Essay on global terrorism

Terrorism is generally defined as the use of indiscriminate violence to incite fear or terror in the heart of a population to achieve religious, financial, ideological or political goals. In recent years, terrorism has spread itself globally.

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Essay on global terrorism, global terrorism essay in hindi (300 words)


Today, one day it is connected to other countries in such a way that if something happens in one country, then it can be seen in other countries also. It is even more effective in the case of terrorism. Terrorism is a global problem.

Global terrorism

The world has changed a lot since the September 11 attacks. Security has become a cause of concern. Ordinary citizens now have to plan for business trips or holidays around factors such as whether the destination is safe or not, which routes are least threatened for security checks and how much time the factor gives.

In addition, people no longer feel safe in their own countries because terrorist attacks have taken place in countries that were considered safe and are various places such as malls, pubs and even completely safe places.

Impact of terrorism globally:

Terrorism also has direct and indirect economic effects. Terrorists target buildings and areas that are important in terms of financial or visibility or both. They destroy construction, machines, plant transportation and other economic resources that can cost anywhere between thousands and billions of dollars in reconstruction. In addition, stock markets, trade, insurance and tourism also take serious setbacks due to terrorist attacks.

Terrorism has also raised the rise of nationalism and skepticism of foreign businesses and cultures and immigrants and refugees. Prejudice is increasing worldwide and countries are closing their borders to immigrants, thus reducing the diversity and size of economic transactions.

There are political consequences as well. Brexit and Donald Trump’s election as president reflect the increasingly insular and nationalist thinking of those who have become too suspicious of foreigners and are letting their prejudices go out for everyone to see.


Terrorists have certainly succeeded in focusing on their political and religious agendas through modern methods of communication. However, its results are much broader and longer lasting than the long-run estimates. The world is divided and countries are shutting themselves down. As long as reactionary policies continue, there will be enough havoc that terrorists can take advantage of to advance their agenda.

Terrorism essay on a global problem, global terrorism essay in hindi (350 words)


The September 11 attacks first exposed the danger that terrorist activities are occurring in almost every part of the world. Prior to these attacks, terrorism was considered to be limited to the Middle East. However, the attacks exposed the vulnerability of the most powerful countries in the world and subsequent attacks have only mitigated this weakness.

Fight against terror:

Following the September 11, 2001 attacks, an international military initiative was launched by the United States. This initiative was called the war on terror. According to President Bush, it was targeted at the radical network of terrorists as well as the governments that supported them.

For this, US and allied troops were stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan, both believed to be home to terrorist cells and leaders. Eventually, the Obama administration formally ended the war and announced the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

Osama bin Laden was reportedly killed by US Navy SEALs and al-Qaeda was not considered a threat that once was. However, in 2014 ISIS or ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) emerged. The jihadist organization was called a terrorist group by the United Nations. This led to the formation of a new operation called Operation Inherent Resolution, which would target terror in South Asia and the Middle East.

The United Nations and the European Union have announced their measures against terrorism, including sanctions against countries sympathetic to extremist causes. The European Union has also worked on identifying and combating the causes of radicalization, securing borders and enhancing security on transport, identifying and cutting sources of support and communication for terrorists, and managing crisis after a terrorist attack. Set out for Reduce casualties as much as possible.


Terrorism appears to be equivalent to the legendary Hydra; If one is beheaded; Two more are born of it. Fighting terrorism is not war in the general sense of the word. Terrorism is not an organization, because it is a strategy. It is also difficult to fight with it because there is not a single person or an organization in it but there are hundreds of organizations which over time expose themselves to the public and get lost by doing terrorist activity.

Essay on global terrorism, world terrorism essay in hindi (400 words)


India has been emerging as a rapidly developing world power in the last few decades. This has made it a target for faith-based terrorism, especially with the disputes with Pakistan over the state of Kashmir. The Ministry of Home Affairs has acknowledged that terrorism is one of the most serious threats to the Indian people. Other forms of terrorism are also prevalent in the country, including ethno-nationalists, narco and left wing terrorism.

Chronology of global terrorist attacks in India:

  • The world drew attention to the threats of terrorism long before September 11, 2001, India had already faced several terrorist attacks, the first of which was the bombings on the BSE or Bombay Stock Exchange.
  • The 13 bombings killed 257 people and injured 1400 others. They hold the dubious distinction of being the first instance of serial bombings anywhere in the world.
  • Subsequently, several other attacks occurred. A notable incident occurred on August 25, 2003, when two suitcase bombs went off – one near the Gateway of India and one near Zaveri Bazar – killing 52 people and injuring over a hundred people.
  • The most infamous and deadly attack took place on November 26, 2008 and lasted for a full three days. During this period, Lashkar-e-Taiba or 10 Lashkar terrorists carried out coordinated attacks in which bombing as well as firing took place. They killed 164 people and wounded 308.

