Error solution: ‘’ on my Android cell phone

Android phones lead the market. It is well known that these devices represent more than 60% of all telephones in the world, and this number is growing every day. These phones all have a very important element, which they share among all , and that is their operating system.

That is why Android devices reign today. Thanks to them, everyone has an opportunity to access a modern platform for free, which allows everyone to have a good experience. The creation of this platform has led to many interesting things, for example, video games. Today you can learn to play various titles on your Smartphone, and you can even download Minecraft for an Android phone. When you start some games, you will see that you get an error. In this article, we will show you how to fix the ‘

What is the ‘’?

This is an error code that happens when our phones have trouble communicating correctly with the Sim. This causes that the chip does not have a stable connection with the antenna and therefore, you do not have a good connection on your phone. Also, this error causes a rather annoying message to be displayed, the appearance of which can become annoying.

Another reason that can cause this error to appear is a misconfiguration of the APN . When you have a phone number, you are assigned a series of credentials that your phone has that allow it to access the signal from the antenna that covers your city. This is a parameter that you can modify yourself, and due to errors in how your SIM is configured it can be deconfigured on its own.

The acronym APN stands for Access Point Name , or name of the access point. This credential can be modified by accessing the phone settings. Many people think that this is the first problem that causes the error, and therefore, it is what we are going to show you how to fix. It is important that you know that another way you have to avoid this problem is to evade viruses and malicious packages from the Internet. You can achieve this by encrypting your connection, and for this we recommend that you learn how to configure a VPN on Android.

How can I fix the ‘’ code?

You have to know well what an APN is. Once you understand the concept of what it is, you will be able to know how to modify its values ​​quickly and easily. To do this, you need to access your phone’s settings. This is accomplished by pulling down the notification bar and looking for a button for a cogged wheel or gear. If you press it, it will take you to the phone’s configuration section.

Once you are there you must go to the wireless connections section. Then, you will press the button for SIM cards and mobile networks. The first option that appears when you press this button is Access Point Name. When you press it, it will show you a lot of boxes that you must fill. It is important that you look at for the credentials of your APN in order to fill in all the boxes correctly.

What other solutions does the problem have?

We remind you that before doing all this, the sim problem will continue to appear. That is why it is best to  put your phone in airplane mode  so that it stops trying to connect the SIM to the mobile network.

When the error appears, we can realize that the phone also loses the time it had, so we have to go to settings and fix this. However, very few people know that this is an error that happens precisely because of a time error in the Sim. It is important that you make sure that the time on your phone is the correct one that is being marked on the clock of the telephone company.

To fix it and obtain the automatic date and time of your Mobile Network, you must open the options section again. If you go down low enough, you will see a button that says “Additional Settings.” The first thing that it will show you is a menu in which the second or third is the one that lets you access the date and time of the device. In this section you will see a box that corresponds to the “Automatic Date and Time” option. In case it is not green, you must activate it .


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