Essay on history of global warming

There is a constant change in the Earth’s temperature due to global warming , the release of harmful greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon. These gases are making the atmosphere hot. The history of global warming is largely since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Man has always been interested in knowing about the Earth’s atmosphere.

It is said that even in ancient times, it was believed that humans can contribute to the change in global temperature. Many studies have been going on in this regard for almost two centuries and it was in the early twentieth century that scientists came up with the theory of global warming.

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Essay on history of global warming, global warming history in hindi (200 words)

Global warming is a cause for great concern today. It is the increase in pollution levels due to so-called urban development that is causing this global phenomenon. The concept of global warming was not even recognized nearly a century ago, although scientists suspected that the Earth’s temperature could increase over time as a result of human activities.

It was around the 1930s that researchers and scientists claimed that the increasing amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere was having a hot effect on our planet. It was observed that by the time the First World countries had fully welcomed the Industrial Revolution, a substantial rise in temperature was observed. It was anticipated that the temperature is likely to increase further in the coming years.

The prediction was not taken seriously around that time, although scientists continued to research possible changes in temperature over the coming time and would have an impact on the Earth’s environment.

Several projects were initiated to closely monitor climate change due to rising carbon levels and various greenhouse gases. Since then the temperature of the Earth has been increasing at a constant speed and the occurrence of this change in climate is usually called global warming.

History of global warming, essay on global warming history in hindi (300 words)


Global warming is a result of rising levels of carbon and other harmful gases on Earth. The increase in the amount of these harmful gases can be attributed to various factors including increasing population, urbanization, increasing use of technology and increasing number of factories.

Global Warming: History

Nearly a century ago, researchers expressed concern about the rise in Earth’s surface temperature due to carbon emissions. Since then, increasing amounts of carbon as well as other harmful gases have led to global warming. Scientists have been exchanging data and conducting rigorous research on the subject since the mid-twentieth century. Research shows that the Earth’s temperature has risen dangerously in the last century.

Impact of global warming:

Global warming has drastically changed our environment. Here’s a look at the effects of global warming:

  • Glaciers are melting as a result of global warming. This has increased the water level in the oceans and oceans. The rising sea level is becoming a threat to those living in coastal areas.
  • Global warming is having a huge impact on rainfall patterns. While many areas are experiencing drought conditions, other areas are experiencing heavy flooding.
  • The intensity of heat waves has increased and resulted in various health problems such as sun stroke and headaches.
  • The oceans absorb harmful gases released into the atmosphere, causing their water to become acidic. It poses a threat to marine life.
  • Many species of plants and animals are unable to withstand changing climatic conditions due to global warming. Many such species have become extinct or on the verge of extinction.
  • Global warming has given rise to many health problems. People are suffering from lung infections, dizziness and many other serious health problems due to global warming.


Thus, global warming is a cause for global concern. It is time for us to understand the seriousness of this issue and collectively work to save our planet from our influence.

Essay on history of global warming, global warming history essay in hindi (400 words)


Global warming is a result of various modern day human activities. Our planet was kept safe in all these centuries because people were close to nature and enjoyed a simple life. While the advancement in technology has made life comfortable for men, it has many negative effects on the environment. Global warming is one such negative effect of technology on our beautiful planet.

History of global warming:

At the end of the 19th century, it was observed that the Earth’s temperature could increase in the coming years and would be due to the increasing amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. However, there was no strong evidence about this. It was around 1938 that the theory was supported by data collected over the last 50 years. This data clearly showed that the temperature of our planet had increased during these years. Curiosity about the subject increased and many scientists and researchers became involved in its study.

The rise in temperature was observed during the 1970s and 1980s and the term global warming was coined around that time. Since then, the Earth’s temperature has been rising.

Climate change due to global warming

Research shows that our planet’s climate has undergone a major change in the last century. Since 1880, the Earth’s temperature has risen to about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit, according to research conducted by NASA.

It has increased significantly since the beginning of the twenty-first century due to increased emissions of greenhouse gases. This increase is alarming and it is anticipated that the situation is likely to worsen in the coming years if human activities are not controlled as a result of global warming.

The last two decades have seen many climate changes. The glaciers have started melting due to global warming resulting in an increase in temperature in the polar regions. Warmer areas have been badly affected. Our planet has never experienced such strong heat waves as it is seeing at the present time. There has also been a change in the time of seasons and the reason for this is also attributed to global warming.


Our planets are warming due to global warming which is the result of various human activities. The causes of global warming have already been identified. We need to work on a solution now.

