Why is the DIVI theme better than Genesis

To compare DIVI  vs Genesis exhaustively let me put you in context first and then buy them and see why DIVI is much better than Genesis and will make your life much easier if you do not have knowledge of php, css…:

Why is it wrong to advise Genesis to people without knowledge of CSS, PHP …?

My surprise: I write this post because I am very surprised that the Genesis Framework has become so fashionable and I think that this fashion is harming many users who want to make a quality website easily and without complications and guide them to use a framework that it is really complicated and not very intuitive.

The explanation: I think the reason for all this is that most developers do an analysis almost exclusively in terms of loading speed since they have high knowledge of PHP, CSS and HTML and it is easy for them, but they don’t put themselves in the skin of the end user to whom they are advising to use Genesis that normally lacks this knowledge.

An example: This comes to be as if an architect says to you: “if a man make your own house, it is very easy” Well, it is very easy if you have studied architecture. With DIVI it is the opposite, it is as if you made a high quality but modular house and the way of building it was similar to that of how a child builds a Lego house.

What are other top developers saying against the “Genesis craze” …?

I do not think it myself: there are many first-rate developers and bloggers like Wilfrido Olabarrieta  or Víctor Campuzano who also think that advising Genesis to people without knowledge of PHP, CSS … is creating a problem for them.

A great example: Look for example at what Wilfrido Olabarrieta tells  about Genesis in the course he teaches at Quondos.com, it sums up very well what Genesis is and the headaches it can cause you if you don’t know HTML, CSS and PHP:

“Genesis is for the brave. One when buying a Genesis template believes that it is the bomb, thinks how good it is, it is great for SEO, the load is very fast and in the end many people give face to face when buying it because they realize It is very fast but at the level of customization, at the level of options it is very limited and if you do not have knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP, it costs, it costs a lot to adapt the template to our liking, if we want to marry the template that Genesis proposes Well, perfect, but if you want to give it a more personal aspect, it is complicated ”.

The simplicity of DIVI : DIVI , is the opposite. Easy, fast and intuitive. DIVI is an all-in-one solution. It allows to create anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge and experience, super elegant, modern and professional designs. And it allows you to do all of this in a matter of minutes. DIVI  is simply, for many, the best WordPress theme ever .

Let’s start comparing them …

Until now all this has been my opinion, there will be many people who very legitimately think otherwise. But I want to show you now with objective data that DIVI  will make your life easier and Genesis will make it difficult for you.

These would be the scores that I would give each of them. Below I explain the why of each one in detail.

In order to say which one is better, we must see which one best covers what we need.

What do you expect from a template or a theme? We could expect many things, but if we summarize it in 3, I think I am not too wrong, I think you are looking for this:

  1. It is easy to use and can be learned quickly
  2. That allows me to customize the template to my liking
  3. Help me position

Well, let’s see if Genesis and DIVI  comply with it:

1. It is easy to use and can be learned quickly

DIVI : It is perhaps the easiest and most intuitive subject of all that exist and the one with the fastest learning curve. This does not mean that just by installing it you already know how to do everything, I always recommend training first to avoid prolonging the learning hours, but doing a Divi course and if you already have the contents (of texts and images) of your website prepared, in less in a week you could have your website ready and with a super professional image.

GENESIS : Here comes the first problem and perhaps the most serious because it prevents moving on to the next two points (customize the template to my liking and position it). That is to say, no matter how much I take a course I am not going to be able to do much because I will need to do 3 more courses (HTML, CSS and PHP that are highly complex for an end user) if I really want to have a website to my liking.

2. That allows me to customize the template to my liking

DIVI : Here DIVI gives Genesis 300,000 laps . To give you an idea, at DIVI we design the pages and the posts by dragging and dropping in a super visual way, being able to create the rows and columns that we want and in those cells that we are creating we can put the modules that we want (whether they are photos, texts , forms, etc.) It also has a personalization panel that allows us to change formats, sizes, colors … of almost everything and it is also so well ordered that it costs us nothing to find it. And to top it off, everything we make or personalize we can save and use on as many pages or websites as we want with just one click.

GENESIS : Here we take the colors from Genesis . If you are a programmer and you control PHP, CSS, HTML, you will not have much of a problem, but if you know that much, you hardly need WordPress. If you are using WordPress it is because it is the easiest and best positioned web editor in the world, then why are you making life difficult with the template? Just because it’s fashionable? Do not trust everything you read because when the writer is a programmer, he will see it super easy and it will cost you horrors.

