Dive watch

Dive watch
For scuba diving you need to have a dive computer or, failing that, a watch plus a depth gauge. This is due to the fact that the diver cannot remain more than a certain time at a certain maximum depth, nor ascend at a speed higher than 9m / s.


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It is essential for the diver to record the bottom time and depth. These two data tabulated in a diving table allow the diver to stay within the safety limits to avoid the accumulation of nitrogen in his body.
There are different models and types on the market, their objective being to control the diving time. The dive planning tables have been replaced by modern computer clocks that provide us with essential information during and after diving.


Which must be waterproof and capable of withstanding a minimum pressure of 100 meters underwater


To keep a diving watch in good condition , it is recommended:

  • Wash with plenty of fresh water after each dive.
  • It is convenient from time to time to be reviewed by qualified specialists


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