Drinking WATER

Drinking water goes through treatment processes, click and check it out!

Water is an indispensable substance for life. When the amount of water in our body becomes low, we may experience dehydration . Some of its symptoms are: weakness, acceleration of the heart and dryness of the skin, leaving the person weakened.

Drinking water is the name given to that water that has no smell (odorless); it has no color (colorless) and has no taste (tasteless). For consumption, it must have these qualities, and be preferably fresh, or with a pleasant temperature.

Depending on where it is extracted, drinking water can be consumed immediately, without undergoing treatment processes. However, if its source or source is not clean and safe, we cannot ingest it , as it can cause poisoning or health problems, such as diarrhea and vomiting, caused by microorganisms.

Considering the importance of water quality for our lives, ETAs were created : acronym for “water treatment plants” . There, water is captured from rivers and dams, and passes through filters, eliminating solid particles. It is then treated with chemicals, killing microorganisms that can cause disease.

In many homes, the water is already treated.However, as not all water tanks are properly cleaned, it is interesting that it be filtered before being ingested. Other families also prefer to buy bottles of mineral water, so that it can be used for drinking and preparing food.

Unfortunately, not all homes are supplied with treated water. In this situation, it needs to be filtered, either with a clay filter or a strainer, clean. Then, it needs to be treated.

There are two ways to do this, with the help of an adult:

– Place two drops of bleach for each liter of water already filtered;

– Boil the filtered water for fifteen minutes and then stir it, so that its taste is not unpleasant.
Following these steps, it is also important to store the water in a clean place . Then it can be eaten at will, without any problems!

In reality, it would be good for all houses to receive treated water, since many people do not know these procedures explained in the text. For this reason, it is very important that government officials take care of the population, giving them good living conditions.


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