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Kindness is a quality that is rarely found these days. These days people are so busy fulfilling their needs and desires that they ignore others.

Being kind to others is out of the question for most. Kindness is the quality of being humble and considerate of others. This is a quality that is not possessed by everyone. Very few people in this world are blessed with this quality and their presence is a blessing to those around them.

Essay on kindness, 200 words:

Kindness means being good to the people around us. This can be done by being polite to them, providing them emotional support, helping them financially, boosting their morale or simply supporting them.

The kind acts we do are not only a boon for the recipient, but also a blessing for us. When we help others in their actions, we are humble towards them and do other acts of kindness that make us feel accomplishment and joy.

Kindness has been described differently in various religious books and literature in the past. However, they all echo the same idea. All of them advocate that human beings should show compassion to humans as well as other creatures. We should be polite, friendly and helpful. While we should display kindness, we should not do so for the purpose of getting anything in return. Kindness is a selfless act.

If God is enough to make us kind, then we should be kind to others for our needs and help whatever may happen. As Lord Buddha said, “A generous heart, kind speech and a life of service and compassion are things that renew humanity.”

Essay on kindness, 300 words:


A person with a pleasant temperament and concern for others is kind. Such people are sympathetic to others. Whenever there is a need, they help the people around them and never hesitate to go out of their way to bring a smile to the faces of other people.

Small acts of kindness can make a big difference:

Showing kindness to others does not necessarily mean doing something big for them. It can be as short as being polite and giving emotional support to someone. This is a smile for the old lady, who can look at people sitting alone in her balcony or give a small grain of her daily bread to ants chirping on her roof. Such acts of kindness are not many, but can bring a big change in the life of another person.

You have to be a millionaire to offer help and be nice to the people around. You just need to have a good heart. Each of us has something to give to the world. We just need to identify what it is.

Furthermore, we need to understand the need to be kind to the people around us. We need to understand that if people will be kind to each other then the world will become a much better place.

By being kind to other people, we not only help them and bring a smile to their face but also feel good on a deep level. It gives a feeling of satisfaction.


We rarely find people around. In fact, if we look at it, are we kind to ourselves? We can feel the pain of the people around us but how many times have we put a helping hand towards them? If we expect others to be kind to us, we must first develop this habit in ourselves.

Essay on kindness, essay on kindness in hindi (400 words)


It is rightly said, “If you have pity at least once, you will never have a bad day”. Being kind and compassionate to others brings immense bliss. The joy of giving is so much more than that of receiving. Mercy draws us closer to God and provides inner peace.

Acts of kindness are never noticed:

While we should indulge in acts of selfless kindness without expectation in return, it is said that any act of kindness, even the smallest, goes unnoticed. This is because God is watching us all the time. And he is known for being fair in his ways.

Usually by being polite with others, we tend to be in a better mood than we spend time in arguments, or judge others or raise our voice. Similarly, giving a little help to someone also makes us feel good about ourselves. Helping others and being kind to them gives us instant gratification. And what we give comes back to us in abundance. It is also known as the law of karma.

However, if we show kindness to others hoping that we will get something in return, it will not be considered an act of kindness. Rather it is an act of selfishness.

Kindness to animals:

Not only with humans, we should also be kind to animals. Many people throw stones at street dogs and cows to scare them. This is fine if done as an act of self-indulgence, but many people do it just for fun.

We should be kind to them. Proper treatment and feeding of animals are two ways of showing kindness to them. We waste a lot of food now. We throw our remaining food in the trash. Instead of throwing it away, we should take some time to feed the cats, dogs and cows roaming near our house.

We can also show kindness to them by adopting them. Similarly, we can feed birds by hanging bird feeders in our lawn or balcony. These small and random acts of kindness will not only do good for these birds and animals, but will also make you feel better about yourself.


People who indulge in charity work and help other people in various big and small tasks are happier than those who work only for themselves.

Essay on kindness, 500 words:


Kindness is considered an essential quality in many cultures. It is said to be one of the seven essential qualities that include moral intelligence. Other qualities include prudence, respect, tolerance, self-control, fairness, and empathy. Being kind means being polite and friendly and helping those around us.

