The eight keys to teamwork success

Business success often comes hand in hand with a joint operation. In this sense, we can compare companies with machines of different parts. The truth is that it is difficult to understand that there are companies that still do not bet on teamwork, when all their benefits have been demonstrated: more motivation, more commitment, more ideas, more creativity; In short, better results.

Next we will explain what are the eight keys to the success of teamwork.


One of the main keys of teamwork is trust. Therefore, it is essential that the leader promotes an environment in which all members not only know all the skills of others, but also their roles. In addition, it is important to trust the rest of the team and, when someone is in trouble, help you.


On the other hand, it is essential that the leader set common goals, both short and long term. And it is that for employees to work in teams they must pursue the same objectives. In addition, it is essential that the leader communicate these goals in a uniform manner and explain to each member how he can contribute to achieve them.


Another key to the success of teamwork is communication. Thus, it is not only essential that adequate communication channels exist, but that team members must listen and feed back. Everyone, including the leader, should be willing to change their mind if necessary. In fact, we must promote open dialogue between team members.

Sense of belonging

For a work team to succeed, it is essential to create a sense of belonging in the members, that is, that all members feel part of something beyond the differences. In this way, greater motivation is achieved by employees.


One of the great advantages of teamwork is diversity. Therefore, when creating a work team it is important to choose people with different personalities and interests. Of course, all of them must share the same values, in addition to the commitment to the company.

Decision making

For a work team to function properly, it is essential that all members are involved in decision making. Thus, autocratic leaders are not fit for this type of work. To improve this aspect, the leader should encourage all employees to give their opinion.


In a work team it is equally important to recognize individual work as a group. Of course, the rewards are better given for team results. Thus, when things go well, the leader must gather his team and thank them for their work, preferably highlighting the role of each.

Team building

Finally, we want to comment that team building activities are also keys to the success of teamwork. We refer to collective proposals such as sports, games or challenges, which facilitate the construction of the necessary relationships for a team to succeed.


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