How to check account balance of UCO Bank?

How to check account balance of UCO Bank?

UCO Bank was established in Kolkata in 1943, the bank has around 4000+ service units spread across 49 zonal offices across the country. It also has two overseas branches in Singapore and Hong Kong.

In 2014, it ranked 1860 on Forbes Global’s 2000 list. Today it has around 3078 branches in India and 2564 ATMs spread across the country.

Today we will talk if your account is in this bank, how can you know the balance of your account? Let’s start – By following the steps you can know the balance of your account –

Missed Call by Through Missed Call

By making a missed call, you can know the balance of your account, for this, make a missed call on 09278792787. Your call will be automatically cut and your balance will be shown on your number in a short time.

To know the mini statement, you need to make a missed call from your registered mobile number on 09213125125 at the following number, in which you will get the information of the last 5 transactions done by you. Thus to know the balance of UCO bank account The easiest way.

SMS Banking SMS Banking

The bank also provides sms facility for UCO bank customers, in order to take advantage of this facility you need to send UCOBAL <Mpin> from your mobile number to 56161. By sms on your registered number as soon as sms Message for the outstanding amount will be received.

Using Net Banking by Net Banking

Apart from giving UCO bank payment facility, it also provides you the facility to know the bank balance. Account holders who have taken the facility of net banking can take advantage of this facility and know the balance available in their account.

ATM Machine by ATM Machine

Customers can also find the balance of their account by going to the ATM machine, for this you must have an ATM card.

By the way, nowadays, all banks provide this facility to their customers at the time of account opening and if you do not have an ATM card, you can take advantage of this facility by applying an application in your bank branch to take advantage of this facility.

To know the balance through ATM, you should go to your nearest ATM machine and adopt the following process – 

  • Insert card in atm machine
  • Select the Balance Inquiry option from the menu option.
  • You need to enter your 4 digit secret code as soon as you choose this option
  • As soon as you enter the code, you will see the outstanding balance in your account on the screen.
  • If you want to print it, then choose the print option.

Using Passbook Print by Passbook

If you have your account passbook, you can also update the account by updating your passbook in the bank. For this you need to go to the bank and update your passbook.

UCO Bank Toll Free Number by Toll Free Number

You can also know the balance of your account by calling UCO Bank’s toll free number 1800 274 ​​0123 (Toll-free). For this, call from your registered mobile number, following some instructions, you will get to know the balance of the account.

UCO Bank App by UCO Bank’s mobile app

Many times customers have to face problem in checking their account balance, they have to go to the bank to know the balance or update the passbook or use the ATM machine. Provides services

Seeing the demand of the times, UCO Bank has also provided smart phone applications for its customers in Android and iOS. You can directly access your account as soon as you enter your account details in these apps –

UCO mBanking Plus

UCO Bank customers can download and install this app, this is an Android app in which you can activate your account by following some instructions.

Through this app, you can see the outstanding amount of transactions in your account as well as mobile recharge, bill payment, mini statement, check book and other payments along with the request.

Click on the following link to download –


This app makes all transactions of your customers more secure, through this app you can immediately block all digital products such as e-banking, debit cards, UPI etc.

This is also an Android app that you can download from the following link, when downloaded, you can activate it with the registered mobile number –

After getting registered, you can know the balance available in your account by selecting the balance option.


UCO Bank launched this app with an aim to further enhance its service so that customers can take advantage of this facility, through this app, you can do other things besides knowing balances like mobile recharge, bill payment, your All transaction information etc. This is a type of WALLET which is available only in Android.

Click on the following link to download

UCO mPassbook

It gives the details of all the transactions made in the account through electronic passbook to all its customers. Users can use this app in offline mode as well, in this you can easily know the balance of your account.

Click on the following link to download the app


Bhima UPI facility is provided by UCO bank. This app provides the facility of paying or receiving the UPI facility to its user as well as account statement. Using this app you can know the amount available in your account. Is

Friends, in this way you can know your account balance through all the ways of checking the account balance of the above UCO.


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