Water conservation should be a top priority for government officials and our citizens as well.

Conservation of water will have many positive effects on our society. Increase in urbanization results in extraction of underground supply of fresh water. This makes less water available for important activities like farming and irrigation etc.

If we conserve water, we will be able to keep enough water for our fields and crops will be better. Saving water also does not mean that trees are cut down because the roots stick to the underground water table. In an effort to save water, we have to plant more and more trees and in return we will create a greenery.

If we want to save water, then we also have to protect the water resources. The amount of pollution we cause in rivers and seas is dangerously high and it is killing aquatic life. We should stop water pollution immediately and try to clean the rivers that are polluted by us. A good aquatic ecosystem will make a better planet for us. Conservation of water will also ensure a proper balance in life on the planet Earth.


We should realize that although we have a free supply of water by nature, it comes with a huge cost of responsibility. There is a huge campaign to save water but we never pay attention to it. As citizens of this country we should teach our children and the younger generation about the importance of water conservation. It is important to pass on knowledge so that the future can be saved. If we did not start saving on time, fresh water would soon run out and we would die.

Save water essay on save earth, save water save earth essay in hindi (600 words)


Every day we hear advertisements and campaigns to save water. Everyone around us is screaming for us but are we really listening. Have we ever thought seriously about this problem? Water is one of the most precious free gifts that nature has provided to us.

We supply an abundant supply of water flowing everywhere around us and we adopt it to achieve it. Water is highly essential for our survival and the entire living state depends entirely on it. Water wastage is one of the most common problems worldwide.

Man wastes large amounts of water on a daily basis and it has now become one of the major concerns. Many campaigns have been started in this direction but they are not proving to be as useful as they should be. Our government has also started various programs and initiatives to conserve water, but nothing will happen until we realize the seriousness of the problem.

Effect of water wastage:

Waste of water has many harmful effects on us. We are losing precious life giving liquid from day to day. A major effect of water wastage is that the water table is shrinking. The water table is the amount of underground water that is very important for a balanced ecosystem.

Waste of water also damages agricultural activities. We know that water is one of the major parts of crop farming. Proper irrigation is very important for a good crop, so if we waste water, farmers have very little water left to use.

Too much wastage also leaves very little water for personal use. We need water for our day to day work. According to environmentalists, pollution of water bodies is also a major concern. We are also losing precious aquatic life. By wasting water, we are also disturbing the ecological balance of nature.

Ways to conserve water:

There are several ways by which we can apply for our day-to-day life to save water:

Turn off the tap while brushing and use it only when needed. Take a bath in a bucket instead of a shower, this can save a lot of water. Fix any water leaks in your home. Turn off the tap while washing hands.

Try to reuse the water you used in the laundry. Soap water can be used easily. Use less water in washing cars. Use less water to wash the vegetables.

Do not let the lawn pipe run for too long. Do not pollute water bodies. Plant a tree, it will be very useful.
Conserve electricity because many power plants run on hydropower. So saving electricity will help you save water in return.


Although we are all aware of the fact that water wastage is wrong but very few of us take it seriously. We have to understand the importance of water conservation and we should take steps to save water. Not only this, we should also teach our children about the importance of protection in their student life so that they can save their future.

Save water essay on save earth, save water save earth essay in hindi (1000 words)


Water is one of the most important natural resources given by Mother Nature. This is not only important but is a requirement for the survival of all living species on this planet. It serves as a backbone for the existence of life on Earth.

Apart from supporting life, water also acts as a medium which helps in biodiversity to flourish and maintain the balance of the ecosystem. We should feel lucky that Earth is the only known planet that has water and all known forms of life in the universe.

It is the natural tendency of humans that they start accepting things and the same thing has happened with this precious natural gift. People waste too much water during their daily tasks without thinking about the end result. The sources of sweet water are very limited and if we are not yet awake we may be too late to work. Thus it is important that we take drastic steps to conserve water and protect our planet from becoming barren.

Why save water:

It is a common question that when we must save water to huge water bodies like the oceans, oceans, rivers, lakes, etc., we fully accept that about 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. , But the reality is that only 1% is fit for human consumption and use. In addition, sources of fresh and clean water are very limited and those available are also prone to pollution and pollution.

Another issue is the growing population which raises exceptionally high demand on sources of clean drinking water. Rapid industrialization and urbanization have also put pressure on these sources of water. All these factors have led to excessive use of groundwater to meet the high demands leading to the fall in groundwater level and pollution of water bodies. Apart from this, scorching rains and drought in many areas have added to the problem.

If these things continue without any control, then there may be a huge water crisis in the world very soon. It becomes important that we start taking action ourselves, anticipating this issue in the future. It is important that we make people aware of the ill effects of water scarcity and its effect on our planet and life.

How important is water for life on Earth:

Water plays an important role in the survival and maintenance of life on Earth. Earth is called blue planet because of water. Water is a rare commodity in the universe and wherever it exists there will definitely be some form of life. It is because of water that life has flourished on Earth and elsewhere.

A number of location expeditions have been launched to find water on other planets as it is believed that if there is water there may be a possibility of life. The human body contains 57–60% water and we cannot even imagine how the lack of water can affect the general health of a human being. All species on Earth are completely dependent on water, and if water is not available on Earth, it can become barren land like other planets in our solar system.

How will saving water save the earth:

Fresh water sources are decreasing day by day due to poor rainfall and drought. The water present in rivers and lakes is also being used to meet the demands of the urban population. Pollution and pollution of water bodies have made many water sources unsuitable for human consumption.

If these things are not controlled and no steps are taken to conserve water, it will pose a serious threat to the existence of life on Earth. We will benefit from water conservation in many ways and some of them are described below:

Support life on Earth:  Conservation of water will ensure the availability of fresh water for our future generations. This will help maintain the survival of humans as well as other species on Earth and maintain the balance of Earth’s ecosystem.

Replenish Ground Water:  Nature has its own way of replenishing its resources. Saving water will reduce the pressure on the groundwater, which will help in the gradual replenishment of rain and groundwater by river currents.

Support vegetation: Increasing groundwater will help maintain vegetation that relies primarily on groundwater, like plants and trees. More vegetation available on earth will thus help in keeping more water on the earth by balancing the water cycle.

Making water available to deprived areas: The  more we conserve water, the more it becomes available to those areas which are deprived of water supply, which helps the population to have access to clean and safe water . Access to clean water will also help to reduce the number of deaths due to consumption of contaminated water.


We can save water in various ways and this really requires the responsibility and care of Mother Nature. Our small steps taken together will not only benefit us, but it will also make the earth a better place to live for our generations to come. We should make a habit of saving water and avoid its waste not only in our homes but also in our areas, social offices etc.

We should spread awareness about save water, save earth and make people realize how water scarcity can affect us and our ecosystem. If we unite together for the cause and incorporate the habit of saving water in our daily routine then there will be no shortage of water in the world and everyone will have access to safe and clean water.


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