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Career is an important aspect of any person’s life. It determines the lifestyle of the person and his / her position in the society. Although everyone dreams of a good lifestyle, not everyone is able to build a strong career that can ensure this.

Career is usually associated with the professional aspect of a person’s life. However, some people relate it to a person’s life and learning apart from their work.

Essay on career, essay on career in hindi (200 words)

Choosing a career is a big decision and ironically, at the time when we need to take it, we are not ready to make such a big decision. We are still in our school when we have to choose between science, commerce and humanities, which mainly affects the career path we take later.

Whereas before, it was parents, teachers and older siblings who influenced our career choices in a big way, these days children have become more aware which is thanks to the Internet. We can explore various career options available on the Internet as well as their possibilities before making a final decision. However, it is still recommended to consult elders as they are more experienced.

We should be very careful while choosing our career. We should not enter an area only because our friends or siblings have picked it up or our parents want us to go for it. We must listen to our heart, understand what really interests us, see if we are good at it and then look forward to other aspects related to it.

Other aspects may include the costs involved in the course we want to pursue, the demand for such professionals in the market, the packages being offered in the area that we want to achieve and the growth potential in the area.

Essay on career, 300 words:

Preface :

Boy or girl, a lot of importance is given to career in a person’s life these days. From the very beginning we are asked to focus on our studies and score well in the exam. The ultimate basic objective of doing this is to build a strong foundation and bring in good grades that will help you build a lucrative career.

My Career Plan:

I am from a educated family. Everyone in my family is working in good positions and thus I also have high expectations from them. My father is in the field of information technology and working with a good multi-national company. My mother is a dentist. He has his own clinic which is well established. My brother is currently studying medicine and wants to become a doctor. So, basically everyone in my family went for science stream.

I am in 8th grade and soon have to decide which stream to go. I am consistently doing well in my exams and can easily enter the science stream. All my relatives, friends and family members also think that I will choose this area but I have a different plan.

I want to be an interior designer. I am naturally inclined towards this area. I find it very interesting and I think I can really do well in it. I like surfing through home decor items and the internet and magazines to take a look at them.

I also keep remodeling my room in every way and am also appreciative for my unique ideas. I know this is my thing and I thrive in this area. I am sure that my family will respect my decision and encourage me to do well in the field of my choice.


Choosing a career can be a challenging task. You should assess your skills and interest, study the market and consult an experienced person before making a final decision.

Essay on career, essay on career in hindi (400 words)

Preface :

The career path you choose has a major impact on various other aspects of your life. It determines your status in society, your lifestyle, your social circle and even your relationships with your relatives. In such a situation, it is important to choose your career wisely.

Factors to consider when choosing a career:

There are many factors that you should pay attention to when choosing a career. Here is a brief look at these:

Your interest and caliber : When choosing a career you must first assess yourself. Understand where your interest lies. However, just being interested in a particular field does not help. Apart from this, you also have to see if you are suitable for that particular profession. This is to say if you have the necessary skills and abilities to perform well in your area of ​​interest. If yes, then you look forward to it.

Look for available opportunities : There may be a variety of occupations that match your educational qualifications and experience. It is a good idea to list all these businesses.

Narrow down your list : Explore your list to better understand all available opportunities. Throw the list down and settle for what suits you best. While doing this you should consult your seniors as well as those who are already in the profession you are planning to get. Internet is a boon for such works. Gather information about the same before making a final decision.

Write a good résumé : Once you are clear on which career path you want to follow, a good rewrite is required to back your plan. Your resume plays an important role in getting the job of your choice. Thus, you should make a good preparation.

Acquire Skills : Many times, your educational qualifications may not be enough to find a business of your choice. You may need some additional skills that can be gained from vocational training. Do not hesitate to go for such short term training and workshops.


You should choose your career carefully because different aspects of your life are associated with it. Take your time, explore all the options, consult those people and then make a decision. Once you choose a career, work hard so that you can land in the field of your choice.

Essay on career, 500 words:


A career requires education, skill, determination as well as good opportunities. The key is not to give up consistently and consistently in the direction of achieving your goals in order to have a lucrative career.

Career opportunities in India:

India is known to produce millions of talented minds every year. However the country’s education system has been criticized from time to time and we cannot deny the fact that our graduates and postgraduates are setting milestones by grabbing jobs in big brands across the globe.

