Essay on the importance of good habits

To live a happy, disciplined and peaceful life, as well as good manners it is very important for a person to succeed in any field. Teachers usually ask their students to write something (paragraphs, short essays or long essays) on good manners in the classroom during the exam or exam.

Essay on importance of good habits, importance of good manners essay in hindi (100 words)

Good practice means social behavior by people who are polite or well-tied. Having good manners in life means a lot to live a social life. It should be developed especially in children from childhood. Behaving well or badly is the most important part of human nature and life.

Good manners help us earn respect and prestige in society while bad manners bring us bad reputation. Good manners help us to develop good habits that improve the physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being of an individual (thus the overall development of society). A well-behaved person, possessing all good manners, becomes an important citizen of the society because he never hurts the feelings of others.

Essay on the importance of good habits, 150 words:

A good approach is the good behavior of the person who makes a good impression on others as well as gives a good feeling and confidence about himself. Practicing good manners is very important for all of us and it is good if we do it with the help of parents and guardians from childhood. We should follow all good manners whether we are at home, school, college, office, sightseeing or with friends.

Good manners are more than opening doors and writing thank you notes. Being polite and courteous towards others reflects our actual behavior, level of thinking and mind. It attracts people’s mind and attention if they get respect from us. Being a well-behaved person, we also set a standard for others that encourages them to practice well and behave well. It is not easy to follow all good manners for everyone, but can be easily followed by practicing well.

Importance of good habits, 200 words:

Man is considered to be the wisest creation of God on earth because he lives in society and at the same time has the ability to think, talk and act accordingly. Therefore, he should know how to practice good behavior and good behavior in order to treat others well in society.

Parents should teach their children how they should treat family members, neighbors, teachers etc. and respect the views of others. Being a well behaved person, one should be polite, gentle, disciplined and sweet. Some people treat the front good only with sweet words but as long as they do not speak bad, that is not a good way.

Good manners help the person to show the same character; Both, in front of and behind people. The words and behavior of a well-behaved person never change and remain the same in all circumstances. Well-powered people know very well how to show or explain the bitter truth with sweet words. People who generally lack good manners have a sharp and clever tongue. Bad people always treat others badly without any reason. They never hesitate to behave badly in society. They show that they lack a good culture, society and discipline, so they are hated everywhere. And people with good behavior are respected everywhere.

Essay on the importance of good habits, 250 words:


Good behavior can be defined as behaving well with courtesy and politeness to show right public behavior towards the people living in the society. Some good manners are polite, courteous, polite, respectful and in some people like cultured social behavior.

Any man or woman is distinguished and recognized in society by his good manners. A person is known in society not only for his intelligence but also for his behavior and manners.

Importance of good manners in our life:

Good manners are very important in our daily and every parent should teach their children good manners and their importance in life. Good etiquette requires creating an effective conversation with friends as well as making a good impression on them.

It helps us to remain positive throughout the day. We should use magical words like “happy”, “thank you”, “thank you”, “forgive me” etc. whenever necessary without delay to maintain a happy relationship. Parents must help their children to practice such words essentially in order to behave well in everyday life. These words reflect a feeling of regret, joy, admiration and respect for the people.

Good ways open up new conversations with people and opportunities in life. If someone talks rudely to you, do not talk to him the way you do, just to make him talk about his manner of behavior as well as rudeness creates rudeness.


Practicing good manners is necessary to have a great and noble personality in the society. It maintains positivity in our soul and mind. Our good behavior reflects the character of our character. We must show respect and reverence to the people for creating positive participation.

Essay on the importance of good habits, 300 words:


Good manners are very essential in life because they help us to behave well with the people in the society and at the same time help us maintain a comfortable, easy and positive relationship. Good manners help us win the hearts of people in the crowd and give us a unique personality. Good way makes us a person to please and follow nature, which is really loved and appreciated by all in the society.

What are good manners:

A person with good manners shows respect for the feelings and emotions of the people living nearby. He never alienates people and shows equal respect and kindness to all, whether he is older or younger. Modesty and courtesy are essential traits of a well behaved person.

He never feels proud or arrogant and always takes care of other people’s feelings. Practicing good manners and following them throughout the day brings incense and adds qualities to life. She / he always becomes mentally happy as good manners enrich her personality.

Teaching good manners to all students is a boon for them and parents and teachers for the country as they are bright future. The lack of good manners among the youth of the country leads them on the wrong path. Nothing is spent in practicing good manners, but we have to pay a lot for life.

Some good manners are as follows:

  • Thank you:Whenever we receive something from someone, we should say thank you.
  • Please:We should ask others when requesting something.
  • We should always support people who are in pain.
  • We should always accept mistakes and regret it without hesitation.
  • We should be disciplined and punctual in daily life.
  • We should always praise others for our good behavior and qualities.
  • We should listen very carefully to the people who are talking to us.
  • We must seek permission before touching or using someone else’s things.
  • We should always answer other questions with a smile.
  • We should never interrupt the gathering of elders and wait for our turn.
  • We should have respect for elders (whether family, relationships or neighbors), parents and teachers.
  • Excuse Me: Whendrawing attention to something we should say Exuse Me.
  • We must knock the door before entering another’s home or bedroom.


Good manners are important for us to gain popularity and success in life because nobody likes a person doing mischief. Good manners are a tonic for people living in society because practicing them does nothing but benefit throughout life.

People with a polite and pleasant nature are always asked by a large number of people because they exert a magnetic effect on them. Thus, we should practice good manners.

Essay on importance of good habits, importance of good habits essay in hindi (400 words)

Good practice is very important for the people living in the society. People can benefit from good behavior in many ways at home, school, office or other places. People with good manners should have etiquette, politics and respect for others and themselves.

A good way is what we treat others with courteous respect. Never behaves badly and gives happiness to others. Just think how sad and disillusioned we will feel when someone is talking to our friend and turning his eyes on us.

People with good behavior are always liked and they get respect and fame in the society because they treat everyone equally (good or bad). They consider other people’s feelings and are always kind.

Teachers teach good etiquette to their students in the classroom and instruct them to walk to all places forever. Parents should also help their children learn well at home because what children learn in childhood lasts a lifetime.

We must first treat others the way we want others in return. According to Golden Rule, “We should treat people the way we want other people to treat us”. If we treat people with respect, we will treat them in the same way.

After good manners everywhere, we can better encourage people to treat everyone the same way. Some important good manners that we can practice in our daily lives, such as:

  • We must learn the habit of sharing (but not grabbing) others.
  • We should be helpful, polite and courteous to others in all places.
  • We should use Sorry, ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Excuse me’ etc. whenever needed.
  • We should respect the property of others and always seek permission before use.
  • We should help our family members to carry out their work.
  • We should be responsible and self-dependent for everything in the house or outside the house.
  • We should treat our teachers, parents, other elders and senior citizens courteously.
  • We should not interfere in big things and wait for our turn.
  • When someone is coming in, we should keep the door open and if it is carrying something, it should hold its load.
  • We should maintain cleanliness at home, school and all other public places.
  • We should not use offensive language to others at home or public place.
  • We should leave seats for senior citizens while using public transport.
  • We should never make fun of anyone because everyone has feelings and respect.
  • We should not use mobile phones unnecessarily while living in a group or public place.
  • We should chew the food properly and should not talk to anyone while eating.
  • Adhering to good manners not only enhances the respect of the people, but it also makes us pleasant inside. It makes a good impression in the society, school, sports team, group of friends and family. Life becomes more enjoyable day by day.
  • Practicing good manners brings nothing to life. We must practice good manners and at the same time encourage others to practice for the welfare of ourselves, family, society and nation.
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