Essay on picnic with family

Picnic with the family is one of the best ways to enjoy during the holidays. Whether in a park or camping near a water body, on a farm or on a mountain slope, a picnic with family is always fun because you get to spend quality time with them.

Essay on picnic with family, essay on family picnic in hindi (200 words)

Preface :

To avoid the hustle and bustle of regular life, retreat is necessary. With family we don’t get enough time, what could be more enjoyable than a picnic time? Picnic not only refreshes the mind, but also helps us explore new places and enjoy a meal with our family.

Picnic – My Experience:

We chose the community park in our area which is located right next to Lime Brook. The park had a children’s play area where our family children used to play on slides, swings and other sports equipment.

We had our lunch at the park and decided to keep it in a separate picnic area, which we had reserved for the day. After lunch, we sat near Brooke, fed ducks and squirrels and took a walk on the trail. Sunset was magical when seen above at the time of Saham and we returned before it got dark.


It was a day spent with all the family members and with this we got a wonderful opportunity to breathe in fresh air. Sometimes avoiding daily routine and being in the lap of nature is definitely important in life.

Essay on picnic with family, 300 words:

Preface :

Under the burden of work and many chores, a family picnic was like a different life for me. I wanted to go for a picnic with my family to some quiet place where the city would not have a city and the air would be pure. It was not difficult to find such a place because we soon found such a place in the rural areas.

Long-awaited picnic:

It was during Christmas weekend and we decided to use the holiday as a whole on the outskirts in a nature park. As most people usually congregate in urban areas to enjoy Christmas to the fullest, the nature park was less crowded and it gave us the opportunity to reserve a campsite to stay overnight and have a picnic.

Surrounded by pine groves all around, the picnic area was quiet except for the chirping of birds. The enchanting waterfalls nearby added to the charm of the forest and we made sure to dive into the pool below the waterfall. Climbing was easy for all family members. Only my younger nephew was overwhelmed by it.

After swimming for a while, I got hungry and my mother had already put a sandwich in her box for this which we enjoyed. Meanwhile my brother was busy making chicken with his wife and with this, our lunch was very good.

In the evening, we saw bonfire at the picnic spot and under the starry sky, the picnic ended and we entered our respective camps.


Away from the crowds of the city, a picnic with the family told us all about the other side of life. We were thrilled with the better picnic facilities and had a very pleasant day that will be cherished forever.

Essay on picnic with family, essay on family picnic in hindi (400 words)

Preface :

It is often said that the sunshine days are the most convenient to take a walk, the monsoon rain has its own charm and enjoying the rain on family outings has been my dream for a long time. As a buff and photographer, I love going to new places. My sister who lives in another city came to our place for her vacation and it was the perfect setup to plan an outing that would rejuvenate our minds and make us fully enjoy the magic of rain Will take

Travel to the Blue Mountains:

The Nilakurinji flower blooming after a cycle of twelve years was the main attraction behind choosing the Blue Mountains or the Western Ghats for the family outing. A long drive along the winding paths of Kodaikanal was a magic in itself and all the family members enjoyed seeing the lush green plantations along the road during the rains.

Purple Neelakurinji’s carpet shone in front of our eyes along the mountain slopes, as we reached the picnic spot. After being fresh in the toilet of the picnic area, we set out to explore the jungles passing through, from where we reached the Nilkurinji flower slopes. By then, the rain had subdued and a magical mist enveloped the mountains.

The soil was wet but there was no water logging, which made the grassland easy for us. The number of flowers gradually increased and finally we were standing in a meadow covered with purple flowers, where the soil could not be seen below.

We spent time taking pictures of this rare flower before coming back to the picnic area. The caretaker at the picnic spot welcomed us with boiled coffee from a nearby coffee plantation with crunchy vegetable tops. Lunch consisted of fried rice, chili chicken and fried vegetables, grown on a nearby farm.

We spent a few more hours watching the rain in the mountains while having fruit custard prepared by the caretaker’s wife. The couple also spoke with us about their farms and picnic spots which are filled with tourists during public holidays.


A break from the continuity of life not only communicated a sense of peace in our mind, but also helped each of us spend quality time with each other, some we did not find scope in the routine schedule. A trip to the Western Ghats was a lifetime experience with the Nilkurinjis.

Essay on picnic with family, 500 words:

Preface :

The series of exams exhausted my brain from long hours of study and I badly needed some time with my family. According to me, they too had not gone for any outing for the last few years and so, after the final exam, I decided to call my aged uncle, who lives in another city, and let him come with his family. said. It was a picnic time for a family where parents and children could meet for a reunion and happily spend a couple of days together.

