What Is Easel;Types,Uses And 10 Valuable Tips

Easel is frame or support that serves to support objects  at the required height.It is a structure of wood or other material, generally constituted by three feet and with one bar cross adjustable.

The  easels  are used for different purposes:
  • in the furnishing  to make desks or tables;
  • as a support for working  with solid platforms;
  • as a means of access  with scaffolding boards.
But they can also be classified according to their  manufacturing material :
  • in  traditional wood , the easels can be painted;
  • in metal  or steel or aluminum, for greater lightness and strength;
  • in synthetic materials  or in resin or polypropylene..

Which Easel Should  Choose For The Furniture?

Based on their stability, you can opt for:

  • wooden trestles , fir beams, galvanized joints – cheap;
  • U trestles to  gain ground clearance –  limited support ;
  • metal X- adjustable trestles, adjustable and fairly solid;
  •  height adjustable aluminum trestles if you are tall;
  • trestles in chipboard  (MDF), series design.

Easels are an essential tool for a painter or a designer, as essential as paints or brushes.There is nothing more important than an easel to hold the painting in place when we are working on a canvas.Working vertically on an easel means that we are working on the same plane in which the painting will be placed  This helps, however, to visualize the final result as we paint.



This is the type of easel most used and sought after by both professional and amateur painters and beginners.This type of easel is lightweight, can be closed and stored easily, is stable and supports several sizes of screens.It is mainly sought by those who have little space and need to close and save the easel.


This type of easel is sought after by the most demanding artists.They are heavier than tripod type stands so they are more suitable for use in atelier or studios of exclusive use for painting where it is not necessary to close or transport the easel after use.

They are very stable, allow the height adjustment and the inclination of the screen and accept large screen sizes. Some have drawers, paper roll holders and wheels for easy portability inside the studio.


As the name suggests, these trestles already have a built-in seat. Some even have a space to store the materials.They can be used both inside and outside and are manufactured in various materials.These type of Easels are mainly used in art schools and drawing schools being most appropriate for working on small screens and stands.


This type of easel is the best option for working outdoors, in competitions, on excursions and on vacation.This easel offers the advantage of being both an easel and a trunk for storing materials.So only one bag can carry everything, in some cases even the screen goes inside the bag or box. Being trestles to work outdoors, the screen that supports must be of small size.

Before buying an easel, it is worth stopping and asking several questions:
• What do we want to use the easel for?
• Where do we intend to use it?
• How can it help our purposes

These questions seem obvious, but hardly anyone asks these questions before buying an easel !!!The easel has different meanings for each artist … for some it can be the preparation site before you begin to paint, for others it can serve to make painting more comfortable and pleasant, for others it is simply a necessity


  • When painting on canvas, it is advisable that the easel does not have a top and / or trough-shaped base, which would prevent painting even to the edge of the canvas.
  • It should be robust and capable of subjecting various screen sizes … to the largest sizes.
  • If you like to paint what we call a “watercolor angle”, that is, around 35 degrees, then make sure the easel can be adjusted at that angle, in perfect balance and firmly.
  • The easel must be fixed if it is used for constant use, otherwise it should be easy to arm and disarm in case you need to store it when it is not in use
  • Wooden easels must be made of hardwood and steel or brass fittings as these are more durable. Aluminum hardware has the tendency over time to make game. Consider that the trestles have to be constantly positioned at different angles and heights according to the work being done.
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