Elias Canetti

Elias Canetti. Writer and thinker in German, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1981 . He was the author of essays , novels and plays .


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Biographical synthesis

He was born on 25 of July of 1905 , within a Spanish – speaking family of Sephardic Jews in Ruschuck (Bulgaria). Canetti, whose ancestors Italianized the name Canete, learned archaic Spanish within his family. British nationalized. In 1911 he left his country to move to Manchester , England , in 1913 after the death of his father, he moved to Vienna , then to Zurich in 1916 and to Frankfurt in 1921.


He was sent to study in Zurich and Frankfurt , and after his return to Vienna, he graduated in Chemical Sciences , later obtaining his doctorate in 1929 . He became more concerned with philosophy and literature , so he studied Natural Sciences and Chemistry at the University of Vienna, where he later changed his enrollment to Philosophy and Literature.


In 1933 he had married in Vienna with the writer Venetia Toubner-Calderón, Veza, who would die in 1963 . Later he married Hera Buschor with whom he had his only daughter, Johanna. When Hitler occupies Austria, he emigrates to London via Paris and then to England, where he would reside for several years, acquiring British nationality, and developing most of his work.

Years later he would establish residence in Zurich, where he would live isolated from the outside world until his death.


  • Auto de fe (Novel).
  • Notes1948 (Aphorisms)
  • Mass and power (Anthropological essay).
  • The other process of Kafka
  • The conscience of words
  • The torture of flies(biographical notes) (1986-1992) 1992
  • The absolved tongue, The torch in the ear, The game of eyes and * * Party under the bombs(four autobiographical volumes).
  • The voices of Marrakesh(Editorial Pre-Texts). 1996. ISBN 84-85081-42-0.
  • Notes(1973-1984). Gutemberg Galaxy / Circle of Readers (2000). ISBN 10: 84-8109-300-9. ISBN 13: 978-84-8109-300-1.


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