What Is EarWax;3 Ways To Get Rid Of Ear Wax

The ear wax, also known as cerumen, is a pasty secretion staining from light yellow to dark brown.Ear wax is produced by sebaceous glands that are found in the ear canal of the outer ear. The sebaceous glands produce this acid-pH cerumen in order to protect the ears from dust.

What Is EarWax;3 Ways To Get Rid Of Ear Wax

Excess wax from the ear can be removed with medicines that soften the cerumen, using a syringe to make a kind of home-made wash, or with the Chinese cone. It is not recommended to use swabs or other sharp objects such as a pen cap, clips or wrenches to try to remove the ear wax because the swab is too large and pushes excess wax into the ear canal.

The 3 Ways To Get Rid Of  Ear Wax Are:

1. Ear Wax Remedies

The Cerumin remedy  is best known for softening the ear wax, making it easier to remove. This medicine can be purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription, but it should only be used under medical indication because it should not be used in case of ear infection.Other ways to take earwax are by using saline, baby oil or other mineral or vegetable oil. Simply drip up to 5 drops of  oil into the clogged ear and cover with cotton so they can soften the wax  naturally.

2. Wash the ear with serum

A great way to get wax from the ear, very effectively, is:

  1. Apply 5 drops of saline solution at room temperature with a dropper;
  2. Hold the top of the ear by pulling it up;
  3. Throw a small stream of serum into the ear with a syringe (no needlestick and a soft tip) or a nasal cleanser for children;
  4. Turning the head sideways and letting the dirty water out, if the wax is coming out you can try to pick it up with tweezers, but be very careful not to push the wax in and not to hurt the ear canal;
  5. Dry the ear with a soft towel  or with a hair dryer.

If it is not possible to remove the ear wax after 3 attempts, it is recommended to go to the otolaryngologist for professional cleaning because this doctor has the necessary equipment to visualize the inside of the ear canal and to remove the wax safely and efficiently.

3. How to remove the wax with Chinese cone

Traditional Chinese medicine therapists are the best people to use the cone to remove wax from the ear. This ancient technique is used in China, but should not be attempted at home because of the risk of the person being able to burn.

The treatment consists of lying on the side with the ear that will be treated upwards.The therapist will light the cone with fire and will place it inside the ear of the person.As the heat builds up the wax will melt and stick around inside the cone. The treatment time lasts about 15 minutes and during this time the person may feel a slight heating of the ear and as a side effect headache may appear. This treatment can only be done in adults and adolescents and is contraindicated for children under 12 years of age.

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