Dwarf white clover

Dwarf white clover . Perennial species with creeping stems. The leaves are trifoliate and green in color with white spots. There are varieties on the market suitable for forming a low-lying ornamental meadow. As a lawn it is slippery and dirties clothes.- It is used in all kinds of gardens, although it is not recommended in swimming pools or sports fields.


  • Scientific or Latin name: Trifolium repens
  • Common or Common Name: Dwarf White Clover, Car Clover, Dutch Clover, Ladino Clover, Creeping Clover, Wagon


  • Green color all year.
  • Very resistant to trampling.
  • Resists wet floors.
  • It tolerates intense cuts well, although it does not need to be frequent, only occasionally.
  • Withstands low temperatures.
  • Low need for fertilization due to its capacity as a nitrogen fixer (it is a legume). This characteristic makes it very suitable to be sown in poor soils.
  • In poorly maintained lawns, or poorly adaptable to the terrain, it takes over other species, covering the ground.
  • Sensitive to hormonal herbicides, therefore they cannot be used to control weeds.
  • It can be planted alone or in association with grasses, which give the meadow an even and dense aspect of dark green color.
  • In pure sowings, 15 to 20 grams per square meter are used.
  • The best date to plant it is early in the fall. Quick coverage


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