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Essay on Exercise in Hindi:  People of today’s age have started to consider sports and exercise as a very important part of their life to spend their healthy life. Nowadays, everyone, from children to old, has become conscious of exercise because it contributes a lot in keeping the body healthy and pleasing the mind.

Sports are helpful in removing many diseases associated with our body. Sports and exercise are related to each other. This gives the body a boost, so that we do not feel tired and lonely throughout the day. Sports play off laziness and lethargy, and humans remain cheerful.

But our modern life is such that we are able to spend less time for exercise or sports. Exercise and sports are an important route for the health of children and adults.

Exercise is required to keep the body healthy and sports is a form of exercise in which a person has not only physical but also mental development. With an essay on exercise and sports for school children, I am going to tell you about the benefits of physical education and sports.

Essay on Sports and Exercise – Essay on Exercise in Hindi

To keep the soul healthy and happy, it is essential for the body to be healthy. Health is of utmost importance in human life. A healthy body means a body without disease. Body fatness, muscle mass or blonde is not a symptom of health.

A healthy body is one in which blood flow is balanced, breathing speed is normal, body muscles are tight, bones are strong and digestive system is smooth. When this happens, the body glows on its own and all the organs develop equally.

The best way to keep the body healthy is exercise and sports. There are many kinds of problems and stress in human life. People are surrounded by a wide variety of concerns. Sports and exercise frees us from these troubles, tensions and worries.

People who do exercise and yoga never fall ill easily. The disease only attacks the weak body, and the person exercising is always healthy and powerful.

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The importance of a healthy body is top of mind, intelligence, soul, wealth, wealth. While there’s life there’s hope. It is only with health that the doors of all worldly joys open. The mind remains healthy only when the body is healthy, the soul becomes stunning.

Everyone is healthy at home only when there is bliss in the house. If one member is ill, the whole family remains unhappy. You should know the benefits of sports and exercise only then you will be able to give it a place in your life.

Benefits of exercising

Just as air, water and food are needed for human life, similarly exercise is also necessary for human life. Lack of it makes a man’s life weak and home to many diseases. Man can earn money but cannot get health from that wealth.

A person who is healthy can enjoy worldly pleasures. Neither a patient or a weak person can eat well, nor can move around, nor does he feel inclined to do any work. Nutritious diet and proper exercise are very important to keep the body healthy.

There are many advantages of exercising – blood circulation increases in the body by exercising, old age does not attack quickly. The body remains light-weighted, agile and moving. The ability to work in the body remains. By exercising, the digestive system works properly and also increases hunger.

The person who exercises regularly, his life will be equally cheerful and happy. The person exercising is cheerful, confident, enthusiastic and healthy. With a healthy body, mind and intellect also become healthy. Exercise gives relief from mental stress.

As people age, they lose muscle and function, which can lead to injury and disability. Practicing regular physical activity is essential to reduce muscle damage and maintain strength as you age.

There are also some rules for exercising like every person should exercise according to their age and interest. Exercise should also be done daily as per rules and on time. Older elderly should walk fast in the morning and do yoga.

Children and youth should run, exercise, play badminton cricket hockey kabaddi. Exercise should always be done on an empty stomach in an open space. Exercise is beneficial in pure air. Apart from this, exercise should be done according to your physical ability.

Excessive exercise is harmful. One should not drink water immediately after exercise and should not take bath immediately.

All the great men who have been in this world, have considered exercise to be the first karma of life. It is the effect of the power of exercise that those great people have contributed for the benefit of man and the development of the country. Those who made great changes in the society, they themselves were powerful people.

Swami Vivekananda, Swami Dayanand, Maharana Pratap, Shivaji, Lord Krishna, Purushottam Ram, Yudhishthira, Arjuna were all powerful great men. He was a pioneer in some kind of physical science. This is why he was able to become a celebrity. A sick person is a burden on himself.

Mahatma Gandhi has written in his Atma Katha that wherever he lived, whether in the country or in a foreign country, he used to take time out for his morning and evening walks. In the view of Gandhiji, early morning and evening excursion is a very good exercise. Therefore, he has advised everyone to exercise in the morning and evening as an exercise.

Benefits of sports

Sports is an integral part of human life. Sports are stores of entertainment and power. It is very important for us human beings to be healthy both mentally and physically, in which sports play a very important role. Sports are healthy, they help in the proper functioning of various body parts.

The body gets exercise by playing and the water stored in the body comes out in the form of sweat. Sports are required for the happy life of all human beings .

The body’s immunity also increases due to the active body organs during sports. In this way, the game is necessary for the physical development of human beings.

Sports is linked to health, in the matter of health, the glory of sports is infinite. Sports make the body of the players healthy and strong. Through sports, their body brings agility, elation, strength.

Nase becomes active, blood attack increases, the body gets extra oxygen and lungs are also strong, body becomes light-skinned and digestive system becomes fast. Players forget the tensions of the rest of the world while playing in the playground.

Forgetting the rounds of the world, he gets deep pleasure. People associated with sports are always healthy and happy. Sports bring freshness to our body and mind. We feel energetic by playing sports. They make good shape of our muscles. They transform the laziness of our body into freshness.

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Importance of sports and exercise

Today, in almost all schools and colleges, children are being encouraged through many types of sports competitions. The Indian government has made it mandatory to play sports in schools and colleges to improve students’ welfare and good health as well as mental development.

Children learn new things through sports, sports increase their courage and confidence. They gain fresh new qualities and experience from the defeats and victories won in the Games. They learn lessons from defeat and overcome shortcomings. Victory fills them with new enthusiasm and inspiration.

Sports inspire us selfless labor and we do not hesitate to move forward. It gives motivation to maintain balance in the time of success and failure even in the defeat and in life. It makes us more disciplined, patient and humble in life.

It teaches us to be brave by removing all the weaknesses in life and moving forward. The two most important benefits of sports are good health and calm brain and both these things are highly important for life.

There are also disadvantages of sports as it is seen that many boys and girls ruin their education due to excessive interest in sports. They are associated with sports in an emotional way. They only think about sports, talk and dream.

But life is not only a game, sports is an important part of life. Playing sports regularly protects a person from many diseases and many troubles of body parts, especially overweight, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, both sports and education should be completed in due time.

Cricket, hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, running, ropes, badminton, kho kho, kabaddi etc. are all called outdoor games and chess, table tennis, puzzle, sudoku, tas, carrom are all called indoor games. Huh. These are both types of sports .

Many types of sports are played in India since ancient times and hockey is considered as the national sport of the country. But there is a lot of attraction among youngsters for cricket in India.

The game is now giving new heights to one’s career as well. Due to the kind of sporting events happening at the national and international level, sports, sportspersons and the people associated with it are getting all kinds of benefits, money and status.

If a person is interested in any sport and he is doing very well in that game, then he can also make a career in this sport. Today almost all sports are being recognized in India, irrespective of the sport, sports like hockey, cricket, tennis, badminton, wrestling, running or kabaddi are being played globally.

And it is a matter of pride for us that in every competition of that game, the sons and daughters of India bring glory to themselves and our country by winning. Now-a-days, good players are respected a lot, they get due respect in the society and the government and private institutions keep them on good jobs.

Both sports and exercise are an important part of our life, it is a good source of our physical and mental development. Therefore, we all have to make room for them in our lives, so that we can spend our lives well after getting rid of disease.

I hope you will like this article “Essay on Sports and Exercise” . In this article, I have tried my best to explain the importance of sports and exercise and the benefits that can be had from them. Hope you have understood this article. If there are any questions related to this article, you can ask us by commenting below, as well as share this article with your friends.


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