The most effective study methods

Have you ever thought that you may be studying the wrong way or in a way that does not make the most of your learning ability? An American survey that showed many people study in bed or even on the beach, but do these places help in acquiring knowledge?

Here in the post, we will present ways to maximize your income during your studies. To learn how to do this, follow along.

  1. Pomodoro Technique

The technique is ideal for improving concentration, preventing you from postponing the start of important tasks. It works by timing the time in blocks of 25 minutes, called pomodoros.

During this period, it is necessary to dedicate yourself completely to studies or to perform a job. Afterwards, you are entitled to a five minute break and then start the process over again. At the end of the pomodoro room, the break should be 15 minutes.

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  1. Mental maps

Mind maps are great for those who need to summarize and assimilate a large amount of knowledge quickly. To elaborate them, you need to study a certain subject in depth, but the greatest effort is only at that moment.

With the knowledge in your mind, take a large sheet of paper and write down the main idea of ​​the subject you saw. Then, create branches with the most important subtopics, and so on.

The ideal is to use images, colored pens and short phrases or just keywords to create the map. The goal is that when looking at the diagram, your brain will remember all the content studied, without the need to reread the material completely.

  1. Mirror presentations

Research shows that we learn in depth when we explain the content studied to someone. The reason is that you activate memory during the process and need to create new neural connections to be able to transmit content in your own words.

So, how about making an explanation for yourself? Stand in front of the mirror and act as if you are teaching. By doing this, you will be able to see how much you have mastered a particular topic and which topics you still have difficulty with.

  1. Simulated

Learning concepts and theories is extremely important, however, if you want to fix knowledge, you need to put it into practice. So, doing simulations is a great way to test your learning.

When resolving issues, you need to interpret, not just reproduce, what you read in books and handouts. In this way, your brain can generate knowledge.

  1. Study Corner

The study corner is not a method itself, but it maximizes the results of the previous methods. When studying, you need a place with no frequent distractions and no sleep.

Therefore, studying in bed is not recommended, after all your body tends to get tired more quickly. It is also not interesting to study in the classroom, as people are always talking, which generates learning noises.

Thus, the ideal is to create a place at home just for studies. Thus, your brain associates the environment with the activity that needs to be developed. This space should be more reserved and have good lighting.

Given all that we have presented, it is time for you to improve your learning process. Put into practice the tips here in the post and see how your academic performance can evolve in a practical way.


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