What Is DNS(Domain Name System);5 Facts You Must Know

DNS is the acronym for  Domain Name System.Domain Name System (DNS) servers are responsible for locating and translating the addresses of websites which we enter into web browsers to IP numbers. DNS operates primarily through two functions: examining and updating databases and resolving domain names in network addresses.

How Does DNS Work

There are two ways to access a web service: by your domain name,or by the IP address of the servers on which it is hosted. One of the main functions of DNS is to make your search easier when you want to visit a website.eDNS does the hard work for you, translating the words that make up the URL to the IP address of the server. You can think of DNS as a sort of phone book, which links each site to your IP.

The IP address is unique on each server and each domain leads to a specific IP. It is by virtue of this that we never find two different sites, with equal URLs. If this were not the case, a number of different addresses could refer users to the same site.

In order to translate the addresses entered into the corresponding IP number, there are several DNS servers around the world. To be precise are 13 and without them the internet would not work. Of these, 10 are located in the United States of America, one in Asia and two in Europe.

Famous Services of DNS ( Domain Name System)

Fortunately it is possible to opt for services that are available in the market and offer more performance and security, such as OpenDNS ,  Google Public DNS , Comodo Secure DNS and Giga DNS . Using one of these services means that your browsing can be faster and safer.There is an organization responsible for assigning domain names and IPS addresses worldwide. This is ICANN, a nonprofit entity that tries to keep all registered sites running on the internet.

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