Essay on atmospheric temperature

Essay on atmospheric temperature : Our Earth is surrounded by a layer of different gases from all around. This earth is made of hot gases, when the earth was formed due to hot gases, Hydrogen and Helium gas used to be present on it in large quantities.

But slowly due to the heat of the sun, these gases started to decrease and at that time there was no atmosphere on the earth. Then many gases started coming out from inside the earth and due to these gases, the first atmosphere of the earth was created. These are the same gases that still emerge from the volcano.

Photosynthetic live on the earth i.e. trees and plants used to reduce the level of carbon dioxide present in the earth and make oxygen. These oxygen were collected slowly by going into the atmosphere.

Ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun reacted between oxygen gas and UV rays when they fell on the earth, due to which the atmosphere got the Ozone layer. It is these ozone layers that protect us from the dangerous rays of the sun.

Similarly, due to the changes taking place in thousands of years, the atmosphere and its many layers were formed on the earth, which created the living environment of humans and live animals. Earth is the only planet in the solar system that has an atmosphere that can hold life.

But due to wrong actions of human beings, it is not only affecting the earth but also in the atmosphere, due to which the atmospheric temperature is increasing every year. In this article essay on atmospheric temperature , I am going to give you important information related to the atmosphere.

Essay on atmospheric heat – essay on global warming

First of all I would like to tell you, what is the atmosphere called ? And what is the meaning of atmosphere ? The gaseous mantle that extends hundreds of kilometers around the Earth, that is, the layer of air, is called the atmosphere. The air that surrounds the earth from all four sides is collectively called the atmosphere.

Like the lithosphere and hydrosphere, it is also an integral part of our earth. Air is colorless, odorless and tasteless. This air is actually a mixture of different gases because no type of gas is found in it, but there is a covering of many gases. The amount of gases in the atmosphere varies.

Do you know which is the most gas found in the atmosphere ? Nitrogen is the largest gas in the atmosphere , it is found in about 78 percent. Nitrogen’s function is to control ignition by diluting oxygen, that is, if there is a fire in some place of the atmosphere, Nitrogen reduces the oxygen present in that place and extinguishes the fire.

If there is no nitrogen in the atmosphere, it will be difficult to extinguish it once it is on fire. Apart from this, another important function of Nitrogen is that these trees are helpful in providing protein to the plants and the tree plants are also able to make their own food through Nitrogen.

After Nitrogen, the most abundant gas in the atmosphere is oxygen, which is the most valuable gas for our life. Its volume in the atmosphere is 21 percent. Oxygen is the main source of energy.

After that, argon 0.93 percent and carbon dioxide 0.03 percent and hydrogen, helium, ozone, neon, xenon etc. are present in small amounts in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the heaviest gas, so it is found in the lowest layer of the atmosphere.

Its increasing volume leads to an increase in temperature. The atmosphere on earth extends to an altitude of 29 thousand kilometers, but the gas present in the atmosphere is limited to 99 percent of all that is in the area of ​​32 kilometers of the earth.

What is the study of the atmosphere called ? The study of the upper layer of the atmosphere is called Aerology and the study of the lower layer is called Meterology.

Importance of Atmosphere – Importance of Atmosphere

Air is essential for the survival of animals and tree plants. The atmosphere is made up of gas, dust, and water vapor. These elements of the atmosphere have specific importance for life on Earth. Dust is found in the atmosphere up to 12 km and water vapor is found in the atmosphere between 10 to 12 km altitude.

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The amount of water vapor in the atmosphere is only 5 percent. Atmospheric water vapor is obtained from the waters of seas, reservoirs, flora and soil. Due to the water vapor, there is cloud, fog, rain, dew, snow, hail, snow. Clouds are formed by condensation of water vapor over dust.

This action is up to a height of 5 kilometers. Rainy clouds develop in these areas, which is the main basis of the water cycle on Earth. Due to the formation of clouds by condensation of water vapor, the supply of water on the earth is ensured.

Apart from this, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is less but it is the main greenhouse gas. Due to this, the average temperature of the Earth remains balanced. Due to the increase in greenhouse gas, the atmosphere is heated and the temperature on Earth is attained.

Ozone gas is found in very small amounts. The ozone layer in the atmosphere has a very important role for the Earth and the organisms living on it.

The ozone layer, the high-frequency ultraviolet light (UV rays) coming from the sun, is harmful to life on Earth, the ozone layer absorbs 93–99 percent of it.

Even small holes in the ozone layer may prove harmful to the Earth, and high amounts of ultraviolet light reaching the earth may present a risk of causing many side effects, including skin cancer.

Nitrogen oxide, AC and chloroflorocarbon (CFC) released from refrigerators all damage the ozone layer from jets and aircraft.

The atmosphere acts as a giant glass house to keep the heat in check, which allows short waves and radiation to come to the Earth’s surface but prevents the waves that develop from the Earth from going out.

Thus the atmosphere maintains an average temperature of 15 degrees centigrade on Earth. This temperature is the basis of the development of the biosphere on Earth.

