EPS light on: what it means

Has the steering become hard? In a few moments the EPS warning light will also come on : this situation occurs frequently, it can be frightening and also risks causing accidents. Let’s find out what caused it and how to turn off the EPS icon on.

EPS warning light and malfunctions

The power steering is a useful device to reduce the force that you need to steer. Specifically, the EPS is the electronic power steering (Electric Power Steering), introduced on a European car as an additional component in 1999: it was the Fiat Punto.

Another curiosity: there are some car models with options that increase the power steering performance on command. An example? On some Fiat models (such as Panda and Punto), it is called City and is inserted by pressing a button.

In any case, any malfunctions in the power steering make it not very fluid, cause more effort and friction and involve the relative EPS warning light (red). What to do in these cases?

EPS warning light and stiff steering: what to do

What to do if the EPS warning light comes on and the steering suddenly stiffens at the same time? First of all, if you are on the move you have to slow down, pull over and turn off the car: now remove the keys from the ignition, wait a few seconds (count to 10) and try to restart.

Sometimes this “reset” maneuver may be enough to fix everything, but if not, what does the EPS light on indicate?

This signal warns you of a probable steering malfunction : usually the corresponding icon lights up and, if present, a message is added on the display.

EPS anomalies and warning light on

The EPS warning light coming on can be caused by various anomalies, including:

  • ECU failure or false contact– less serious eventualities, but you still need to take the car to the mechanic for a computer diagnosis followed by an error reset.
  • Power steering or column breakage– this is not an electronic failure but a costly repair that involves replacing the EPS electronic power steering or steering column with the addition of labor costs (alternatively you can have the power steering regeneration performed, which is cheaper) .
  • Car battery failure or replacement– Steering hardness may also come from a dead battery, especially on some cars.
  • Tire pressure– low tire pressure can cause stiffness in the steering.

Finally, remember that during the ignition phase the EPS warning light is always on : it will go out in a few seconds, unless the aforementioned faults in the electric power steering are present.


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