Energy transformations

After knowing some of the most used types of energy, knowing how they are obtained and some of their applications. Today we are going to study some of the energy transformations that occur, as well as their importance. However, we will remember the types in which energy is classified according to the way in which it manifests itself:
-Chemical energy: it is found in chemical reactions. An example close to us is that produced in batteries, electricity is produced thanks to a chemical reaction. Whenever there is combustion, there is a chemical reaction.
-Thermal energy: is produced by the flow of heat.
-Electric energy: it originates from the movement of electrical charges.
-Nuclear energy: manifests itself in nuclear reactions. When protons and neutrons whose nucleus is not stable, decay into lighter atoms, energy is released.
-Mechanical energy: it is produced with the movement of the masses.

According to sources of energy, we can also establish a classification of energies into two types, renewable and non – renewable:
The renewable energy are those whose energy sources are considered inexhaustible and quantity available does not depend on the amount that is used:
-Solar energy.
-Wind power.
-Tidal energy obtained from the rise and fall of the tides.
-Hydraulic energy.
-Geothermal energy: it is obtained from the internal heat of the earth.
-Biomass energy: it is obtained from biological remains.

The non – renewable energy , to the contrary, are those whose amount in a future depends on the quantity used, these sources are petroleum, coal, natural gas and nuclear power.

Now that we have remembered the different types of energy we have, we are going to study the transformations that occur. That is, as from a type of energy, a different type is obtained through a set of energy transformations. 1- Chemical energy is transformed into electrical energy using a battery (as we have already commented above), during this process, when the cell is heated, we say that there are heat losses. 2- Chemical energy is transformed into thermal energy through combustion boilers, even when we burn wood. 3- Electric energy can be transformed into mechanical energy by heating the motor, in this case heat losses also occur.

4-Electric energy is transformed into heat, a daily example is hot plates or heat pumps.
5- Mechanical energy to electrical energy.
6- From hydraulic and wind energy we obtain mechanical energy.
7- Thanks to solar energy we obtain electrical energy.
7- Nuclear energy is transformed into nuclear power plants into thermal energy.


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