What Is Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy);Why We Use It In Emails?

Bcc is an abbreviation of ” Blind carbon copy“.Bcc is a term that occurs in the context of sending e-mail, when the user wants to send the same message to several recipients without them seeing the e-mail addresses that appear in the message.The term Bcc is sometimes referred to as ” Blind Courtesy Copy which is hidden mail recipients whose addresses are not shown to other recipients.

What Is Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy);Why We Use It In Emails?

This is a very useful option when you want to forward a message to multiple contacts and hide all addresses so that they are not disclosed. It’s a safe way to avoid spam because emails will not be visible to spammers .

Why Do We Use BCC In Emails. 
There are some reasons to use the BCC field:


Sometimes it is  necessary to tell the recipients to know who else is receiving the same emails. However, there may be situations in which you want to send the same message to multiple recipients without letting them know who else is receiving the message. If an email is sent in the name of a business or organization, it will be especially important to keep confidential the list of clients, and members.

Tracking –

If you want to access or save the message that is being sent in another email account allows to achieve these purposes without revealing what is being done. To avoid being part of the problem, in addition to using BCC when forwarding messages, all existing email addresses in the message must be deleted.

Bcc Example In Sending Email.

When an employee adds an address to a hidden copy (Bcc) , his answer is sent to the main address from the Recipient field and to the address from the Bcc field. In this case, the main user sees that the letter came only to him, so his answer can be sent only to the employee.

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