While the country provides good job opportunities to these qualified and skilled individuals, when they actually become a hindrance in securing the job. The first hurdle is that there is no equivalent of jobs in the market with qualified individuals in the country. India’s growing population is responsible for that.

Secondly, the pay packages offered here are often not what these young recipients get abroad. Reservation or quota system is yet another reason why qualified candidates do not get good jobs in the country. All this is the reason that many qualified doctors, engineers and other professionals come from outside.

Career opportunities abroad:

More developed countries offer great salaries and better lifestyles than salaries provided in India. Countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore and Australia always seek talented minds to take their business and eventually take their country’s economy to new heights.

There are many employment opportunities in science, technology, management and various other fields. Third world countries like India seek good employment opportunities, better packages and good lifestyle and thus seize the opportunities given by these countries.

How to achieve career goals?

While many people fly abroad in search of good employment opportunities, others do not fit low-paying jobs or their own qualifications. For all those who had big career dreams but had to compromise for less, there is still hope. Here are some tips to help you achieve your career goals:

Maintain your LinkedIn profile: In order  to grab the attention of employers it is necessary to maintain your LinkedIn profile. Also, be active on this platform as well as other job portals in search of any new opportunities. A well-placed profile on this platform can bring you good opportunities.

Build Network:  Building PR with professionals in the same field and networking is essential to stay updated with the latest in the industry.

Attend industry seminars and events : A lot of seminars and industry events are held these days. It is suggested to attend such seminars to gain more knowledge and meet influential people in the industry.

In addition, you must persevere, periodically review your career goals and never stop learning.


The Government of India should curb the issues that are creating obstacles in providing good career opportunities to individuals in the country. A country that values ​​the talent and skills of its citizens and steers it in the right direction flourishes at a good pace.

Essay on career, essay on career in hindi (600 words)

Preface :

While the advancement in technology has snatched away employment from the working class, on the other hand it has provided many attractive opportunities for those who are well educated. There are more opportunities for all those who are equipped with technical knowledge.

career opportunities:

Previously it was believed that those who go for science stream after their 10th standard have a lucrative career ahead, those who go for commerce stream are unlikely to grab very good opportunities and There is little scope for those who go for the humanities.

This was true until a few decades ago but not now. These days there is immense potential in every stream. There are various career opportunities available depending on the stream you choose.

Scientific field:

Here is a look at the courses / career opportunities available to the students who opt for science stream:

You can get a degree in engineering post 12th standard. There are many areas for specialization in the field of engineering. Electrical engineering, electronics engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, petroleum engineering, aerospace engineering, biotechnology engineering, mining engineering, textile engineering, agricultural engineering, production engineering, power engineering and marine engineering are some of them. A qualified engineer can work as a consultant, assistant engineer, chief engineer or supervisor in any of these areas.

Also, no B. SC degrees like B.Sc Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biotechnology, Forestry, IT, Computer Science, Aviation and Electronics to name a few. You can make a career in teaching or research and development after doing any of these courses.

BCA is a good option if you have a technical mind. IT companies look for BCA graduates. Having a MCA degree increases your chances of grabbing a good chance manifold. Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Pharmacy and Commercial Pilot Training are among the other areas that anyone can go for.

Commerce stream:

Those who opt for the commerce stream after 10th standard get many opportunities for further. These are:

Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretarieship (CS), Cost and Work Accountant (CWA), Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com), Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Business Management (BBA), Bachelor of Management Studies. Hotel Management, Law (LLB) and Retail Management. A career in any of these fields is honorable as well as lucrative.


There is also a wide scope for students opting for humanities after 10th standard. Have a look at the various options available:

After completing 12th class one can go to Bachelor of Arts for specialization in their field of interest. Bachelor of Arts in English, Sociology, Political Science, Philosophy, Social Work, History, Psychology, Fine Arts, Library Science and Journalism are some of the options. One can also go for diploma course to seek professional knowledge and training in various fields.

Diploma in Travel and Tourism, Diploma in Interior Designing, Diploma in Foreign Language, Diploma in Event Management, Diploma in Hotel Management, Teachers Training (TTC), Diploma in Air Hostess and Flight Steward are some of these courses. While the duration of degree courses can be 3 to 5 years, diploma courses can mostly be completed in 6 months to 2 years time. A host of good opportunities is offered to those who opt for any of these courses.


There are good career opportunities for qualified and skilled candidates in India as well as abroad. However, the competition is tough. So just enrolling in a good course will not help. To build a strong career you must work hard and pass with good grades.


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