To help layout pages easily, you will need to buy and install a plugin that will help you make life easier, like Visual Composer , but this will already load you over the loading speed, with which you had chosen Genesis for speed and you need to plugins that, in some way, are affecting this speed.

But I want to show you this with images, that from what I say you can trust or not, but from the images where you see the guts of one and the other, there is no doubt, that is the most objective there is:

This is how it is designed in DIVI , with boxes that we drag and drop:

In fact, Divi also has a visual editor, so you can edit the same thing you see. In other words, you can choose whether the box design or the visual design, both are wonderful.

And since in Genesis you cannot even lay out the pages with a visual editor and, as I was saying, it requires buying a Visual Composer type plugin , I put an image of how we can put things in some places with what they call hooks, which you will first have to learn how they are used:

3. To help me position

Loading speed is increasingly important to Google, and that’s why we are going to analyze now to see if they are fast and will help us position our website, but let’s not go crazy, Google analyzes more than 200 factors to Positioning websites and speed is one of them.

DIVI : In this article on how to maximize the loading speed with Divi , before I make a comparison of DIVI with Genesis and demonstrate other things that you will like, with which we can say that the loading speed of DIVI  is very good. So if this is the biggest argument for Genesis and DIVI users it  lives up to this and beats everything else, I think the choice is pretty clear.

GENESIS : If I have to admit that in other tests they give Genesis as something faster than DIVI but without notable differences,

CONCLUSION OF SPEED: The mixture of these frameworks or themes ( Genesis or DIVI ) and WordPress are the Ferrari to be able to have a very good website in the eyes of Google. But be careful, this is a necessary condition, but not sufficient. To be on the front page you have to do many more things and very well. Having the best car does not mean winning the race.

Other important issues:

Which is cheaper?

Although my advice is that you never save on the subject of your website or hosting that are not usually expensive and if you want to save that money, do not go to dinner this Friday, but that the image of your company that feeds you, be really good

DIVI : To buy DIVI  you have two options:

  1. The first is to buy it directly from Elegant Themes , and you can do it from € 80 and you not only have access to DIVI  but to all future updates, other themes, plugins, etc.
  2. Buying the WordPress + DIVI Course  at 30% for the first 15 you can download DIVI  to use it in your project and you will also have training on WordPress and DIVI  to save you hours of researching.

GENESIS : The cost of the Framework plus the theme is 99.95 but in a single payment.

Are they well suited to mobile devices?

DIVI : Here it must be recognized that both are really good. But DIVI also incorporates being able to change the way content is presented on both mobile phones and tablets independently. You can even modify the menu colors or hide or show the logo on these devices (regardless of the pcs) in just seconds. Below I put a photo so you can see what I’m talking about.

GENESIS : It also adapts very well to mobile devices but it does not have this customization in them so easily and visually.

What types of themes or templates can I use with each one?

DIVI : With a single “all in one” template you can easily make the design you want

GENESIS : You can use many but choose the one you like the most because it will not be very easy to customize it

Which designs are more impressive and of higher visual quality?

DIVI : Here DIVI wins  again by a landslide. The designs that DIVI allows are, in terms of graphic design, in the First Division of design. And this today is essential to attract and seduce your customers.

GENESIS : I have spent many years dedicating myself to graphic design and IMHO, I believe that no advanced graphic designer would bet on Genesis designs. Many of them look old. But this is just my opinion, this design is a matter of taste. The best thing is that you look at it yourself entering Genesis and Elegant Themes and see the ones you like the most.

What are the disadvantages of each?

DIVI : What some developers would say is that DIVI  integrates the page layout within the theme instead of a plugin, so if you want to change the theme in the future, the new theme will not recognize all those designs that you have designed on your pages. Well, here I respond with two things, one subjective and the other objective:

  1. If you use DIVI  I am very surprised that in the future you will want to change the subject since you are using the best WordPress theme
  2. And the objective is that soon Elegant Themes is going to bring out the DIVI layout artist  as a plugin so you can change the subject if you want to any other and installing the DIVI plugin  and thus keep all your designs, with which problem solved.

GENESIS : The of Genesis is very clear, difficulty of use, unintuitive, need to know programming languages, CSS … This is a great barrier for attractive designs and custom.


Let me summarize the conclusion in this image that I have prepared for you to close the post:


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