Education Public Relations Management Concepts – Communication, Types and Roles

When discussing public relations, certainly will not be separated from the relationship with communication, information, public relations , and so forth. PR itself is defined as a set of activities and techniques carried out by organizations or individuals, the aim is to create and also maintain attitudes and responses from the outside environment to the existence and activities carried out.

Whereas public relations in education is defined as a series of management related to activities and relationships between an educational institution and the community. The understanding of public relations management itself is a process in dealing with a plan, communication, and coordination with the aim of achieving a common goal, including the purpose of communication in public relations .

So what about the concept of education public relations management? Here are some explanations including:

Management of Public Relations Education in Communication

As mentioned earlier that when talking about public relations, it will not be separated from communication, because the important role of communication in public relations cannot be avoided. Educational public relations itself includes a variety of discussions in broad community relations which contain messages or information relating to educational problems.

Therefore, in public relations activities will contain communication activities such as communication management in education . The following are two common ways of education public relations management in communication:

  1. Formal communication

Formal communication is mostly done by officers or individuals who are directly selected by the relevant institution or agency to carry out public relations activities. Therefore, the activities carried out will be systematic, planned and clear in accordance with the objectives to be achieved by the organization or agency concerned.

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  1. Informal communication

Informal communication is certainly different from planned formal communication. In formal communication there will be activities for transferring information, ideas, and ideas carried out without a plan.

Even so, informal communication activities in the management of educational public relations have several advantages, such as being more flexible, information can be received directly because the goal is not through certain procedures, communication will be more friendly, and do not know the time limit. In addition, the communication function in education management is also easier to carry out with informal communication.

Types and Roles of Educational Public Relations Management

In addition to communication, the concept of educational public relations management can also be seen from its type and role. Where in general public relations education management also has several types and their respective roles. The following are some of the roles of educational public relations management, such as:

  • Education public relations management plays a role in introducing themselves both organizations and institutions to the wider community, which is related to what is being and will be done.
  • Educational public relations management also plays a role in spreading ideas or information and ideas to the community or other organizations or agencies
  • Educational public relations management can also be used as a means to open up to be able to receive criticism and advice from other parties

In addition to the above roles, there are also several types of relationships in educational public relations management, including:

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  1. Educational relationships

Educational relations relating to the cooperative relationship in terms of educating or educating educational organizations and institutions in the community. For example such an educational relationship between the teacher and parents of students, so it does not cause any doubt about the attitude and attitude towards the child concerned.

  1. Cultural relations

Cultural relations is more aimed at developing existing cultures in a community environment by organizations or institutions and the community itself. This is also because education cannot be separated from cultural aspects, where there will always be cultural influences in educational communication .

  1. Institutional relations

The last type of relationship is an institutional relationship, which is an effort to establish cooperation between one organization or institution with other organizations or institutions, even with the government. This relationship is usually associated with efforts to improve and develop education in general.

That is some education public relations management concepts that can be seen from its relationship with communication, type, and role of educational public relations itself. Hopefully the information above can be useful.


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