Set Location:

While my younger nephew and niece leaped for the waterpark, my cousin called for the city’s Memorial Park and the elders wanted to go to the picnic spot along the river. Finally I and my sister-in-law suggested a countryside farm where my cousins ​​could enjoy photography, children could interact with farm animals and parents could explore the farm. Everyone jumped together and I called the owner of the farm to confirm my day after picnic.


That day we woke up early and got ready for a picnic outing, and soon sat down in our car. The owner had verified our visit that day and had also determined the route to take to reach his farm. My mother and aunt had packed breakfast for us which ended in no time.

Instead of the well-paved city highway, we took the sidewalk path that took us to the outskirts where the farm is located. The pasture fields and village cottages on both sides of the road kept us spellbound till we reached the field.

Farm and Picnic:

The cheerful old masters stood in front of the gate to greet us and their friendship instantly made us all comfortable. He took us to the rustic hut where the brick chimney made us feel comfortable. We were served homemade cakes and breads before taking us to a pet farm.

My nephew and niece were screaming in joy at seeing big chickens and chickens, rabbits, cows, buffaloes, ponies and horses roaming free. The owner gave us fodder and grain to feed animals and birds. However the most enjoyable was the pony ride, which the children enjoyed.

My uncle and father stayed with children and animals, while my mother and aunt were busy in the kitchen of the barn preparing lunch. Meanwhile, my cousin and sister-in-law went with the owner, looking over their vast farmland, where they grew sunflowers, grapes, pumpkins, tomatoes, potatoes and radishes.

As it was harvest time, he chose us to bring vegetables and grapes back home as well as use them for lunch with eggs and meat dishes obtained from the farm. After having lunch together at the big table, we all decided to have a chat with the owner, take a walk around the farm and stare at the animals, before exiting the house with a relaxed and stress-free mind.


Although it is not possible to visit relatives regularly, our entire family traveled and spent invaluable time thanks to the picnic planning. Though our heart was heavy at the time of coming back in the evening, but the memories of that day will always remain in my mind.

Essay on picnic with family, essay on family picnic in hindi (600 words)

Preface :

It was during the scorching summer months of the year and the summer holidays were on. Due to the daily office, school and college, neither my father nor I and my sister could plan a family picnic.

The temperature kept increasing day by day and my mother suggested that we all go for a family picnic in the city’s waterpark. We will definitely be refreshed more than resting on the hammock under the splash of water and trees for the whole day.

Picnic Spot:

To avoid the weekend rush, my father planned a picnic on a weekday. The waterpark had a river, swimming pool, water slide and splash pad. It also had an entertainment center where the thrill ride mesmerized me. The main attraction was a separate picnic area in Bagh where mango, banyan, palm and eucalyptus trees were available in sufficient quantity. We reserved a poolside cabana and picnic gazebo under a shade of mango tree with a view of the lazy river.

Full day episode:

My mother, my sister and I arranged for some food as well as extra clothes and towels, father arranged to bring the driver on route and on time. We left at 8 am and reached the waterpark at 9.30 am. My father took a ticket while I bought refreshments before entering.

After entering, we put our belongings in the locker and freshened up in the restroom, while my mother made sure we had a full stomach full of breakfast with bread and butter, noodles and egg benets. Later we decided to check out the play area where the children were riding on the slide and swinging on the swings.

The swans were roaming to whom we fed pieces of bread. We then explored the garden area, where many annual, perennial and ornamental plants were planted in different areas. Mom, being an avid gardening enthusiast, was overjoyed to see the rose beds and cactus in the greenhouse.

The temperature was rising and so we decided to take a dip in the large pool area. Being a weekday, there was not much crowd and we had a lot of fun splashing water on each other and jumping in the splash pad area. My parents were a little hesitant to enter the pool, but we pulled them off anyway. As the father rented the tube for me and my sister, we decided to leisurely swim on the tubes on the lazy river before taking a large pepperoni pizza and fried chicken for lunch from the Picnic Gazebo.

However the main attraction was the water slides and tunnels which fell into the main pool. As expensive as they were, we opted for only one and it was worth it. After getting some more wet in the pool, we entered the cabana and changed into new clothes. The cold beverages served here were very refreshing.

Ahead we toured the amusement park to ride the roller coaster and the sky wheel, which made our hearts beat faster in joy. My mother and I applied ice cream, while my sister took candy floss, and father took roasted peanuts from a discounted carousel.

By then it was already noon and the sun was not so scorching. Since we were tired after so much action, we decided to sit back in Cabana and enjoy watching the others at the pool. We were served cold coffee before starting for home at 5 pm.


Our picnic at the city’s waterpark was a lot of fun, with a perfect combination of greenery, water slides, pools and recreational rides. The cool water of the pool area was soothing in the hot summer and we had the best picnic under the mango tree.


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