Essay on Rainbow

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Essay on rainbow Essay on Rainbow

You must have seen the rainbow in the sky. It is called Rainbow in English. If you want to get complete information about it, then read this article completely.

What is a rainbow? What is Rainbow?

The rainbow is usually seen by everyone. Which is often visible in the sky during the rainy season and is made up of seven colors. Which has purple color at the top and red color at the bottom.

It is formed due to small drops of water in the clouds during the rainy season. In other words it can be said that a huge circular circle of seven colors is seen in the sky in the evening in the east direction and in the morning in the west direction, called the rainbow, which is a natural phenomenon.

In this event, when small drops of rain remain in the sky and the sun ray passes through these small drops, the light splits into its seven colors and takes the shape of a crescent color which is usually But people know by the name of rainbow.

Actually this whole phenomenon is caused by a complete internal change, in which the light passes through the raindrops and the beam splits into seven colors under the spectrum, then it forms a seven-color bizarre structure, which is non-visible. is.

Types of Rainbow

Rainbows are of two types-

  1. Primary rainbow
  2. Secondary rainbow

1. Primary Rainbow

The primary rainbow is formed when the ray of light is refracted once by drops of water and twice by full internal reflection, which is evident due to the high intensity of this rainbow.

2. Secondary rainbow

The secondary rainbow is formed mainly when the ray of light is refracted twice by water droplets and reflected twice, but it is not visible due to the intensity of this rainbow.

Importance of seven colors of rainbow

It is said that all the colors in the world are found in some form or the other. Those who cannot be separated from life. These colors maintain health balance in our body, provide new direction and energy to our thinking.

Often in the rainy season when the rainy season is cloudy before or after the rainy season or when the rainy nature is bright and sunny, rainbow is often seen. One who divides into seven colors and has different perceptions about these colors.

School students also use the term VIBGYOR in English to remember the colors of the rainbow.

All the colors in the colors with these rainbows are described as follows-

Purple color

Purple color is found at the top when viewed in the rainbow, which is derived from the name of a vegetable called brinjal. Violet color is a color representing joy, joy, luxury, pleasure etc.

Purple color

The second color is the purple color in the rainbow, which is dark blue like berries and this color always inspires you to move fearlessly to rise higher.

Blue color

Blue color is of sky and sea etc. Which is found in the third number in the rainbow, this color inspires us to think and act calmly with a cool mind, with this Ikshakti patience shows humility.

green colour

The fourth color found in the rainbow is green. The green color reflects the green richness of our nature and green chunari, the greenery of the earth. This color gives us the promise of always blossoming and always being green.

yellow color

The fifth color is yellow in the rainbow. The color which is found in the sun and this color motivates us to be energetic and always do good work and shows the ability intelligence.

Orange color

The orange color is the second color from the bottom in the rainbow which always think well and is a symbol of hope and it tells us that there will be morning after every night i.e. hope after disappointment is there and happiness, blessing is the trick of success. .

Red color

The final color of the rainbow is red. Which is always about renunciation, sacrifice, success, devotion, good luck etc. and motivates us to follow this path.

Name of Rainbow Seven Colors in Hindi and English Name of Rainbow Seven Colors in Hindi and English

 The colors of the rainbow are described in Hindi and English in order from top to bottom-

Hindi English
Lklal (red)
2knarngi (Narangi)
3kkpeela (Peela)
4khra (Hara)
5kasmani (Asamani)
6kneela (Neela)
7kbagni (Baigni)

VIBGYOR Rainbow Colour Table (Hindi and English)

Poem on rainbow Poem on Rainbow in Hindi

Rainbow: Poem

Roasting-year cloud scattered
sky Dhulkar has flourished

Rays are peeping bloom-bloom
is his glory figures

Blooms above the sky to the ends of the earth

Colors Green, Orange, Yellow
Red, Purple, Blue-blue

The color of the sky was found, then the
rainbow was blown out of color, and then
when the drops
fell, the rays of the water were descending, sir

When the rays meet the drops, they
blossom into a rainbow.

Creator – Sri Prasad

Conclusion Conclusion

In this article you read Essay on Rainbow in Hindi and complete information on Rainbow. Hope you liked this article. If you like this article simple and good, then share it.


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