Kindness is an uncommon symptom:

Although necessary, kindness is not a trait that is commonly found in people these days. In today’s time people have become extremely self-absorbed. All they can think of is themselves. Increasing competition at various stages in our lives is a major reason why people are changing in this way.

Everyone around is busy trying to improve themselves and show the world how much better their life is than others. They in their own way do not hesitate to hurt the people they want. While there is nothing wrong in improving oneself but one must understand that there is a lot in life and it is not always about them.

People have become ungrateful and do not understand that God is kind enough to them and they should be kind to others. Now, while most people do not have the quality of kindness, it can be ingrained in them with a little effort. This can be done from the beginning by teaching its importance. The importance of kindness should be taught in school.

Workshops should be organized and lectures should be given to children to explain why it is necessary to be kind to people. This subject should form an essential part of the curriculum in schools. It is necessary to repeatedly emphasize its importance from the very beginning in order for people to understand and develop it.

Kindness is essential in relationships:

What are the most common traits people look for in a relationship? It is nothing but mercy. Nobody likes to befriend people who are rude, arrogant, selfish and hateful. Everyone likes people who are polite, soft-hearted, kind and generous. We should be kind to the people around us but as it is said that charity starts at home so we should start with our near and dear ones.

Many people are kind and courteous to their neighbors, friends and co-workers but are rude to their family members such as their wife, parents, children and siblings. They scold them, do not pay much attention to them and often argue with them.

Such people cannot be said to be kind, no matter how good they are with outsiders or by the amount of donations they make. If they are not kind in the home, they are donating only a mask to maintain a good image outside. In fact, they are disappointed inside and all their disappointment is at home.

If a person is truly kind, he will be equally kind to the house as well as outside. Being kind to people without expecting anything in return brings inner peace and happiness. It makes life sweet.


Practicing kindness is not difficult. To show favor to the people around us should be the ultimate goal of each one of us. Try it out and see how it can be the most enjoyable experience in life.

Essay on kindness, essay on kindness in hindi (600 words)


A person who is kind is called a good moral character. He loves the people around and talks about him a lot. However, this should not be the reason for indulging in acts of mercy. Mercy is something that should be done selflessly. If we expect people to appreciate us or return the favor, it is not pity, it is selfishness. This clearly indicates that we are doing it with a selfish sentiment.

Different definitions of kindness:

Various scholars and religious scriptures have defined kindness differently in the past. According to Confucius, a Chinese teacher and philosopher, “In the neighborhood, kind is the most beautiful.” How can a man be considered intelligent when he had the choice not to live in mercy? ” He urges a “reunion with mercy”.

According to the ancient Greek philosopher and scientist, Aristotle, kindness means “to help someone in need, not in exchange for something, nor for the benefit of the helper itself, but for the person’s help”. According to American writer and comedian, Mark Twain, “Kindness is the language that the dumb can speak, the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

The definition of kindness may be different but the essence of all these is the same. Kindness is known as an essential quality. God has been kind to you; You must be kind to others

If God is kind enough to give you a good life, then you should be so kind that you can help those around you to make a good life too. This is to say that if you earn well, then give a small part of your earnings to charity.

If you are good in studies, then do not hesitate to come to your fellow students for any kind of help. If God has physically disturbed you, then help those who are not. For example, you can help a blind person cross the street or take home groceries for an old woman living in your neighborhood.

If you have enough space in your balcony or garden, hang a bird feeder and keep a bowl full of water for the birds. Donate your old clothes and shoes to the poor and needy. There are many poor children who move around without shoes and clothes.

Many NGOs request people to serve such people. Even a small contribution from you can make a difference. Similarly, do not waste food. Give the leftover food to those who need it instead of showing it to the trash.

If you can spare some time from your schedule, then get involved in social service. You can start by providing basic education around your home to poor young children who cannot afford to study in school.

These are small examples of how you can spread kindness. Imagine if every one of us embodies this quality and is kind to everyone around, this world will become a better place to live.


People should be kind to the people around them and watch how things change for good. Being kind to others, helping them and spreading a smile not only benefits the recipients, but one who gets involved in the work has a deep feeling of satisfaction.

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