Essay on history of global warming, global warming history in hindi (500 words)


Global warming is an increase in the Earth’s temperature which is adversely affecting the climate. This is happening due to many human activities. Global warming is giving many negative consequences on our planet. While the term global warming is widely used these days, there are some facts about the phenomenon that the common man is not really aware of.

Facts about global warming:

Here are some facts about global warming. They provide a brief overview of the causes of global warming, its effects and how the overall climate of our planet has changed:

  • Earth’s surface temperature has risen by about 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit over the past century.
  • Earth’s temperature has increased substantially over the last four decades and has contributed to increasing global warming.
    Global warming is caused by various human activities including burning of fossil fuels, overflowing, accumulation of garbage and deforestation among other things.
  • Global warming has led to melting of glaciers and increased sea levels. This has increased the possibility of flooding in coastal areas. People living in such areas are in constant fear of being caught in floods during the monsoon season.
  • Researchers claim that sea level is likely to rise by 7-23 inches in the coming time.
  • As the temperature has increased due to global warming, the intensity of heat waves has also increased. Due to this, there has been a problem like sun stroke. In the past decade there has been a huge increase in cases of people suffering from sun stroke.
  • The increasing intensity of heat waves on the earth is also a cause of frequent wildfires.
  • Glaciers are melting at a rapid rate due to global warming. Many huge glaciers have melted over the past few decades. Montana Glacier National Park, which was in the form of 150 glaciers in 1910, is now left with only 25 glaciers.
  • Global warming is also the cause of frequent storms, storms and droughts in many parts of the world.
  • More than a million species have disappeared from the face of the earth due to the adverse effects of global warming and many others are on the verge of extinction.
  • The Arctic ice is melting as a result of global warming and it is predicted that by the year 2040 the region may be completely ice free during summer. This will be a place which will be most affected by global warming.
  • Global warming can be the cause of food and water shortages in the coming years and can cause a major problem for the creatures living on the planet.
  • The cold regions of the planet which are a habitat for flora and fauna, which are accustomed to breeding and surviving in such climate and warming up and result in the extinction of many species.


Thus global warming is spoiling our environment and making survival of living beings extremely difficult. To limit the effects of this problem it is time to control human activities leading to global warming.

Essay on history of global warming, global warming history in hindi (600 words)


The concept of global warming and its impact on the Earth’s climate is known by almost everyone today. It is widely spoken on news channels and newspapers on the Internet. Scientists are doing extensive research on this subject. They share their findings about this concept with the general public every time.

Past of global warming phenomenon:

The phenomenon of global warming was not known until a few decades ago. In fact, scientists and researchers studied the subject closely and suggested changes in climate in the future, not taken seriously. His theories were often taken lightly or rejected outright. It was argued that human activities may not be strong enough to make a major impact on the planet. Nearly a century ago, it was not expected that this would cause serious concern.

Establish the concept of global warming:

However, research involving the impact of human activities on the climate was not largely valued, however, those interested in the subject monitored the Earth’s temperature and observed changes through it. He kept track of noticeable changes. It was in 1896, a Swedish scientist suggested that the Earth’s climate was changing due to the increasing amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

However, his study was not given much importance because during that time scientists emphasized that the Earth has its own way of maintaining ecological balance and thus it did not have any widespread impact on the environment or life on our planet. Can.

It was in the late 1930s that an engineer studied the data of the Earth’s temperature and noticed that it had actually increased considerably in the last 50 years. This was the first time the subject was taken seriously and researchers actually suspected that it might be a cause for concern in the coming years.

However, the next three decades saw a decrease of about 0.2 degree centigrade in temperature. It was a result of volcanic eruptions and industrial activities around that time. This led to the accumulation of high amounts of sulfate aerosols in the atmosphere. Sulfate aerosols disperse light from the sun and reflect its heat and energy back into space. It has a calming effect on the Earth’s climate.

However, the amount of sulfate aerosol was brought down by reducing activities, resulting in a clean environment. It warmed the Earth in the 1970s. An increase in the Earth’s surface temperature became a cause for concern and researchers began intensive monitoring of it.

The concept of global warming was recognized:

It was a research paper in 1975 that first referred to the term global warming. Temperatures continued to rise during the 1980s and became a cause for growing concern. This was also the time when the general public became aware of this new phenomenon. The problems caused by climate change were shared by the media around that time. The effect of greenhouse gases on the atmosphere was also discussed around the same time. Studies suggested that temperatures were likely to rise in the twenty-first century.

Scientists had predicted many changes in the atmosphere due to global warming during that time. Many anticipated changes such as sea level rise, frequent wildfires and intense heat waves began to appear from the beginning of the twenty-first century and are now a common sight.


Global warming has become a cause for growing concern. It is damaging our atmosphere year after year and if not controlled in time, there will be mass destruction.

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