What Is Dissociation In Psychology;5 Facts You Must Know

Dissociation is a word that is used for many different symptoms and is sometimes understood differently by different professionals in the field. In psychology,dissociation is a word that is used to describe the disconnection between things generally associated with each other.In the dissociation there is a lack of connection in the thoughts, memory and sense of identity of a person.

For example, someone may think of an event that upset him badly and still he has not experience any emotion at all. This state of mind is called emotional dullness, one of the main aspects of post-traumatic stress disorder. Dissociation is a psychological process that is commonly found in people seeking treatment for psychological problems.

People can lose the notion of time about our environment in a normal way. For example, when we are driving, we imagine our thoughts in the perception of reality we do not remember the last kilometers. This dissociation is normal and usually happens to all people at different times of our lives.

What do we do if we identify with some of these symptoms?

First of all, you have to stay calm. If you realize that every now and then you do not listen to your partner, or do not remember the subway ride you just did, it does not necessarily mean that you need psychological treatment. In cases, however, where the symptoms are more frequent or interfere with your daily life, it may be that asking for psychological help is necessary.

Benefits of Dissociation For Brain

This process of dissociation helps the person to re-signify negative situations and events, those typical problems that unconsciously clutter the person’s life and results. When this is so, the coach, having the best techniques, methods and also his practical experiences needs to investigate in more depth the causes of the association and work this, before taking a step forward.

In practice, this means that it is important to eliminate the unilateral view and to show the client another dimension of his problem or himself. The more positive and open he is, the greater his chances of making powerful reflections and perceiving and feeling the events about a new and more positive perspective for his story.

Dissociative Amnesia

Amnesia is the inability to recall relevant autobiographical information.It may be that the person will forget when it is his birthday, the date of his marriage or even some parts of his life. Dissociative amnesia is different from daily forgetfulness because it affects the person by generating significant discomfort for those who suffer from it.

Coaching For Psychological Dissociation

Why is it important? Because the coachee is primarily responsible for the results you want to achieve and you need to be strong, confident and full of your transformational abilities. Without this empowerment, the person remains mentally plastered and can not see beyond what is on the surface.

The Coaching is presented as this link between your vision and a more positive reality, where one understands that past events can not define their future and their results in the present, much less limit their actions and achievements, whether personal or even professionals.

Having this awareness makes all the difference, because the process of change starts from the inside out, that is, if the person does not change his way of thinking his way of acting also ends up being the same, and consequently, his possibilities of success also end up limited .

Coaching is a powerful ally as it helps to free the person from the negative images that destroy their happiness and potentiate the results in all areas. If you also want to achieve more in your life and permanently get rid of limiting beliefs and behaviors, invest in yourself, invest in Coaching for dissociation and gain more quality of life and extraordinary result.

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