DOOM Eternal – How To Get The Unraveler Secret Weapon

Where to find all the keys to the Executioner’s Gate and how to unlock the powerful Unmakyr cannon in DOOM Eternal

As you progress through the story levels of DOOM Eternal, you may have noticed that there are several types of battles. Red – standard story battles, yellow – boss battles, pink – challenge battles. But some levels also have purple cells. This means that here you can find the Executioner’s Gate. Behind them is a ball that transports you to the arena, where you have to fight off a large cluster of demons. These are usually the most difficult battles, for the completion of which you will receive celestial keys. There are six such Executioner’s Gates in total. That is, you must collect 6 celestial keys.

To open the Executioner’s Gate, you need to find a purple key hidden nearby. Somewhere it is in a prominent place, but in some cases it is more difficult to find the key. Below we will indicate the location of all such keys. There shouldn’t be any problems with finding the gates themselves!

How to unlock the secret weapon “Unraveler”

Once you have obtained 6 Celestial Keys, visit the Stronghold of the Guardians and find the weapon hidden behind the energy rings. Apply all the keys to the panel and take the weapon. This is the Unraveler that you can use as an alternative to BFG. To switch, you need to press F. The weapon consumes the same projectiles as the BFG.

Key locations


After the area with the first falling platforms, when you go up the wall, you will find the Executioner’s Gate on the right. Enter the cave, climb the ledges, jump up and use the booster to climb the ledge under the ceiling. Do not hurry! Instead, turn around and use the same booster to get to the ledge above the cave entrance you came from. From it you can jump down to the platform with the key to the Executioner’s Gate.

Cultist base

When in a jump hit the statue, which will punch a hole in the wall, climb it and turn around. You can go through the hole under the statue in the opposite direction. There will be yellow bars at the bottom. Jump on them, on the wall and use the booster to get to the last wall. Climbing upstairs, you will find the key to the Executioner’s Gate.

Bloody supernest

When you find the blue key, then open the first opening for them to get to the location with three holes for colored keys. Open the passage further using the same key. Climb up and open access to the springboard. Jump into the nearest building. There will be a key to the Executioner’s Gate.

Committee complex

Inside the building where the Cybermancube first appears, head up the stairs to the auto map. Jump onto the wall to the right, and from it fly into the room opposite, which is illuminated by purple light. There will be a key to the Executioner’s Gate. It may happen that the key simply does not exist. In this case, you will have to go through the mission again through the “Select mission” menu.

Core of Mars

Almost at the very end of the location, in the complex where you will find capsules, one of which completes the task, there is a yellow remote control. Activate it and see how the wall moves off. Go to this wall to climb the cube. There are grates to the left and right of it. After breaking one of them, you will be taken to a room with a key to the Executioner’s Gate.

Taras Nabad

After you pass the second section with water, do not rush to leave the tunnels. There is a rise on the left just before the exit. He will lead you to the key to the Executioner’s Gate.


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