Electronic Invoicing;10 Advantages In Your Business

Electronic Invoicing will allow the user to streamline their administrative processes, saving time and money.Electronic invoicing is also a digital system for issuing, transmitting and storing invoices, which allows you to save paper cost, printing, shipping and archiving costs .

What are its main advantages of Electronic Invoicing? We list 10 of them!

  1. Time saving: the creation, sending and archiving processes will be extremely easy
  2. Saving money: goodbye postage and document printing costs!
  3. Space saving: well-known folders will disappear with digital archiving
  4. Storage security: with valid electronic invoicing software, the storage service will be in accordance with the law for 10 years
  5. Simplicity and ease of use: a good electronic invoicing system is immediate and offers continuous assistance
  6. Security in data management: sensitive data is protected by the Exchange System which collects and monitors data sent and received
  7. Usability: the electronic invoicing system can be used via the network, which allows you to create electronic invoices wherever you want.
  8. Tax reductions: the State always provides tax breaks which will have greater tax relief
  9. Simplified tax controls: thanks to the substitutive conservation and indexing, it will be easy to find and consult invoices at any time
  10. Tracking of movements and payments: the use of electronic invoicing allows you to monitor the sending and receiving of documents as well as keeping track of payments.

The digital format in which the invoices must be produced, transmitted, archived and stored is XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and it is a language that allows you to check the validity of the data contained in the documents sent.

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