Employer branding, some keys

If you are not a brand you will be a merchandise”

Philip Kotler

More  and more companies pay special attention to what is called Employer Branding (or Employer Brand), which is the term usually used to describe a company’s reputation as an employer , based both on the image that it has of it since it was as in the employees’ own perception. What is intended to develop with this type of policy is what is called an Employee Value Proposition that serves to define the values with which a company wants to be identified as an employer as well as highlight the attributes that distinguish it from the rest in this field.

Although it is a concept developed in the USA. Decades ago, in Spain it has been developed in recent years, as a key element to attract and retain talent . In this line, the consultant and certifier Great Place to Work  prepares each year a ranking of the best companies to work based on both employee surveys and audits on the policies and practices of people management that has a growing impact (in 2019 and in Spain, the first three companies have been Mapfre , Ikea and Atento Spain ).

With a correct Employer Branding policy, many advantages can be achieved:

  • Transmit a good image of a companythat seeks the happiness of its workers
  • Get more motivatedemployees and with greater pride of belonging
  • Increased productivityas a consequence of the above
  • Improve work environment
  • Facilitate the recruitmentprocess and reduce associated costs
  • Decrease rotation

An Employer Branding strategy , therefore, should focus internally on the proper management of employees based on their needs and externally on attracting the best candidates , so HR , Marketing and Communication must act jointly . Although this image is made up of many elements, the presence on social networks and the information that the company and its employees share on the Internet are of significant importance. Some tips to start a process with these characteristics can be:

  • The strategy has to be clear, known and applied, and concretized in a clear Employee Value Proposition
  • Must be authentic, that is, meet expectations
  • The communicationinternal and external is substantial part of the process
  • It should start from the analysis of the current situation, preferably including the opinion and perception of employees
  • The process of welcomingnew employees is a critical phase that should not be neglected
  • Bear in mind that any company employee can and should be a brand ambassador, so they must be involved
  • The diversityis a very important factor in attracting talent
  • The “job” pagemust be especially careful
  • The process must be regularly monitored and evaluatedif the objectives pursued are being met

Well done can be a process with great image returns but also in economic results, although if it is done as in Dilbert’s company, failure is guaranteed.


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