India sets global narrative on terrorism

According to Indian intelligence, the terrorists involved in these attacks were either trained by operatives in Pakistan or trained by groups such as al-Qaeda. These agencies also determined that Pakistan’s ISI was supporting these groups.

Based on this and additional intelligence, India is trying to classify Pakistan as a terrorist state. However, these efforts have only met with some success. Pakistan enjoys the protection of China, itself a member of the UN Security Council and has a veto.

Furthermore, countries such as the US and the UK have tried to classify these attacks as terrorist attacks rather than underlining these attacks as the results of tensions between India and Pakistan.


India is trying to use global resentment to recognize Pakistan as a terrorist state. In this effort, it did not get much success. India is trying to increase moral outrage in the international community, but it is quite safe now with patrons like China, Pakistan.

Till now, India’s ways of dealing with this threat have been non-violent. However, it may be time for a more military solution to the problem of global terrorism attacks on India.

Essay on global terrorism, world terrorism essay in hindi (450 words)


Despite being a major topic in the headlines globally, there is not a definition of terrorism that is universally agreed upon. In general terms, the use of threats or violence to achieve a particular goal is called terrorism. The legal definitions that constitute terrorism vary by country. In the last century, acts of terrorism have increased worldwide. However, terrorism is not a new phenomenon in itself.

History of terrorism:

Terrorism has been present for a long time in human history. Some early examples are Jewish Sicily who wanted to overthrow Roman rule in the Middle East. He believed that Jews could not be ruled by other people and should only be ruled by God.

To further his objectives, he targeted the Jewish sympathizers of the Roman Empire. Another example is Guy Fawkes who plotted a terrorist plot to enshrine the Catholic Emperor over England. In France, the republic was founded after the reign of terror, a period during which state-sponsored militants work against nobility and anyone deemed to support them.

20th and 21st century:

The modern version of terrorism, which we are most familiar with, was provided after World War II. Nationalist movements began to spread to all areas that were colonial outposts of European empires. Thanks to a well-connected world, these movements were able to focus on their causes and exercise influence on international policy.

People in other parts of the world were quick to adopt this strategy to bring local issues to global attention and modern terrorism was born. This version of terrorism reached its apex in the September 11 attacks on the Twin Trade Towers and the Pentagon in the United States.

The loss of life and property was staggering – within a few minutes around 3000 people were killed and more than 6000 were injured. It focused on terrorism globally and led to a war against terrorism that led the United States and its allies to Iraq and Afghanistan.


Terrorism is very much a reality of modern times and the mere threat of a terrorist attack is enough to create panic and fear among the general population. There is also no denying the fact that global terrorism has influenced policy decisions to a large extent.

The interconnection of the world through the Internet has given terrorist organizations a global platform to spread their agenda and recruit more people. Fighting them is no longer just a matter of military strikes; It is necessary to dislike their radical ideology – a task that will by no means be easy.

Essay on global terrorism, global terrorism essay in hindi (500 words)


While terrorism is not a new thing in itself, its global avatar is definitely something that has been born in the last few decades. Due to how connected the world is now, worldwide news reaches in a few seconds and reaches billions more than before.

It has created a fertile ground for terrorists, who engage in violent acts directed primarily at civilians and non-combatants, with a global focus on their cause. Furthermore, these acts take place in places that have been considered safe for the longest time.

Threat to humanity:

The term terrorism indicates that extremists using terrorist tactics seek to instill fear in the hearts of people everywhere. So far, this chilling tactic has worked. Because the targets are civilians and they are targeted in places where they would ideally be safe such as schools, malls, shopping, pubs, nightclubs, churches and mosques, the consequences of these tactics are fatal. Therefore, terrorists carry out most of the Akams here.

Furthermore, the media immediately jumps to such stories because they generate better ratings without realizing that they want to give the terrorists accurate notoriety. Terrorism is not an organization; It is a strategy that various organizations use to achieve their objectives. This means that it is difficult, if not impossible, to attack terrorism.

The immediate result is panic and anger. Everyone from governments to foreigners are blamed for the terrorist attack. However, the long-term effects of terrorism are highly insidious. Terrorist attacks affect public morale and create an atmosphere of fear.

More importantly, such attacks create divisions between people of different regions, ethnicities and religions. Instead of coming together to fight this menace, people doubt each other and lock themselves away. Nationalism begins to raise its ugly head such as prejudice and racism. Many are silenced by the actions of some people.


Terrorism is not a one-time war, regardless of what the extremists call it. This is a war; One attack here and another attack there and third attack elsewhere. Fear and doubt increase each time and those who were previously united become divided.

Terrorism is not the only one among those killed or injured in terrorist attacks; Humanity as a whole becomes an accident. Hundreds of people are injured by this and at the same time there are reports of hundreds of people being injured.

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