Eucharist and confession, spiritual weapons against temptation

We must use spiritual weapons and fight without being discouraged

Fighting with the spiritual weapons that God offers us is the secret to overcoming temptations. Prayer is one of the greatest weapons that the Lord gives us, so I invite you to pray:  “Your Word, Lord, is more penetrating than a double-edged sword. Touch us now, Lord, so that Your Word may bring victory over any evil spirit that wants to deceive us ”.

I think everyone should know what the Romans did when they defeated an empire or a general. The winner entered Rome triumphantly. Amid that grand entrance, the general was applauded and praised, and the defeated general was tied to the winner’s carriage. This was the ultimate humiliation for anyone who had been defeated.

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If we look at Colossians, we see that São Paulo uses this same fact to speak of the defeat of the enemy of God. It has been said several times that the demon has already been defeated. We need not fear anything. It is true that the evil one is like a lion that roars around us, trying to find a breach and devour us. But why does he continue to enter this battlefield, once he has already been defeated? His intention is to lessen the strength of Jesus’ reign.

The enemy wants to weaken us

Satan continues to try to weaken those sons and daughters of God, who are part of the Lord’s Kingdom. And the experience of many is this: “Why, after I started following Jesus, do I have more temptations, do I feel more oppressed than before and have more crises?”

Following Jesus is demanding

Many people, many Christians, once they make the decision to follow the Lord, think that they will have a more peaceful life, but the truth is the opposite, because the devil has no interest in attacking those who are not followers of Jesus. His interest is to put obstacles in the lives of those who have decided to follow the Lord. Christians are the most attacked people. Even the saints were persecuted!


Following Jesus, in a moment of enthusiasm, is easy, but continuing to follow Him in times of suffering is difficult. However, there is one thing, a technique that the devil often uses to attack us: discouragement, discouragement.

Praise sets you free

God’s enemy will come to tempt you when you are feeling weak, fearful, angry, anxious and sad. He’s like a rat in a duct. You don’t see it. He acts at night, hides without anyone seeing him, but if you spill a kettle of hot water over there, he’ll have to come out of the hole. The more we praise God, the more the evil one cannot bear it and flees.

Discouragement does not come from God, it always comes from the enemy, the one who makes us give up moving forward.

Assume God’s victory

We have no reason to fear the devil, as he has already been defeated. He has to be afraid of you and me! The reason for this is simple: we are sons and daughters of God, heirs of the Kingdom of Most High. The evil one is very angry, because what was given to him once is now given to us. He is angry and hated at us for that. He hates each of us. And he does everything to deceive us, so that we come back discouraged and discouraged. He tries to deceive us in many ways.

It is our role to fight against these tactics that God’s enemy uses to discourage us. Another tactic used by him is to present us with half truths, because the devil is a liar, deceiver, cheater. It presents us with something that looks very good, when, in fact, it is very bad.

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The temptation to not do God’s will

The evil one says that, because of our sins, we cannot make any attempt to be more holy. He does everything to get us out of the way of the Lord’s will. Often, we think that temptations are only related to sex, anger, feelings of hatred and revenge. These are great temptations. But we must be aware of a great temptation, which is not to do God’s will. He dared to tempt Jesus to disobey the Father, when he took Him up the mountain and showed Him the cities, telling Him that they belonged to Him.

Fight with the right spiritual weapons

Brothers and sisters, it will be a struggle until the end of our lives, but if we use the right spiritual weapons we need not be afraid at all. The first weapon is the Eucharist. The enemy trembles before the Body of Christ, because it is a sign of humility, while he struggles for power. Jesus Christ wanted, for a moment, to annihilate Himself, entering the species of bread and wine to be close to us. Another strong weapon against the evil one is the sacrament of confession, which is more powerful than the prayer of exorcism itself.


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