Layers of Atmosphere

The atmosphere is divided into five layers, namely, troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, ionosphere, exosphere. These are the five layers in which the atmosphere is divided. Let us know in detail about their function and importance.

  1. Troposphere – Thetroposphere is the lowest part of the ground adjacent atmosphere which is the first layer. Its height is 12 km from the ground level. Happens till. In the troposphere, there is a drop of 1 degree centigrade of heat per 165 meters. This means that if we go 165 meters above the troposphere, then the current temperature is gradually dropping by 1 degree centigrade.

Almost all weather events like rain, fog and hail occur within this layer. In this layer, waterlogging, dusting, wind, mist and all kinds of atmospheric disturbances and movements are done.

  1. Stratospehre – Stratosphere isfound in the layer of atmosphere above the troposphere. It is about 50 km from the troposphere. Spreads to a height of. This layer is almost free from clouds and weather related events, that is, in the stratosphere there is neither any change nor any weather related event.

It is completely clean and clean. Because of this, the stratosphere is ideal for flying airplanes. Apart from this, ozone layer is also found in this division. Because of this, the stratosphere is also called the ozone division.

Ozone gas absorbs harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the sun and does not allow them to reach the surface and protects the Earth from overheating.

  1. Mesosphere –50 to 80 km above the stratosphere. Is found to be the middle of the distance. Its temperature also falls with the height of this division and 80 km of this division. Its temperature remains at -100 degree centigrade.

After its upper limit, the temperature starts to rise again. The special thing of this mandal is that when a meteor body from the space enters the earth, then it comes into the crust of the mesosphere and traps it, which keeps the earth safe.

  1. Ionosphere – Theionosphere is found in the upper layer of the mesosphere and its area is 640 km. Spreads over. Temperature increases rapidly with height in this division.

This layer is important for radio communication, whatever radio we hear or whatever radio waves are transmitted in the same system by which the radio communication system is used.

The waves coming from the Earth are reflected back from the same system and return to the earth and make radio communication possible so that we can hear the sound on the radio.

  1. Exosphere –This is called the marginal zone of the atmosphere. The outermost layer of the atmosphere is called the exosphere and its altitude ranges from 640 to 1000 km.

There is a thin layer of air in it. The lightest gas is found in it. You should know which is the lightest gas in the atmosphere. So there is helium and hydrogen gas in this system which floats in space from here. Because both of them are light gas, they are found in the atmosphere at the top.

What is atmospheric temperature?

Atmospheric heat is the measurement of the temperature of air present at different places in the earth. Heat from the sun comes to the Earth and is converted into terrestrial energy, then this earth energy determines the temperature of the atmosphere.

When this earth energy is high, the atmosphere becomes hot and when it is reduced, the atmosphere cools down. During the day, as the surface of the earth gets warmer than the sun, so the atmosphere coming in contact with the surface also gets warmer.

When the surface temperature starts decreasing, then the temperature of the surface atmosphere also decreases. Similarly, the temperature of the atmosphere also increases and decreases.

Heat from the warm Earth goes into the atmosphere by radiation. There are clouds, dust, etc. in the atmosphere, so this heat remains in the lower layer, otherwise it goes very high above the ground.

The heat remains in the lower surface, so heat is experienced. When the air of a place becomes hot by radiation, it rises up lightly and heavy and cold air comes down from the surroundings to fill the empty space.

Conduction of cold and hot air in this way is called Convection. Atmospheric temperature changes through this process.

But due to some of our misdeeds, the temperature of the earth is also constantly increasing, which is called global warming. Green warming gas means that global warming occurs due to excess amount of carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere.

Global warming is a problem caused by green house gas and human activities. Increasing amounts of greenhouse gases are causing the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans to heat up due to activities like deforestation and fossil fuel burning.

Apart from this, humans who use AC and refrigerator, it produces CFC’s which are harmful to our earth. The vehicles we use emit carbon dioxide. Even with its release, the temperature of our earth increases further.

Our earth is covered like a sheet of ozone layer. Due to the increase of carbon dioxide, a black hole has slowly formed in the ozone layer, due to which the UV rays coming from the sun will fall directly on our earth, which is sure to increase the temperature.

Global warming is rapidly melting our snow glaciers. This is extremely harmful for humans as well as the earth. Controlling global warming is quite challenging, however, it is not unbearable

Therefore, we have to plant as much trees as possible, reduce the use of AC, refrigerator and vehicles, the most important is the use of plastic which we must completely remove from our lifestyle. These are some things that if we use them with this in mind, then the temperature of the earth and the atmosphere can be reduced.

When joint efforts are made, global warming can be prevented. For this, both individuals and governments have to take steps towards achieving this. We should start with the shortage of greenhouse gas.

We all need to realize the fact that our earth is not well. It needs to be treated and we can help to fix it. The present generation should take the responsibility of stopping global warming to prevent the suffering of future generations.

Therefore, every small step, no matter how small the weight carries and is very important in preventing global warming.

Hope you will like my article “Essay on atmospheric heat” and you will also have received a lot of information related to the atmosphere. If you have any questions related to this article, then feel free to ask in the comment below and if you liked this article, then share it to as many people as possible and comment.


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