Embalming Body;Why Embalming Process Is Still Effective?

Embalming body is not a new technique, it is believed that from 3300 BC – when the first mummy called “Ginger” was discovered .Although it is well known by the Egyptian mummies.It continues to have practical application to the present day. In ancient Egypt. the process of embalming was complex.

Embalming Body;Why Embalming Process Is Still Effective?

The internal organs were removed through a lateral incision and placed in canopic vessels. The brain was removed by the nose, the heart was replaced by an object and this, surrounded by a sacred text symbolically. The body was then put to dehydration and fight the bacteria in the period of 40 days. Then the cavities were filled with flavored herbs and wrapped in cotton strips then  placed in a sarcophagus in the grave.

How Is A Body Embalmed?

Nowadays this preservation of bodies is done through the withdrawal of blood and other fluids and there, water and formaldehyde are injected to interrupt the decomposition process and ensure conservation during the wake.

The general process is as follows:

  • As the decomposition acts very fast, the body is first washed with disinfectants and germicides, then it is necessary to remove the stiffness by massaging the muscles and face.
  • In the next step an 8 cm incision is made between the neck and the shoulder, this process is done to reach the carotid artery, where it is pulled and through it is inserted a small barrel connected to a machine that pumps all the blood out of the body and through the same channel is inserted the embalming fluid.
  • Below the navel, another incision is made in which a surgical instrument similar to an antenna is placed and through it all gases are removed from inside the body, it is washed again and after 3 hours, the whole process is ready and the work the embalmer is finished.

What Are The Most Known Cases Of Embalming?

In addition to Lenin, other historical figures have also gone through the process and in some cases are still exposed for people from all over the world to visit their mausoleums, such as:

  • Stalin: also responsible for the Russian Revolution, the dictator was embalmed in 1953, but spent only 10 years exposed alongside Lenin. Being that in 1961, its body was removed of the mausoleum and buried ;

  • Mao Tse-tung: The leader of the Chinese Revolution, who died in 1976, was also embalmed and is now in a glass coffin and visited by hundreds of people every day in his mausoleum at Tiannamen Square in Beijing;

  • Kim Il-Sung: The North Korean leader, who died in 1994, is another politician who was embalmed and exposed in a mausoleum in Pyaongyang. Alongside his father, in the same mausoleum, is also the embalmed body of Kim Jong-il, who died in 2012;

  • Eva Perón: the second wife of Argentine President Juan Perón is known as a true icon of Argentina and South America, Evita also went through the process of embalming in 1952. Her body can be visited until 1955, in a chapel in Buenos Aires, until her husband died in 1955, when the two were buried in the family mausoleum

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