The efficient way to receive healing

Praising God we are able to receive healing and deliverance

The most efficient way to receive healing and deliverance is through prayer of praise. When we praise God, we submit our lives to Him. It is in our weakness that we find all our strength. When we are praising the Lord it is like telling Him that we are weak people that we need help from Him, His healing and His deliverance and His love.

We need to pray in tongues. Because when we pray in tongues we present ourselves before the Lord as little children who are learning to speak. The Letter to the Corinthians, chapter 12, is the prayer of the little child. Often, the child does not know how to express himself in front of his mother, she just babbles, and those syllables that the little ones pronounce only the mother can understand. We won’t find this children’s language in any dictionary, but for the mother, it has a lot of expressiveness.

Often, we find ourselves before God not knowing what to ask for, as little children. We don’t know what language we should communicate with, so the language we use to speak to Him is that of a small child. And it doesn’t matter what they say about us using that language. I am a free child before God, who communicates with me.

“Furthermore, the Spirit comes to the aid of our weakness; because we do not know what to ask or pray as is appropriate, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with ineffable groans (cf. Romans 8,26).

Paul speaks in this biblical passage that we often do not know how to pray, so we ask the Spirit, who lives in us, to pray in us to the Father, to pray in a language that is His language [Holy Spirit]. And São Paulo expresses this when saying that it is the Paráclito that comes to the aid of our weakness, because we do not know what to ask for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with ineffable groans, and these groans, which cannot be translated into words, are the Spirit praying in us to the Father according to our needs, and who today, comes to pray through us.

We are asking the Holy Spirit of God to come and pray on our behalf that our prayer will reach the Father, because the Spirit knows exactly what we are in need of.
By the Spirit we will discover needs that we ourselves are not aware of; and one thing we need to do is deliver our needs into the hands of the Holy Spirit, who knows much more than we do what we need.

What is the Father who rejoices when he sees a son suffering? Or dying of hunger and thirst?
The Lord is not happy about this! It is not God who causes all these disasters to the world. It does not bring disease or suffering. Otherwise, what would be the point of going to Jesus for healing and deliverance?

Contrary to what we think, God has compassion, and compassion comes from the Latin meaning “to suffer together”. He does not promise us healing and deliverance, but He is already giving us healing and deliverance by pouring out His Spirit that brings us back to life, and will not leave us like bones that are dry, but through that breath of the Spirit will make us creatures alive.

Remember how the Bible presents the creation of man? The man who was just clay and the Lord blows on that clay and makes it alive. Remember when Jesus breathed on the apostles and poured out His Holy Spirit on them and they became new creatures from that moment on? Today, Jesus breathes each one of us and from that you become a new person, we become healed and liberated people.

Lord, we believe Your Word. It is not just a promise, but a reality! You are faithful in Your Word. I open my heart, Lord, to any healing and deliverance you want to do to me. Open our hearts, my Lord, so that we can receive all the healing that comes from You, and receive true life again .

I know that the Lord wants to do this with all of His people. The Lord wants to do this to me and I thank You, Lord, for making me a living person!


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