Essay on the importance of river Ganges

The Ganges River is a very sacred river and in India it is worshiped as a goddess in Hinduism. It plays a very important role on the life cycle of Indians. It is the longest river in India and one of the longest rivers in the world.

In India, it has the largest river-basin, covering an area of ​​about 8,38,200 sq km and has three important courses of flow – the Middle Way, the Upper Route and the Lower Route. It is a complete river that originates from the Himalayas and falls in the Bay of Bengal. It has several tributaries such as Ghaghra, Yamuna , Ramganga, etc. Bhagirathi-Hooghly and Padma are its two distributors.

The Ganges River is also the national river of India. It is known as Ganga in other countries of the world. It has both scientific and spiritual significance.

About Ganges River:

The river Ganges flows through both Bangladesh and India. It has a length of about 2525 km and its mouth is the Ganges Delta. It has many sources, and some of them are glaciers, including the Satopanth Glacier. The upper part of the river extends from its source to Haridwar.

The middle path of the river starts from Haridwar to the Rajmahal hills of Bihar. In this course, the river passes through the major cities of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and is connected with various tributaries, such as Ghaghra, Ram Ganga, Gomti, Kosi, and Gandak on the left, Chambal, Jamuna, etc. on the right. Jamuna is a major tributary of the Ganges River.

The lower waterway starts from West Bengal. The river flows south from the Rajmahal hills.

Importance of river Ganges in India

The river Ganges is very sacred in Hinduism. Ganga is considered to be the goddess or river. The river and Goddess Ganga are worshiped and water is known for its healing properties. The irrigated waters of the Ganges make the land fertile in India and abundant in many crops. The Ganges River has great importance among Indians. Both non-Hindus and Hindus realize the value of this majestic river that serves as a symbol of the country.

The Ganges is one of the most famous rivers in India due to his great gifts to Indians –

  • The water of the Ganges river is available throughout the year as it is a perennial river. The river has formed very fertile floodplains in India. It provides us with gold crops from the fertile land on its banks.
  • Its water is widely used in irrigation and agricultural purposes.
  • The Ganges has been the national waterway in India. It can be reached to Haridwar.
  • The Gangetic plain is one of the most fertile plains and granaries of India. The Gangetic plains are the best because they have been developed in communication and transportation.
  • A number of projects have been launched by the government to save the Ganges river and for wider use of water. This will bring great economic development and wealth for the nation.
  • The river has a wide variety of features that are mainly formed by it. The Ganges is considered the most sacred river in India.

Importance of river Ganga (essay 2)

The river Ganges is very sacred to Hindus. The river originates in the Himalayas and flows in the northern part of India and Bangladesh and finally merges into the Bay of Bengal. The Ganges flows a total of 1,557 miles and provides water for southern Tibet, northern India, Nepal and Bangladesh. It is a very important river for all, especially for Hindus, but we do not take care of it and hence it will be destroyed by pollution.

Hindus use the Ganges River to erase their sins. They believe that Goddess Ganga came to Earth in the form of a river, and if they bathe in it their sins will be cleared. Millions of Hindus go a long way to cleanse themselves in the river every year.

Hindus believe that if you die by drowning in a river, you are guaranteed a place in heaven. The river also provides nutrients for the fields through which it passes. The Gangetic tributaries support more than 300 million people. Many of these people are not even aware that their river is being polluted.

The river Ganges passes through some big cities. Many factories in cities are adding pollutants to the river. With increasing population , pollution is not slowing down. It is estimated that 230 million gallons of sewage is being dumped into the river every day. This river is becoming more polluted as the population is increasing and the quantity of waste is increasing.

If a very strong effort was not made to help save this river, it would not be able to help anyone. Some efforts are being made to clean the river Ganga. In 1986, an attempt was made to clean the Ganges by a $ 250 million project.

Importance of river ganga in hindi (essay 3)

A recent survey conducted by the Central Pollution Control Board has revealed that there are six major points on the 2500 km waterway of the Ganges from Gangotri to the sea, where its water is polluted. The most polluted spots are Kanpur and Calcutta. Somewhat less polluted areas are Varanasi and Kannauj, and still less polluted are Allahabad and Patna.

Recent studies by the West Bengal Water Pollution Control Board have revealed dangerously high bacteria in the Ganges waters between Uluberia and Diamond Harbor in Howrah district. This water is now also considered unsafe for irrigation.

Probably the largest source of pollution in the Ganges is industrial waste, and the next serious source is raw, untreated sewage that is drained into the river by drains. Another important source is dumping of carcasses, carcasses of animals and depositing in the holy river. Washing dirty things in water, and human excreta along the river also contribute to pollution. A major source is a large number of dairy farms in urban areas; They drain their waste into the river.

The crowded fairs along the Ganges contribute significantly to its pollution. With the arrival of pilgrims the count of water bacteria increases rapidly. There have been many suggestions to keep the river clean, such as an electric crematorium, so that the dead bodies will not be thrown into the river and the river will be saved from being polluted.


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